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Are Trek Bikes Any Good?

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Why Should You Buy The Marlin

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Trek



Alpha Silver Frame

RockShox Suspension

Bontrager Wheels


A Respected Bike Brand That Has Over Forty Years Experience Designing And Manufacturing Quality Bikes.


Customer Testiominals

Trek Are A World Wide Respected Bike Brand

The Story Behind Trek


To explore, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will take a look at how the story began. My farther came home from work and told me he was going to buy some bicycles. We were going on a bicycle trip, me and my dad went to pick up our new bicycles from a gentleman called Bevil Hogg who owned a bike shop in Madison, Winconsin.

Mr. Hogg was looking for someone to invest into his bike shop. We bought two bikes and some essentials for our cycling trip from Beaver Lake to Fond du Lac.

I was a little apprehensive for our trip to Fond du Lac as it was a sixty-mile commute as I had only gone on my bike for around ten miles at a time. My memory of the trip up to Fond du Lac is a quite vague. However, I do remember a lorry nearly taking me out on the road. Read out mountain bike guide.

On the second day we stopped at a bar and I had root beer while my dad had a few beers. We both loved our little adventure on our new bikes up to Fond du Lac. To find out, Are Trek Bikes Good? we will take a look at how the brand first developed. To find out, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will take a look at the opportunity. Pros and cons of moutain bikes.


The Opportunity


Not long after our trip from Fond du Lac, my dad announced that he was investing in Bevil Hoggs bike shop that was called the Stella Bicycle Shop. My dad had a passion for business and was always looking for new opportunities, and decided to turn his interests into bicycles.

A second store was opened in Champaign with the goal of setting up a nationwide chain of bicycles shops in towns with universities. However, the idea didn’t work and the shops started to lose money and the business venture came to sudden halt in the autumn of 1975 when a decision to close thee shops was made.

Both, my dad and Mr Hog knew that the only way to succeed, was not to just sell any kind of brand in the store, but they needed to build their own bike brand. Disadvantages of mountain bikes.

No one was manufacturing and designing quality bike in the United States, so the business model switched from being a retailer to A manufacturer. The goal was to manufacture the best bikes on the market so they could establish a name for themselves within the bike industry.

There was a couple of brands that manufactured cheap bikes and European brands selling expensive bikes. There was no one in America selling bikes in the middle price points up to the top. The opportunity was born. To truly find out, Are Trek Bikes Good? We will look at were Trek bikes was first established.

Waterloo, Wisconsin


Nearly eighty years before Waterloo Wisconsin would become the home of Trek, the Waterloo Driving Park association was created in southwest corner. In Waterloo, the community loved nothing more than gathering around the dirt track and watch each other compete and the races give the local community the opportunity to come together.

After more than eight four year that cyclists battled in the oval, Trek headquarters was formed across the road. The oval no longer exists. However, the love of bike racing remains within the local community. To truly understand, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will take a look at the Pine Knoll


Pine Knoll


The winter of 1975 seen Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg would meet in the Pine Knoll to discuss the business, debate new ideas and plan how to move the business forward. Burke And Hogg were both the two founders of Trek and both debated intensively regarding the brands name.

Hogg preferred the name Kestrel as the bird of prey. However, Burke liked the idea of Trek as it symbolised adventure, travel and exploration. To know, Are Trek Bikes Good? we will take a look at how TREK was born.

TREK was Born


Hogg and Burke started formalising a set of values and beliefs that the wanted the Trek brand to stand for. In the spring of 1976 southern Winconsin half way between both of their homes in Madison and Milwaukee, the two founders of Trek started manufacturing and designing bikes that offered amazing quality by only using the best components, materials, innovative processes and technologies. Both Hogg and Burkes passion for bikes was brought together with Trek being born.

