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Are Giant Electric Bikes Reliable & Good? (Helpful Tips)


Giant is the world’s leading maker of conventional bicycles, and the company is likely to overtake the e-bike industry in the near future.

In addition to developing and manufacturing its own bikes, Giant also produces bicycles for other prominent cycling companies such as Trek, Scott, and Colnago. As a result, it’s doubtful that you’ve never ridden a Giant bike.

How Good Are Giant Electric Bikes?


Giant is a well-known brand that has made the most significant contribution to cycling.

Giant is part of the Giant Group, founded in Taiwan in 1972. It is the world’s leading maker of high-quality bicycles and cycling accessories, as well as one of the industry’s most powerful brands.

Giant began as an independent brand in 1981, when the first Giant-branded bicycles were released in Taiwan, followed by North America, Europe, and other regions of the globe.

Following that, it quickly ascended to prominence and became the most influential player. Giant is still inventing revolutionary cycling technology and producing modern bikes, including e-bikes, for recreational and practical usage today.


A Brief History of Giant


Over the past four decades, Giant has evolved into the world’s top brand of quality bicycles and gear, well beyond its manufacturing beginnings. We seek to inspire adventure in all riders, from casual to competitive, with over 12,000 retail partners globally.

World championships are won by giant motorcycles. They’ve also won design prizes. They also win the hearts of riders who choose to make riding a part of their daily life. That option is one we endorse.

We believe it contributes to a better world.

Giant aspires to be a trusted companion on every road, route, and trail that lies ahead. We are honoured to be a part of your bicycle journeys.


How Reliable Are Giant Electric Bikes?


The bikes are excellent. Given that Giant is the world’s largest cycling brand, however, whether they are the best or not is a matter of opinion.

Giant produces high-quality electric bicycles that are comparable to those produced by other prominent brands such as Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, Canyon, and others.

As a result, it is without a doubt one of the top bike brands in the world. Giant bikes are regarded for being robust, inexpensive, and dependable, with high ratings and customer reviews.


How Durable Are Giant Electric Bikes?


If you maintain your batteries properly, they should last between two and four years.


What About Older Giant Electric Bikes?


Hybrid Cycling Technology powers all Giant E-Bikes. This ground-breaking technology mixes human and electric power to provide the most efficient, powerful, and natural E-Bike riding experience possible.

It’s what makes our E-Bikes distinct from other electric bicycles: it’s a seamless extension of your own power. Our Ride Control unit, Energy Pak battery systems, and Sync Drive motor are all part of one integrated system.


Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?


Revel Outdoors, a specialized Giant dealer providing the whole range of road, mountain, and leisure bikes, owns Giant Bike Spares.

In the United Kingdom, there is a Giant bike dealer that sells both bikes and parts. They have a large inventory of Giant Spares on hand, as well as next-day access to the whole UK distributor stock. They know all there is to know about giants!


What Are Typical Problems with Giant Electric Bikes?


Hub motors are used in electric bikes, and one of the most prevalent problems is hub motor noise.

If the motor’s gears, disc brake, or bearings are worn out, this is a regular problem. A loose bolt might potentially be the source of such sounds.

Extreme vibrations and strains placed on the E-bike may sometimes result in loose connections, which can cause the E-bike to malfunction or become fully unusable. Pros and cons of electric bikes.

Due to these concerns, it is advised that the external wiring of the E-bike be checked on a regular basis within one’s intellectual capabilities.

The motor inhibitor switch will kick on if your e-bike has been in an accident and the handlebars have been broken, putting a load on the brakes owing to defective brake levers and keeping them continually engaged.

Before riding your e-bike again, you’ll need to get the brake levers replaced or fixed. In the rarest of circumstances, the cut-off switch must be replaced.

E-bikes that employ a throttle mechanism to propel themselves are vulnerable to throttle damage if the throttle is used incorrectly.

The wire connecting the throttle to the engine may break as a consequence of this.

If you want to see if your e-bike problem is caused by an electrical problem, look at the motor and its connection on the chainstay, which is near the frame where your chain is positioned.

This is something that all rear-hub E-bikes have, and it’s a simple remedy if that’s the case. Similarly, check to see whether the chain or belt is properly attached. are electric bikes any good?

How Long Do Giant Electric Bikes Last Compared to Similar Brands?


The Battery: Lithium batteries have an average lifespan of 1000 charging cycles, or 3-5 years before their capacity deteriorates.

