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What Is It Really Like Cycling in Doncaster?


In the heart of South Yorkshire, where cobbled streets whisper tales of history and green spaces beckon with the promise of adventure, lies Doncaster—a city that welcomes cyclists with open arms.

Pedalling through this urban landscape is not just a mode of transport; it’s a journey through time and terrain, where modernity and tradition seamlessly blend.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor looking to explore Doncaster on two wheels, the city offers a unique cycling experience waiting to be uncovered.

Join us as we embark on a fresh exploration of what it’s like to cycle in Doncaster, where every pedal turn brings a new story to life.

Doncaster City Cycling Statistics


Doncaster, a city steeped in history and tradition, is making strides to become more cycle-friendly. While cycling currently accounts for 1.5% of all journeys in the town, Doncaster is poised for a cycling renaissance. Here’s a snapshot of the city’s cycling landscape and its ambitions for the future.

City Cycling Stats

Doncaster boasts over 80 miles of cycle paths and lanes, providing cyclists with ample exploration routes. The city center has over 2,000 cycle parking spaces, ensuring secure storage for your trusty steed. Although Doncaster still needs to get a cycle hire scheme, the presence of more than 15 cycling clubs showcases the city’s commitment to nurturing its cycling community.

Pedaling Towards Progress

The Doncaster Cycling Strategy 2019-2024 outlines a vision to increase the cycling mode share to 5% by 2024. To realize this vision, the strategy focuses on:

  1. Infrastructure Investments: Expect improved cycling infrastructure and additional paths and lanes.
  2. Promotion: Cycling advocacy will be at the forefront of encouraging residents and businesses to embrace two-wheel travel.
  3. Youth Engagement: Doncaster aims to inspire the younger generation to pedal their way to a greener future.
  4. Safety Measures: Reducing traffic speeds and enhancing cyclist safety are top priorities.

While progress is evident, Doncaster acknowledges that more work must be done. Cycling mode share remains below the national average, and there are areas where cycling could be more safe and convenient.


Cycle bike hire in Doncaster

While Doncaster may still need a city-wide cycle hire scheme, there are still opportunities to rent bikes and embark on two-wheeled adventures. Here are some places where you can find bike hire services in Doncaster:

  • Local Bike Shops:

Many local bike shops in Doncaster offer bike rental services. These shops are a great starting point for finding the perfect bike for your needs. Additionally, the staff can provide valuable insights and recommendations on cycling routes in the area.

  • Outdoor Activity Centers:

Some outdoor activity centers and adventure companies in and around Doncaster offer bike rental as part of their services. This is an excellent option for planning an outdoor adventure or exploring the countryside.

  • Online Rental Platforms:

Consider using online bike rental platforms, which allow you to browse and book bikes from local providers. These platforms often offer a variety of bike types and sizes to suit your preferences.

  • Train Stations and Transportation Hubs:

While only sometimes available, some train stations and transportation hubs may have bike rental services or bike-sharing programs. Check with the local train station for any such options.

  • Hotel or Accommodation Providers:

If you’re staying at a hotel, bed and breakfast, or other accommodations in Doncaster, inquire if they offer bike rentals for guests. This can be a convenient option for exploring the immediate surroundings.

  • Local Cycling Events:

Keep an eye out for local cycling events and charity rides in Doncaster. Some of these events may offer bike hire options, especially if they involve larger gatherings of cyclists.

Remember to check bike rental services’ availability, pricing, and terms and conditions at these locations. It’s also a good idea to reserve your bike in advance, especially during peak cycling seasons or events. With a rented bike, you’ll be ready to explore Doncaster’s charming streets and scenic routes.


Top 3 cycling routes in Doncaster

With its diverse landscapes and charming routes, Doncaster beckons cyclists to explore its scenic beauty. Here are the top three cycling routes that offer a taste of Doncaster’s cycling paradise:

  1. Trans-Pennine Trail:

This iconic route, a segment of the Trans-Pennine Trail network, takes you on an unforgettable journey through Doncaster’s natural splendor. Starting from the town center, the path meanders along the scenic canal towpaths and disused railway lines, providing a gentle and enjoyable ride for cyclists of all levels. The trail takes you through lush woodlands, picturesque villages, and tranquil waterways. A ride along the Trans-Pennine Trail is a perfect way to connect with nature and experience the quiet side of Doncaster.