The barn doors opened in 1976 with only a workforce of five employees, with an astonishing nine hundred and four bikes being produced. Fast forward to today, every element and component of the Trek bike is crafted with focus and precision to delivery bikes that cycling enthusiasts love to own and are proud to ride. The Trek headquarters is only a mile up the road from the original barn and ever bike is designed and manufactured on the founding principles and beliefs. To find out, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will look at take a look through the brands history. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons mountain bikes.

Four Decades On


Forty years from when TREK was first established and born, the pace of breakthroughs in production processes and technology has meant that part of Trek’s success is to be at the forefront of innovative process’s that help push the limits of building the best possible bike. Trek does not belief they have built the best possible bike but to built bikes that cycling enthusiasts love to stand behind. To investigate are, Are Trek Bikes Good? we will look at a popular selling Trek bike.


 Trek Metrics

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Why Should You Buy The Trek Marlin

In our investigation into, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will look at the Trek Marlin. If you’re looking for a good quality mountain bike from a respected bike brand then the search maybe over.

The Marlin is for anyone looking for a mountain bikes for leisurely rides that can be used on different types of terrain from exploring your local mountain bike trails to a leisurely stroll around Windermere. Trek has a proven record in manufacturing and designing quality bikes that use the best components and materials that offer the rider a solid feel on the trail with good handling.  How to downhill mountain bike.

Features & Benefits

Alpha Silver Frame


The Trek Malin comes with a Alpha silver frame that offers the rider plenty of stability and support while riding by offering a solid foundation. The simplicity of the frames design with shaping to the tubes gives them additional strength and all the welds are consistent with plenty of strength and stiffness. The aluminium silver is designed to create a frame that is low weight that does not hamper the frames strength.




Quicker handling is often achieved by offsetting the wheel forward, on the other hand other brands achieve quicker handling increasing the steering angle. However, this often results a twitchy and nervous ride characteristic. Trek’s research and design team have found that using a slightly reduced head angle improves the descending stability and offers good handling. Are Trek Bikes Any Good? they certainly know how to manufacture quality bikes




Trek uses a special offset fork that can be felt by the rider using the Marlin off road and is normally found in mountain bikes at a higher price point. Furthermore, the Marlin is designed with a longer top tube, a shorter stem that gives the rider a good reach to the handlebars and keeps the weight well centered between the wheels.


RockShox Suspension


Once you have considered the frame, the next important component is the suspension. One of the main benefits of the Marlin is the RockShock suspension and is well known throughout the biking community. A sort after suspension as it allows riders to absorb the bumps and shocks when tackling different types of terrain.


Bontrager Wheels


Trek have their own brand of wheels called the Bontrager that comes with walled rims, built for tough terrain and will give the rider plenty of grip while exploring their local mountain bike trails. The tires are designed for tackling a variety of conditions and are great with the unpredictable British Weather.


Shimano Gear


The Marlin comes with an impressive set of Shimano gears that will give the rider plenty of options while matching the pace of the Marlin to the riding conditions faced by the rider.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes


The Marlin comes with a brilliant value for money set of entry level of Tektro hydraulic brakes that will allow the rider to get out of any sticky situations quickly and perform emergency stops safely. The main benefit of a hydraulic bike is that the rider can have a smooth brake control and are low maintenance. To continue our investigation into, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will look at the customer satisfaction of the Marlin.



  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 92%

Customer Satisfaction

The Marlin is easy to assemble and should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once assembled you should go on a little ride to make sure you are happy with bike. Marlins frame offers plenty of support and stability while exploring Delamere forest and the and the 29ner tires offer plenty of grip on travelling over uneven terrain.

A Rockshock suspension is ideal for absorbing the shock of travelling over uneven terrain. In concluding, Are Trek Bikes Any Good? we will summarise at why you should buy the Trek Marlin

Final Comments

If you’re looking for a Mountain bike from a respected bike brand that offers brilliant value for money. The Marlin is a great mountain bike for either an entry level cyclist or seasoned professional looking for to grab a bargain.

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