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Five Bike packing Essentials 


My name is Robbie Ferri, and in this article, I will tell you about some bikepacking Essentials you need in your kit list



When it comes to Bikepacking, the kit is crucial and must be taken with the utmost care. I have seen many riders in some dire situations because they are not appropriately equipped.

For example, I have been in some troublesome cases, not having a valve core remover and needing one in the middle of a self-supported Bikepacking race in Corsica.

I was having problems with Tubeless, and unfortunately, it cost me a lot of time and places. It can be really frustrating even on a tour or a short trip.

The last thing you want to worry about is not being able to fix your bike. When we talk about essentials, we’re talking about things that will help you travel far and give you the best chance to be on your journey not to need to stop or ask for help. Five long distance tips.

Not training enough for big events


When I first started riding, I was always out on my bike, and training just came naturally and was part of my lifestyle. Now I work a lot and have other commitments.


I find myself having to make time for training. I was always surprised turning up to Ultra races and Audaxes and people saying they hadn’t trained. How to plan a cycling training. 


They were just going to “chance it” I honestly can say only a slight majority of them I saw at the end. The ones that did make it had been cyclists their whole lives and just knew how to pace it nice and slowly and understood what they were doing.


Unless you fall into this category, I strongly recommend getting some base miles before you ride anything of a high distance. 


When I’m getting ready for an event, I do power sessions when I’m at work in the week and long sessions at the weekend. Five cycling interval training sessions.


This gives my body a mix of strength and also some endurance.


A Perfect waterproof Jacket



This may not seem like much, but it makes such a difference. I have made a mistake many times, and I wish I could go back in time and tell myself off. Let’s start by saying rain jackets are great, but if you are in the rain for a full day, you’re getting soaked no matter the cost or quality.

Having a good rain jacket will first keep you dry in passing showers, which is an advantage as it’s much easier to stay warm, meaning you can put that extra energy into cycling.

Also, higher-end jackets not only are waterproof, but they are also breathable, and this, in turn, will help you control the amount that your body sweats too.

Very cheap jackets are not, and some may have an excellent waterproofing ability, but they will make you feel like a boil in the bag fish.

The next thing on a good jacket is that they are very packable and will go down to a tiny size, which means you take up less space when not wearing it, or it will fit in your back pocket.




A Proper Compact Bikepacking lock



I always take a lock on a bikepacking trip, but I am very particular about what lock I take. You see, locks are known to be heavy and take up a lot of room.

These traits personally don’t click with a light Bikepacking set up in my eyes. I came across a cable combination lock years ago and have never looked back.

They are tiny and pack away well. They weigh 86 grams and are very fast and efficient, unlike what you get from a lock and key lock. They will not keep robbers away all night, but when you’re shopping, they are a fantastic deterrent and will give you the time to quickly get some food and be back with your trusty steed safety.




A Mini Water Filter or Cleansing Tablets



This piece of kit is overlooked in Bikepacking, and I questioned if it should go on this list a few times, but it does deserve a place and could save lives in the long run.

If you are in central Europe, you might not find much use for this, and water and taps are available everywhere, and you don’t often struggle to find water.

If you’re further away, this is vital and will probably end up being used a lot. In rural places, clean water can be hard to find, and this will give you the option to drink something a bit less than sanitary.

Even in countries where there’s a lot of poverty, locals will get old bottles and fill them with dirty tap water and sell them on to you as fresh, you won’t know the difference, but it will give you peace of mind. I had this in South America, where I noticed bottles of mine had the security seal broken.







Everyone will have a slightly different list of what they deem essential on a Bikepacking trip. An honorable mention is the Packable Down Jacket too. It didn’t make my list, but it is definitely worth a mention.  

Great Bikepacking comes with experience and time. Creating the perfect kit list will make your travels much more straightforward. This list is a great place to start getting the basics right, and the rest will follow. Tips on how to plan a cycling adventure.

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