Electric motors will often live longer than most other e-bike components, but good care and maintenance will help them last longer.

On good tires, normal wear and tear will occur every 1,000–3,000 kilometers.

Brakes may last a long time, but they are affected by a variety of variables like weather, road conditions, riding style, component quality, and so on.

With average commuting wear and tear, quality rim brakes may last up to 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) before having to be changed, while disc brakes can last up to 6,000 miles (10,000 kilometers).

Chains should be changed every 2,000–3,000 miles in general, but with a mid-drive motor and additional wear on the chain and sprocket, this number will likely be lowered.


Do Giant Electric Bikes Hold Their Value?


Giant reported in its first-quarter statement that e-bikes now account for almost a third of sales, with revenues up 55 percent on higher ticket sell-through.

The European market has been regarded as the key growth engine for Giant e-bikes, with the US market also continuing to develop alongside.

Factoring in that unit pricing for pedal-assisted bikes is higher and gross profit margins are more significant than regular bicycles, Giant was delighted with the momentum leaning in this way.

In the first quarter, the group’s brand e-bike revenue climbed by 108 percent over the same period last year. After integrating OE e-bikes, the whole e-bike contributed 30 percent of the group’s income.


Is Giant A Good Brand?


The quarter, as has been the case with Dorel Sports and Leatt, among others, was a record for the group. The group’s sales were NT $20.62 billion, an increase of 54.8 percent over the previous year.

Strong market demand also enhanced capacity utilization, resulting in gross profit margin rising to 24.4 percent. Net profit after tax surged 170 percent over the same time last year, reaching NT $1.70 billion.

Based on the initial currency calculation, Giant’s European and North American markets have risen considerably by 70 percent, while Giant’s domestic sales in China have also grown by 90 percent.

Forecasting the road, Giant is confident that the release internationally of the COVID-19 vaccination will see people anxious to get out on bikes after over a year of limitations.

Inventory throughout Europe and the United States is defined as “low.” Still, Giant emphasized that it will harness “global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities to expand output to satisfy market and customer needs promptly.”

As a result, the firm is confident of further significant income improvements.

According to the statement, profitability may be vulnerable to variations in raw material costs, increased transportation expenses, and the weakening of the US dollar. are fiido electric bikes any good?


Are Giant electric bikes still being made?


Giant makes some of the best electric mountain bikes available. Giant’s e-mountain bicycles are fitted with proprietary SyncDrive motors and Yamaha-developed EnergyPak batteries.

Giant offers electric mountain bikes in a range of price points, making them appropriate for novice and expert riders.

Giant bikes are the most affordable option when compared to other well-known brands.

 The firm has been dubbed the “King of Budget Bikes.” On the other hand, Giant has a long history of producing high-end bikes that have helped riders win world championships and Grand Tours. Best electric bike for under 500 pound?

For instance, Giant bicycles are equipped with components acquired from other famous cycling companies, ensuring that you’re constantly receiving the best value for your money. are electric good any good?


Final Thoughts


Giant is one of the world’s largest, if not the largest, bicycle manufacturers. This is also true for electric bicycles.

Large-name brands are typically more expensive than smaller brands, as they sell both the bike and the branding.

Compared to other major bicycle manufacturers, like Trek, Specialized, or Canyon, Giant is a lot less expensive all around.

That’s possible because Giant handles all of its production and development in one location, which lowers prices, reduces overhead, and speeds up production.

Giant electric bikes aren’t extremely pricey, even though you may get cheaper e-bikes on the market. I think they’re worth the money.

As a bonus, if your bike has a manufacturing flaw, you’ll get a replacement or a full refund if you buy it from a well-known brand. That’s not always the case when you buy a cheap bike from Amazon, even if you initially save money.

Because of its proprietary technologies, such as the SyncDrive motors and EnergyPak batteries, Giant is known for its e-bikes. Giant’s own high-quality frames are used for these components.

As a result, all of the components are interoperable and function seamlessly together.

Giant e-bikes may be the best option for those who are looking for an e-bike from an established and well-known brand that provides good value for money.

As the world’s largest cycling company, Giant has a lot to offer. Whether they are the best or not is up for debate, of course.

Other big manufacturers like Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, Canyon, and so on all produce high-quality electric bicycles like the Giant.

Because of this, it is one of the world’s top bike brands. In terms of customer satisfaction, Giant’s bikes are well regarded and praised for their durability, affordability, and reliability.




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