  1. Conisbrough Castle Loop:

The Conisbrough Castle Loop offers the best of both worlds if you’re a history enthusiast and a cycling fan. This route, approximately 15 miles long, begins in Doncaster and takes you to the remarkable Conisbrough Castle. The castle symbolizes medieval history and provides a stunning backdrop for your ride. The route leads you through charming countryside and peaceful lanes, with the highlight being the majestic castle. You can explore the castle grounds and rest well before cycling back to Doncaster.

  1. Tickhill Circular:

Tickhill, a delightful market town just a short ride from Doncaster, boasts the perfect route for those seeking a picturesque and leisurely ride. The Tickhill Circular is a 10-mile route that showcases the idyllic South Yorkshire countryside. As you pedal along the peaceful lanes, you’ll encounter rolling fields, quaint villages, and a chance to stop at the renowned Brodsworth Hall and Gardens. This ride is ideal for a relaxed day out with friends and family.

Each of these routes offers a unique glimpse into the beauty and history of Doncaster, making it a fantastic destination for cyclists looking to combine their love of biking with exploration and discovery. Whether you prefer serene canal paths, medieval castles, or picturesque countryside, Doncaster has a cycling route to suit every preference.

Bike shops in Doncaster


When you’re in Doncaster and need a trustworthy bike shop, you’re in luck. The city is home to several bike shops that cater to cyclists of all levels. Here are some of the notable bike shops in Doncaster:

  • Pedal Ready Cycles:

Pedal Ready Cycles is a well-regarded bike shop in Doncaster that offers many bikes and cycling accessories. Whether you’re looking for a new ride, need bike repairs, or want to stock up on biking gear, Pedal Ready Cycles have you covered.

  • Planet X Bikes:

Planet X Bikes is a prominent name in the cycling world, and its Doncaster store lives up to its reputation. They offer diverse bikes, including road, mountain, and triathlon bikes, clothing, and accessories. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, this shop is a must-visit.  Read about are planet x bikes any good?

  • Decathlon:

Decathlon is a well-known sports retail chain, and its Doncaster store provides a wide range of cycling equipment, from bikes for various disciplines to cycling apparel and accessories. It’s a one-stop shop for all your sporting needs, including cycling.

  • Giant Store Doncaster:

The Giant Store in Doncaster is part of the Giant Bicycles family, offering a collection of high-quality bikes, from road and mountain bikes to e-bikes. Read about are Giant bikes any good?

  • Halfords:

Halfords is a trusted name for all things cycling and automotive. You can explore a diverse range of bikes, accessories, and cycling gear in their Doncaster store. They also offer bike servicing and repairs to maintain your ride. Read about are Halford bikes any good?


Where to lock your bike in Doncaster


Here are some recommended places to securely lock your bike in Doncaster:

  • Bicycle Racks in the City Center:

Doncaster’s city center features designated bicycle racks to lock your bike safely. These racks are near popular attractions, shopping areas, and transportation hubs. Look for the distinctive blue bike racks, which indicate a bike-friendly area.

  • Doncaster Railway Station:

If you’re arriving in Doncaster by train and plan to explore the city on your bike, the Doncaster Railway Station provides bicycle parking facilities. You’ll find bike racks near the station entrance, offering a convenient and secure spot to leave your bike while you explore the city.

  • Shopping Centers and Retail Areas:

Many shopping centers and retail areas in Doncaster have dedicated bike parking spaces. These areas are typically well-lit and monitored, providing added security for your bike while you shop or dine.

  • Parks and Green Spaces:

Doncaster boasts beautiful parks and green spaces, making it an ideal cyclist destination. You’ll often find bike racks or designated parking areas when visiting parks like Sandall Park or Town Fields. Locking your bike here allows you to enjoy the natural beauty without worrying about its safety.

