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Are Halford Bikes Any Good?


There are several options when purchasing a Halford E-bike, and I wanted to determine whether Halford E-bike was any good.

I finished the improved part of a week investigating the Halford E-bike brand, its history, reputation, rivals, and customer experiences.

Hopefully, my brand study will assist you in determining if a Halford E-bike is worth purchasing or whether you should quickly move on to another bike brand.


Are Halford Bikes any good? Halfords, a British store, has a substantial presence in the United Kingdom, with bicycles and cycling accessories accounting for a sizable portion of the company’s sales.

As a result, Halfords has grown to become one of the major sellers of new bicycles in the UK, with its stores being a popular destination for individuals new to cycling..


Here’s How Good Halford Bikes are:


Over a hundred distinct Halford bicycle listings are available. Motorcycles are labeled as mountain bikes’ on the Halfords website.

Usually, it’s simple to restrict the field even more by selecting the best bicycle for your desired kind of mountain ridings, such as cross country, enduro, or downhill.

With Halfords mountain bikes, this is not the case. The excellent – and terrible – thing about Halfords mountain bikes is that they will be all designed for standard mountain biking.

They are all standard mountain bikes for trail riding.  As a result, you’re unlikely to end up with an incorrect or excessively specialized bicycle. It is a positive development.

The disadvantage is that it might make choosing a Halford mountain bike rigid.

Halfords has a large and growing presence in the performance cycling industry with Tredz.

Offering products and services targeted specifically at performance cyclists has increased total customer numbers and supplied them with bikes and training equipment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cycle-to-Work vouchers can also be used through Tredz, which significantly adds to the partnership’s continued success.

Tredz has a robust online presence, which distinguishes the brand from the independent bicycle retailer community and enables the brand to remain relevant and competitive in a competitive market climate.


A Brief History of Halford


Halford’s company is the leading retailer of automotive and cycling goods and services in the United Kingdom.

They provide motor servicing, MOTs, maintenance, and repair in the United Kingdom through Halfords Autocentre.

Halfords was started in 1892 in Birmingham by Frederick Rushbrooke as a wholesale ironmongery.

The company gets its name from Leicester’s Halford Street, where Rushbrooke built a store in 1902 and sold bicycle accessories.

Halfords launched its first store in Central Europe near Prague in June 2007. It opened five additional locations in the Czech States and one in Poland for two years (Wroclaw, 2008).

Growth into Central Europe was viewed as an opportunity, as cars on the road are slightly older in that region, implying that people are more skilled at car maintenance.

Halfords discontinued foreign expansion in March 2010 to focus on the home market.

As of March 2022, approximately 250 facilities under the Halfords Autocentre brand offer MOTs, auto repairs, and servicing.

Halfords bought Boardman Bikes Ltd. (established by professional cyclist Chris Boardman, Sarah Mooney, and Alan Ingarfield) for an unknown sum in June 2014.

On 24 May 2016, Halfords purchased Tredz Bikes, a Swansea-based online supplier of quality bikes and cycling accessories, and Wheelies, the UK’s leading source of bicycle replacement for insurance companies, for £18.4 million from founders Keith and Michael Jones.

The group generated revenue of around £32 million in the year ended 29 February 2016, earning £2.4 million before financial charges.

Graham Stapleton, Halford’s CEO, indicated in 2019 that he would focus more on the company’s driving services sector.

Halfords bought McConechy’s garages in Scotland and the Tyres on the Drive mobile tire installation business in November 2019.

The firm bought Universal Tyres and Garages in March 2021.


How Reliable & Durable Are Halford Bikes


Carrera mountain bikes include several unique features. Carrera has been a reliable bicycle for both professional and season riders for almost 25 years.

It is an Italian brand that dates back to the early 1980s. Today, however, Halfords manufactures most of these bikes in the United Kingdom.

A lightweight but comfortable frame, along with a range of gear and brake options, ensures performance in various terrains and situations.

Significantly larger wheels and low-resistance tires ensure that your exertion is converted to speed.

Carrera Subways feature a stiff front fork that provides excellent handling and cornering performance in urban areas.

They’re reasonably priced; Halfords is a large corporation, enabling them to sell e-bikes at a lower price than many other retailers, but don’t expect an £850 Carrera to perform like a £2000 Giant.

It is recommended to try riding one of these if you’re considering purchasing one, as well as shopping around to see what other e-bikes are available for the same price.

Additionally, consider what you require the bike for. The features included with an £850 e-bike from Halfords may be more than adequate for the purpose for which the cycle is intended.

Alternatively, it may entirely underperform. It is completely subjective.

They are, nonetheless, difficult to beat in terms of value for money.


What Bike Brands Does Halford Own?


Halfords, the motoring and cycling accessories store, has agreed to acquire a South East-based vehicle services firm for £15 million.

Carrera bikes are available only from Halfords and lie between the affordable Apollo and expensive Boardman and Voodoo ranges. Carrera focuses on value, with competitive specifications and no bike priced over £600.

Autocentre Halfords.

The Cycle Republic. Boardman Bikes Ltd.

Halfords, the cycling and vehicle parts company, has bought Boardman Bikes for an undisclosed fee. Halfords announced the firm’s acquisition created by former Olympic and World Champion Chris Boardman.

Boots, headquartered in Nottingham, has owned Halfords for almost a decade and has spent considerably modernizing the stores lately.

In November 2019, Halfords bought McConechy’s. McConechy’s associates have continued to provide complete garage services and a 24-hour breakdown service (for business clients) across 55 locations and 93 vehicles since the takeover.


Do Halford Build Bikes?


At Halfords, we acquire bicycles from various locations, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Europe, Indonesia, Northern Africa, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.


Does Halford Buy Second-Hand Bikes?


All bikes in fair shape, including children’s bikes, will be accepted as long as they are intact, without frame fractures, and have less than 25% rust. To learn more, please visit


How Does Argos Compare to Halford?


Halfords introduces its own brand 13Bikes, a collection of aero road, cycle-cross, and hybrid bikes.

The Halfords Group is home to the UK’s largest and most popular cycling brand, Carrera. Around 80% of their bikes are own-brand, including models for children and adults at various pricing points.

Their locations are handy, and our web platform gives assistance and information to assist clients in selecting the items and services they desire.

Their bike construction promise is market-leading, with complimentary six-week checkups and bike care programs to ensure our clients remain safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

Numerous clients take advantage of our Click & Collect service, which allows them to place goods online and pick them up in a chosen shop at a time that is convenient for them. It also results in increased retail traffic.  Find out if Giant, NCM and Trek bikes are any good?




Argos sells an essential six-speed men’s and women’s mountain bike for £99.99 – the lowest price we’ve found.

The steel frame and six gears should have you speeding along in no time.

And both bikes have received mostly positive reviews, with customers stating that they represent good value for money.

At the moment, Halfords does not distribute these bikes, but you may click and collect for free; moreover, the firm will construct the bike for free before you pick it up if you choose. Read our article on are argos bikes any good?


Final Thoughts


Halfords has become one of the major sellers of new bicycles in the UK. Halfords has resurrected its Cycle Republic brand of bike shops, which currently has many locations around the country.

There are over a hundred bikes labelled as ‘mountain bikes’ on the Halfords website. Halfords was founded in 1892 by Frederick Rush brooke as a wholesale ironmongery. Halfords launched its first store in Central Europe in 2007.

The Halfords Group is home to the UK’s largest and most popular cycling brand, Carrera.

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