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4 Mountain Bike Trails In Llandegla Everyone Should Know


The Llandegla Forest has a network of well-maintained mountain biking paths suited for riders of all skill levels.

Thrilling fast rides, relaxing family routes, and everything in between guarantee. That you receive the greatest possible perspective of this magnificent location.

Why not make a day of it and get some mud on your face at the One Planet Adventure tourist center? Which has a store, café, coaching, parking, and much more?

The Llandegla Mountain Biking Route


 It is a purpose-built track located in North Wales’s Coed Llandegla Forest. It’s a fantastic route, and one of the few that can really claim to have something for everyone.


The path is divided into four sections:


  • Green for families, blue for novices, red for more experienced hikers, and black for daring.


  • Let’s start with the green route, which exemplifies Llandegla’s ability to provide something for everyone.



  • This section of the forest is a pleasant, virtually level trail that serves as an excellent introduction to mountain biking for our younger MTB enthusiasts.


  • It is primarily distinct from the main road, which fulfills two functions. For starters, the kids (and parents) may ride in peace, knowing that no huge hairy arsed biker on a mountain bike is likely to come roaring around the corner.



  • Second, the aforementioned hairy-covered rider and his coworkers may ride their mountain bikes through the route without fear of colliding with a youngster and permanently turning them off mountain riding.


  • The blue path is where the core trail begins, with the red and then the black looping off of it before returning to it farther around.



  • Before we go any farther, let’s get it out in the open. Unless you’re new to mountain biking, though, this is an excellent warm-up that will start your heart and lungs working while also loosening up your legs.


  • In fact, it’s perhaps the nicest start to any route in the region — it’s certainly not as unpleasant as the Marin trail, but we’ll save it for another day!


Because Llandegla is a forest


The numerous graded paths, much as while skiing, are prominently indicated on the trails. Each track is confined inside the forest. And with no major highways to cross.


You’ll flatten out onto the top of the woodland area by the time you reach the summit of this gradual ascent. And the trees will open up to provide a wonderful perspective of the surrounding North Wales landscape. A small breather before a rapid descent to a fire trail


There’s another reason to take a breath here. The next portion is a quick-ish downhill. However, before you begin, make a collective choice since the red & black path splits off to the left halfway down this descent, and if you miss it, you’ll have to climb back to the turn-off.


The red and black trails seem to melt into one and there isn’t much of a difference in difficulty between them. If you usually ride red routes but have never tried a black trail, don’t be afraid to take on this challenge.


But you should be alright. This portion is usually a little muddier, slower, and trickier. Having said that, it is not insurmountable. There are a few stairs, a few drop-offs, and a few rocks.


I should have mentioned that if you don’t want to take the red or black routes, just remain to the right on the descent and take the blue way back. The blue segment takes most of us about an hour to finish, and don’t be shocked if you get to the end of the blue route and want to do it again.


After all of this mountain riding, there is a cafe that claims to provide the greatest breakfasts in Wales.




Llandegla is 7 miles south of Wrexham and 14 miles north of Chester. It is readily accessible from both the M6 and the M56 and is located immediately off Ruthin Road, A525. The entrance to the Coed Llandegla Forest is prominently marked, so there’s no excuse for missing it.


The parking fee for a whole day is just a few pounds, and there is plenty of room. The location is accessible seven days a week, and bike rentals are available for anyone interested in seeing what all the fuss is about with mountain biking.


One planet Adventure, situated in Coed Llandegla Forest. And has become widely recognized as the location to come for your mountain riding adrenaline fix in the UK as the entrance to your mountain biking adventure in North Wales.

One planet Adventure, only 20 minutes from Chester, is North Wiles’ most accessible purpose-built mountain biking facility, and no matter your level of expertise. you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.


It may not be the largest trial facility in the UK


But it makes up for it with a diverse range of lines, magnificent vistas, and specialty sections.  where you can refine your abilities before putting them to the test on the trails. Best mountain bike trails in Wales, England, Scotland & ireland.


One planet Adventure, located in the center of North Walian. It is a one-stop store that has everything – gasoline, a well-stocked shop, service, bike rentals, and coaching.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that mountain bikers aren’t the only thrill-seekers who visit Coed Llandegla forest: you’ll be sharing parts of the pathways with trail runners and walkers.


There is really something for everyone in Coed Llandegla. The green family track is around 5 kilometers long and provides an introduction to off-road cycling without any scary features or significant climbs.

It’s a safe introduction to mountain biking for individuals who have never tried it before.


The blue path is the perfect next step if you want to stretch your legs. Over the course of 12 kilometers, you’ll encounter gentle fire road climbs, woodland singletrack, and exciting, flowing descents that will get your heart racing. Read about the best mountain bike trails in Pwllheli, Merthyr Tydfil and Llangefni



So, you’ve got a decent level of fitness and want to try mountain biking?


This is a nice route to attempt before moving on to the more difficult ‘intermediate’ routes.

It’s still 12 kilometers long, with a gentle ascent through the forest until it meets up with the intermediate path at the summit.

Then comes the most important part of mountain biking: you are rewarded for your uphill effort!

Back to the Centre, you may enjoy a fantastic flowing track that is largely composed of easy downhills, but with a few modest uphill portions to keep you on your toes!

This route also includes a few minor bumps (rollers) and other characteristics to make it more challenging! Depending on the weather, the path may be damp and muddy in sections.




A 5-kilometer waymarked circuit designed exclusively for families. The route avoids big peaks and tricky portions, focusing instead on providing a pleasant and safe method for families to try off-road cycling.

The surfaces on this route are mostly firm packed, however, there are a few portions that are loose, uneven, or muddy.

The trail slowly ascends from the parking lot, through the woodland, and onto the reservoir, which offers views of the Clwydian Range.

After riding around the reservoir, the path returns through the forest before descending to the Visitor Centre for a well-earned cup of tea and a slice of cake!




The Intermediate (Red) Route leads to a sequence of black runs (6km). Those are only accessible through the Intermediate (Red) Route. #

The red and black trails together cover 21 kilometers of trail. The black courses are characterized by steeper downhill segments and more difficult technical aspects.

These trail sections are intended for mountain riders who are used to physically difficult rides. They need the use of a well-maintained mountain bike.

They feature inescapable difficulties like as big stairs, gaps, and drop-offs, as well as extensive portions of steep, mostly stable but unsurfaced terrain.

There are stretches of steep, technically hard climbs, and several wood constructions have exposed edges and a route width of barely 1 meter.




if you are an experienced mountain biker with a high skill level. The ‘Moderate’ (blue) path has the same steady rise through the woodland as this trail.

The lengthier red route, which breaks off at the summit of the forest, takes you on a series of more technical difficulties, including unsurfaced singletrack (0.6m-1.2m) and steep flowing stretches of trail that cut through the woodland’s most secluded portions.

Huge, inescapable bermed switchbacks, whoops, river crossings, tabletops, and a boardwalk are all used on this route.

There are more uphill and downhill stretches on this route, in addition to being longer. This path requires a high degree of fitness, stamina, and expertise.


Final Thoughts


In Wales, two wheels are absolutely excellent. For novices and experts, mountain biking centers provide world-class singletrack routes, freeride hotspots, and wild backcountry rides.

Over 1,200 miles of freewheeling fun may be found on Wales’s National Cycle Network. And there are plenty of traffic-free beautiful trips to choose from for a fun family day out.

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