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15 E-bike Statistics And Facts Every Cyclists Should Know 2023


Two or three-wheeled bicycles powered by an electric motor are known as “motor-assisted cycles” or “electric bikes” (power output not exceeding 500 watts in total).

What percentage of bikes sold are E-bikes?


According to the most recent NPD data, electric bike sales increased by 84 percent in March, 92 percent in April, and 137 percent in May. People will begin to see bicycles as an alternative to automobiles, public transportation, and ridesharing as the market for them expands.


How many E-bikes are sold each year?


E-bike sales are expected to increase from 3.7 to 17 million from 2019 to 2030. The e-bike industry was already rising 23% year over year in 2020, and if present trends continue, 10 million e-bikes will sell annually by 2024. 2nd of December, 2020

According to market research company NPD Group, e-bike sales increased by 91 % from 2016 to 2017 and another 72 %from 2017 to 2018, totaling an amazing $143.4 million.

Since 2014, the number of electric bicycles sold in the United States has surged by more than eightfold.

How many e-bikes are there in the UK?


According to research from market intelligence firm Mintel, the total number of bicycles sold in the UK in 2020 is expected to reach 3.3 million units.

It was a 22% increase above sales in 2019. It doesn’t matter if e-bikes haven’t yet established themselves as a vital part of the transportation mix in the United Kingdom, as they have in other European nations, their market worth has surpassed one billion pounds.


UK market Overview


In 2020, the e-bike market in the United Kingdom was estimated to be worth USD 0.22 billion. It is expected to reach 0.40 billion USD in 2026.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for e-bikes has risen dramatically throughout the country.

The government is responding by investing in e-bike infrastructure to encourage people to buy more e-bikes.

In recent years, the UK government has begun to promote electric bicycles in the country. It is likely to boost the country’s market.

However, during the projected period, the rise of bike-sharing services in the nation would constrain market growth.

Due to the nation’s laws prohibiting the general use of continuous throttle aided propulsion, the pedal-assisted category is projected to dominate the market.

However, due to the widespread adoption of such bikes in the nation, city/urban bikes are now the biggest market share in segmentation by application.

Electric bikes have taken longer to be accepted as a major means of transportation in the United Kingdom, while sales have increased to over 50,000 per year and are likely to climb further.


How many people get hurt on e-bikes?


According to the government authorities, there would be at least 71 deaths between 2017 and 2020.

The CPSC said in a recent release that statistics from a not-yet-released study showed that injuries involving the products had progressively increased, with 34,000 visits to the hospital in 2017 and 57,800 last year.

In a study published in BMJ Journals, researchers discovered that persons who ride electronic bikes are more likely to suffer several injuries and required hospitalization than those who ride normal bicycles.

In addition, compared to either powered scooters or pedal bicycles, electronic bike-related accidents were three times as likely to entail a pedestrian collision.

According to the study’s findings, scooters and motorcycles may threaten overall manoeuvrability and safety. E-bikes may reach speeds of over 25 miles per hour, and some users do not ride them safely. Mountain bike statistics.

As a result, when e-bikes are combined with significant foot traffic, serious biker-pedestrian accidents or even bike-automobile crashes might occur.

Negligent riding on an e-bike, which may reach relatively high speeds, can also result in significant falls or crashes. Cycling Participant UK Statistics.

E-bike sale statistics


According to a recent report from the UK’s Department of Transport, sales of electric bikes (E-Bikes) have increased by 60% since March 2020.

As E-Bikes become more widely available and awareness of their benefits grows, their demand is expected to rise in the coming years.

That’s why we dug into all of the most recent E-Bike statistics, such as how popular electric bikes will be in 2021 and how many more people will ride if they have an e-bike.


Statics for E-Bikes: The short version


  • In the United Kingdom, one in every twenty persons has an electric bicycle.
  • Nearly 40% of people in the UK say that they would cycle more if they had an E-Bike.
  • By 2030, Europe will sell 30 million bikes per year, approximately half of electric bikes.
  • In the United Kingdom, the term ‘electric bike’ is searched over 2.4 million times per year.

What makes electric bikes so popular?


The electric bike is just a standard bike that’s a lot simpler to ride physically. E-bikes are especially popular among non-adventurous cyclists who need a little extra assistance while tackling hills, headwinds, or commuting/shopping with heavy loads of goods.


Benefits to your health


  • According to the recent research by Transport for London, 20% of London residents avoid cycling because they believe they are unfit or too elderly, which might make them ideal candidates for an E-Bike!
  • According to the same survey, 28% of E-Bike users in London bought their bikes to replace their automobiles!

Impacts on the environment


  • According to a survey done by Portland State University in North America, 65 percent of E-Bike owners were inspired to buy an E-Bike to minimize the number of automobile trips and operate as a substitute mode of transportation.


  • According to a survey conducted in Australia, 60 percent of respondents claimed that substituting some automobile trips was a significant motivator for purchasing an E-Bike.



Speed is the most important feature in E-Bike, and It takes 21 percent less time to complete a route than a standard bike.


Consideration for safety


  • According to a North American poll, 42% of respondents claim their E-Bike has assisted them in avoiding crashes with other road users.


  • Compared to a traditional pushbike, 60% of E-Bike users claim they feel safer riding an electric bike.


Is Bike Shop a Profitable Business?


The standard bicycle retail store makes a profit of 5.5 percent in a year, but it takes around three times profit.

In many respects, they are comparable, yet when an average business owner closes the doors for the last time at the end of the year, they will have made around $46,000 profit.


What makes people desire to ride electric bikes?


E-bikes utilize rechargeable batteries to ride at speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, far faster than most people can cycle, you can reach your destination faster and in better shape.

Electric bicycles provide the same wonderful benefits as regular bicycles, including financial savings (no license or insurance is necessary).


The market value of the electric bike


Annual growth of 10.78 percent is expected to reach the global electric bike market from USD 19 million to 36 million from 2019 to 2025.

The government’s support for electric bikes and strong legislation in favour of electric bikes are projected to be major contributors to expanding the market size for electric bikes.

The typical bike store owner earns $49,877 per year, according to statistics.



Q1. When it comes to e-bikes, what is the size of the worldwide market right now?


Ans: -For the year 2021, the e-bike industry is estimated to be dominated by Asia-Pacific, with a market value of 47 billion. At the moment, which sort of motor is dominating the e-bike market?


Q2. What about the demand for e-bikes differs from one region to the next?


Ans: -Asia Pacific region is expected to be the greatest market. Recently, the Asia Pacific area has developed as a manufacturing center for electric bikes. Due to increased government backing and efforts, Europe and North America are likely to expand reasonably throughout the projection period.   


Q3. What sort of motor is now the most popular in the e-bike industry?                               

Ans: -Hub Motor


Q4. In what ways does the electric bike manufacturer benefit from, and what prospects does it have?


Ans: -Positive effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, government backing and initiatives, the increasing popularity of electric mountain bikes, tendencies towards linked e-bikes, and the development of low-weight energy storage solutions are all being seen.


Final Thoughts


Why Electric


Electric bikes are becoming more popular in cities. They’ve never been as inexpensive or as accessible as the technology that goes into them.

Commuters, leisure riders, and even roadies and mountain bikers have taken to them.

E-bikes are growing increasingly popular throughout the world as people become more concerned about their health, fitness, and environment.

People in cities are now prepared to give up their vehicles in favor of an e-bike, which was not the case only a few years ago.

More research is needed to compare E-cyclist accidents to those experienced by bicycles and motorcyclists.

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