The Beginning


“Road and Mountain Bike Reviews” was created back in May 2016. I am passionate about Mountain Biking and I wanted to create a blog so that I could spend my weekends writing about anything related to cycling.

Fast forward to more than five years later. The blog is focusing on creating articles that help cycling improve their cycling skills. We are always looking for cycling enthusiasts to share their experiences so please get in touch if you would like to share your experiences.  Heres our contact page. 




We are in top 100 Mountain Bike blogs in the UK. We have more than 500 blog posts and our highest number of visitors in one month was 36,380. Our goal is to encourage more people to take up cycling so they can take advantage of the main benefits cycling on a regular basis has to offer.



Guest Writers who love to Cycle

I am 20 currently living and studying in Winchester, England, but I am originally from Bournemouth on the south coast of the UK. I have been cycling for the last six years and have been racing for the last five years.

Growing up, I played most sports including football and rugby but never really liked them. I got into cycling because a friend at school who had already started racing had convinced me to start cycling.

It started off as just commuting to school and the odd social ride, but after a couple of months, I had joined my local club Bournemouth arrow cycling club. It took me probably a year of cycling before I had enough confidence to enter my first race.

My first race was an under 16 road race at Thruxton motor circuit, and like many cyclists, my first race could not have gone any worse. I finished dead last and got lapped multiple times but for some reason I loved it. Fast forward a few years and I have done hundreds of races and I am now winning most of the races that I do.

My favourite type of cycling is time trial races. I think what I like most is the simplicity of it.

There are no tactics or strategy to the racing and whoever wins is the fastest on the day. I also enjoy the equipment side of time trialling and have spent a lot of time upgrading my time trial bike with the best parts over the last couple of years.

However, I most enjoy the social side of cycling, particularly social rides and adventure rides. There is no better feeling than riding your bike in the countryside with your friends, especially in the summer months with warm weather.

Jack is a keen competitive cyclist and regularly competes in road races and time trials. He brings experience in a variety of on and off road cycling disciplines, and regularly combines an interest in racing with a love of adventure and cycling exploration. Jack also runs his own sports science company sportingtheory which helps sports coaches understand the latest sports research. 

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