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 Is Swansea Good For Cycling?


 As a cycling enthusiast, I am here to tell you that Swansea is a fantastic destination for your next cycling adventure. Additionally, there are several bike rental options, bike shops, and bike parking facilities throughout the city.

The city offers everything you need for a memorable two-wheeled experience. Whether a casual cyclist or a seasoned pro, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore on two wheels. Get ready to hit the road!

Swansea is a coastal city in Wales that offers stunning views and a growing cycling culture. It is known for its beautiful beaches and parks. With improving infrastructure and dedicated bike lanes, it’s a great place to explore on two wheels.

The city has a growing number of dedicated bike lanes and cycling routes, an increasing number of people cycling to work, and well-established local cycling clubs.



Swansea Cycling Statistics:



Cycling along crucial routes in Swansea has increased three-fold, according to Swansea Council. Work on cycle routes has resumed after the COVID-19 restrictions, with the council implementing safe working methods.

With roads being quieter due to essential travel only, there has been an increase in people cycling. This led to increased patrols by South Wales Police on the Swansea promenade to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Electronic cycle counters have recorded a sharp increase in cyclists along sections of cycle routes in Swansea Bay foreshore, Blackpill, Gowerton, Morfa, and the Tawe Sail Bridge during April compared to March. At Blackpill, cyclist numbers have gone from 50 to 140 per hour during afternoon periods, and at Morfa, the figure has tripled from 10 to 30 per hour.

Overall, this growth in cycling can be attributed to the council’s efforts to improve the city’s cycling infrastructure, including the construction of dedicated bike lanes and the

Installation of bike parking facilities. The council has also implemented several initiatives to promote cyclings, such as cycle training programs and cycle-to-work schemes. With continued investment in cycling infrastructure and initiatives aimed at promoting cycling, it is expected that the trend of an increasing number of cyclists in Swansea will continue.


Cycle Bike Hire:


 If you’re visiting Swansea and need to get your bike, there are several options for bike rental without the commitment of purchasing one. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, there is a solution to suit your needs.

One popular option is the city’s bike-share scheme – Santander Cycles Swansea is a public bike-share system that requires online registration. It offers a convenient and affordable way for visitors and residents to get around the city by bike.

The scheme operates through a network of bike-share stations located throughout the city at any six hubs along Swansea Bay. It makes it easy for users to rent a bike on demand.

Another option for bike hire in Swansea is through local bike rental companies. These companies offer a range of bikes for rent, from road bikes to electric ones, and can provide customers with the necessary equipment, such as helmets and locks. These companies often cater to both visitors and residents. It can provide an ideal solution for those exploring Swansea by bike for a day or longer.

In addition to these bike hire options, several local hotels and guesthouses also offer bike rental services for their guests. This is a convenient option for those looking to explore Swansea during their stay in the city without having to worry about bringing their bikes.


Top 3 Routes:


 Swansea is home to several great cycling routes that offer stunning views and a chance to explore the city. Here are the top 3 ways to check out:


  • Swansea Bay Cycle Path


This route runs along the stunning Swansea Bay and offers views of the sea, dunes, and wildlife. It’s an excellent option for families and casual cyclists.

  • Gower Peninsula


This challenging route takes you through the beautiful Gower Peninsula, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Expect rolling hills, scenic views, and some strenuous climbs.

  • The Tawe River Trail


This route follows the Tawe River and takes you through Swansea’s historic docks, past parks and nature reserves, and the city center.




Bike Shops in Swansea:



Swansea has several bike shops that offer everything from bike rental to repair services. Here are a few of the best places to check out:


 Evans Cycles Swansea

A well-known national chain offering a wide range of bikes, accessories, and clothing. They provide repair services, bike fitting, and maintenance workshops.

Halfords Swansea

 A large retailer is offering bikes for all types of riders, as well as bike accessories, parts, and clothing. They also provide repair services and bike fittings.Read about are Halford Bikes Any Good?


The Bicycle Hub

 A local bike shop offers a wide range of bikes, parts, accessories, and repair and maintenance services. They have a strong focus on customer service and personalized support.

The Cycle Shop

 A local bike shop specializes in road, mountain, and hybrid bikes, accessories, and clothing. They offer repair services and bike fittings.



 A local bike shop offers a wide range of bikes, parts, accessories, and repair and maintenance services. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff.


Where to Lock Your Bike:


 When it comes to keeping bikes safe in Swansea, there are many bike racks and secure places to store bikes throughout the city. The Swansea City Council is committed to


It provides secure and accessible bike parking facilities. It has installed bike racks and lockers in several key locations throughout the city center, including shopping areas, public parks, and near popular tourist destinations.

In addition to the council-installed bike racks, many local businesses and organizations, such as cafes and community centers, also offer bike parking for customers and visitors. This makes it easy for cyclists to find a secure place to store their bikes, whether shopping, grabbing a coffee, or exploring the city.

For those looking for more secure bike parking, several bike storage facilities are available in Swansea. These facilities, which can be found in public spaces or private commercial buildings, offer safe, monitored bike storage.


Cycling in the Swansea Reddit:



Reddit is a popular online platform for discussions and information sharing, and several communities are dedicated to cycling in Swansea. These communities provide a space for cyclists to share their experiences, discuss the best routes and bike-friendly areas, and connect with other cyclists in the city.

Additionally, The Swansea subreddit has a growing community, and cyclists can find advice and recommendations on the best bikes and gear for cycling in Swansea. As well as tips on how to stay safe while riding in the city. These communities are also an excellent resource for visitors to Swansea, as they can get an insider’s perspective on the best places to ride and explore. It helps to stay up-to-date with information on the latest cycling news and events.


Local Cycling Clubs in the City:



Swansea is home to several local cycling clubs catering to various cycling interests and abilities. Here are a few of the best clubs to check out:


Swansea Bay Cycling Club

 A friendly and inclusive club offering rides for all levels of riders, from beginners to experienced cyclists.


Gower Riders

A local cycling club focused on road cycling, offering group rides and training sessions for all levels of riders.


Swansea Wheelers

 A long-standing local cycling club offering road, time trial, and cyclocross events, as well as training rides and social events.


Swansea Vikings Cycle Club

 A local club offers road, mountain, and cyclocross events, training rides, and social events.

Swansea Triathlon Club

 A club focused on triathlon events, offering training sessions, group rides for cyclists, and other activities such as running and swimming.


Final Verdict:


 In conclusion, Swansea is a fantastic destination for cyclists. With its growing cycling infrastructure, including bike lanes and bike racks, and its commitment to making the city more bike-friendly. Swansea offers a safe and enjoyable cycling experience for visitors and residents alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, there is something for everyone in Swansea. With its scenic coastal routes, historic landmarks, and bustling city center, Swansea offers a diverse range of cycling experiences that are sure to inspire and delight.

So, if you’re looking for your next cycling adventure, consider Swansea. With its welcoming cycling community, bike-friendly infrastructure, and stunning landscapes, Swansea is the perfect place to explore by bike. So, grab your helmet, pump up your tires, and prepare for a truly unforgettable cycling experience.

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


Arjun Mertiya is a professional mtb and ebikes writer. He have 8 years in hand experience of ebikes and MTB testing in India.

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