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Five Questions to Ask when buying a Bike


Firstly, what are you using the Mountain bike for?

When you start out cycling everyone expects you to be a Cycling expert. We have put together five questions to consider when buying a road or mountain bike and the must have accessories.

There are many different types of bikes on the market, so it is important to determine what you will be using the bike for. Is it for that daily commute, off road adventure, a long distances ride or just a cheap method of transport? However, for children’s bikes it’s a good idea to get a bike that can be used for multi purposes.


Secondly, what are the Benefits and Features of a Road Bike?

  • Lightweight frame will allow the rider to get the maximum performance out of the bike.
  • Narrow wheels and thin tyres will help the rider reach a high speed when riding on the road.
  • Designed for flat surfaces and is not recommended for rough and uneven terrain


 What are the Benefits of a Mountain Bike?

  • For those off road adventures
  • Durable frame designed to absorb the shock of uneven terrain for a comfortable ride.


What’s your budget?

“Buy cheap and buy twice” is a common saying. Cheap bikes are more likely to break easily because they use cheaper parts. They are normally much heavier. However, it’s recommended that you spend as much as you can.


Thirdly, how big should your bike be?


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Please Note: its just a guide. (When your sitting on the saddle your tip toes should be able to touch the ground. When buying for children ensure you start off with a seat that’s not raised as you want as much room as possible as the child grows.)


Fourthly,  Frame and Fork Material


First of all, when you starting thinking of purchasing your first bike, its vital that you consider what bike frame material best fits your needs as you have a few options. Aluminium and steel frames are more affordable than titanium and carbon frames.

Most Notably a steel frame can last a life time if you maintain the frame correctly; however there are lighter materials to consider such as aluminium.  A steel frame gives a more comfortable ride when going over different types of terrain.

Aluminium frames have come down in price dramatically. In comparison the aluminium frame are lighter but can be a little more bumper. However if your thinking of purchasing a bike for a high level of performance then a aluminium frame may be the best option.

Titanium frames tend to hold a higher premium as its more expensive to weld the frame. On the other hand a carbon frame has a higher finish and looks beautiful and wont corrode like steel.

Lastly a carbon fibre has the added benefit of being lightweight and being very durable and strong. A frame can be designed to harness the maximum efficiency and also a comfortable bike to ride. Carbon Fibre is similar too steel, aluminium and comes in different grades.


Lastly, what accessories do I need? 

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