  • Public Buildings and Facilities:

Public buildings like libraries, leisure centers, and government offices often have bike parking. These locations prioritize security and are an excellent option for running errands or visiting these facilities.

  • Accommodation Providers:

If you’re staying at a hotel or guesthouse in Doncaster, inquire about bicycle parking options. Many accommodations offer secure bike storage or bike racks to ensure the safety of your bike during your stay.

  • Locking Tips:

When locking your bike, use a high-quality lock and secure it through the frame and both wheels to a fixed structure, such as a bike rack or post. Always choose well-lit and populated areas for parking, and consider using a secondary lock for added security.

By following these guidelines and utilizing the available bike parking facilities, you can confidently explore Doncaster on your bicycle, knowing your bike is safely secured. At the same time, you enjoy the city’s sights and attractions.


Cycling in the City Doncaster Reddit



Doncaster is an unexpected gem for cyclists! I recently enjoyed exploring this city on my bike and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The city’s cycling infrastructure, with its well-marked paths and dedicated lanes, made it a breeze to get around. But it’s not just about the infrastructure; the warm, welcoming vibe of the city won me over. From fellow cyclists giving friendly nods to the charming cafes that offer a much-needed pit stop, Doncaster has won my cyclist’s heart.



Doncaster is where I rediscovered my love for cycling. The city’s commitment to making cycling safer and more accessible is evident in its well-maintained routes and helpful signage. What’s more, the local cycling community is fantastic. I’ve met some amazing folks through group rides and local cycling clubs. Plus, the diversity of routes, from scenic countryside paths to urban adventures, keeps things exciting. If you’re a cyclist, Doncaster is where you’ll ride and create unforgettable cycling memories.


Local cycling clubs in Doncaster


Doncaster boasts a vibrant and inclusive cycling community, with numerous local cycling clubs that welcome riders of all levels and interests. If you’re looking to connect with fellow cyclists, improve your skills, or enjoy group rides, here are some of the notable cycling clubs in Doncaster:

  • Doncaster Wheelers Cycling Club:

The Doncaster Wheelers is one of the region’s oldest and most well-established cycling clubs. With a history of over a century, they offer a welcoming environment for cyclists of all ages and abilities. The club organizes regular rides, time trials, and events, making it an excellent choice for competitive and leisure riders.

  • Dinnington Racing Club:

The Dinnington Racing Club is a top choice for those passionate about competitive cycling. This club focuses on road racing and time trials, allowing members to participate in various events. Their experienced coaches and members are a valuable resource for those looking to take their cycling skills to the next level.

  • Doncaster Cycling Club:

The Doncaster Cycling Club promotes a love for cycling within the local community. They host group rides and events suitable for all levels, from beginners to seasoned riders. This club is known for its friendly and supportive atmosphere.

  • Sitwell Cycling Club:

Although based in Rotherham, Sitwell Cycling Club welcomes members from across South Yorkshire, including Doncaster. They offer a range of rides, from leisurely social outings to more challenging routes for experienced cyclists. Joining Sitwell Cycling Club can broaden your cycling horizons and introduce you to new ways and like-minded riders.

  • Rossington Wheelers Cycling Club:

The Rossington Wheelers is another welcoming club for cyclists in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. They organize various rides and events, including time trials, social rides, and sports. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a club that encourages camaraderie and fun on two wheels.

Joining a local cycling club connects you with fellow cyclists and provides opportunities to enhance your cycling skills and discover new routes. These clubs often have something for everyone, from relaxed group rides to competitive events, making it easy to find your cycling niche in Doncaster’s thriving cycling community.


Final verdict


In the final analysis, Doncaster is a city with cycling ambitions that continue to unfold. While its cycling mode share may currently fall below the national average, the dedication of Doncaster City Council and the enthusiasm of its cycling community are steering it in the right direction.

The city sets the stage for a bright cycling future with an extensive network of cycling paths, supportive cycling clubs, and an array of cycling events. Doncaster’s commitment to increasing its cycling mode share and improving infrastructure signals that the journey to becoming a truly cycling-friendly city is well underway. As the wheels of progress turn, Doncaster promises exciting adventures for cyclists of all levels.

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