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7 Best Mountain Bike Trails In Scotland


Thinking about hitting the trail in Scotland. We look at the best highland trails. 





For such a small country, Scotland offers so many offers ranging from the infamous play of the Scottish Highlands to the epic single track that stretches through the inland forests.

It was not only the ride that separated Scotland; Scotland’s Epic craft beer, wild greens, beef, seafood and whiskey’s weird skill to wash it off after riding for several days.

Although the weather can be ‘mixed’, the very best trial centres listed here can be run year-round and under all conditions.

Additionally, those Highland scenes require a little dark cloud to create that classic moody drama.

Scottish Riding is world famous for its outdoor mountain trails and the steep, wet and rudimentary lines formed between the lush green forests that best test riders and bikers.

If you can ride fast here you have the skill to ride anywhere.


Can I use a mountain bike on trails?


There’s nothing more than fun and interesting than doing bike trails.

Mountain bikes are designed to enhance performance even in rough terrains and trails, they have gears to ease the riding on steep climbs.

Cardio fitness and strength is a cardinal requirement when using a mountain bike on a trail.


Scottish Mountain biking


Scotland is a haven for mountain bikers, filled with a variety of trail sites and mountain biking parks.

All this started way back in 1931 with the formation of the Scottish Amateur Racing Association which has grown and expanded to the Scottish Cycling Union as of today.

With the Scottish love and culture for outdoors, it can only be dimed fit as the best place for mountain biking. Welsh mountain biking trails.


The wild trails long distance mountain bike routes


The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is the long mountain bike trail in the world with an intense 3000 miles in length. This is the ultimate in mountain bike riding.

The Lupra Pass – Nepal Route is also one of the best with such a stunning view of the world’s largest mountains as you Criss cross about it leaving you lost for words. how to tackle technical trails. .


10 things you can do to help you!


Use easy gear and speed yourself up


For long, steady and non-technical climbs, choose an easy gear that allows you to move your feet smoothly, maintain your level of effort and accelerate yourself.

A gear is so hard and you get tired, ride too fast on it and you get burned before you reach the top.


Breathe Properly


Your muscles need oxygen to function properly, and it is important to breathe well when climbing. Focus on constantly inhaling and exhaling.

It is okay to exaggerate the sound and speed. 

As long as you have a consistent rhythm, it is okay to use your mouth at the same time. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, invest in it.


Tire Pressure


Proper tire pressure makes all the difference for a steep climb.

There is nothing like hitting a sharp punch. Only to raise your rear tire and cause you to lose all speed.

Dial your rear tire pressure.

Do not be afraid to apply a little less pressure if you are running uphill trails.


Find a good beat


There are times when you need to grind or hold a muscle to a steep pitch, but it is usually best to find a smooth, consistent cadence.

Some of the best riders in the world make 90-100 revolutions per minute, keeping their foot speed high and forward speed.

This high rpm rate may make you feel tired at first, but if you reduce it it will eventually give results.


Make sure your tires are properly inflated.


When I last got on my bike, I noticed that my journey was slow and I was pushing myself with more effort than usual. Then I noticed the rear tire making a slight noise.

I stopped and checked my tire pressure (I always travel with a small pump and gauge). It reads 15 psi before and 12 psi behind.

I pumped both of them up to 28 psi and it made a huge difference in the effort I put in and the speed maintained. I probably even missed the pinch flat. These days I check my tire pressures frequently.


Keep up the pace.


Do not slow down too much for turns and hurdles during the climb. It takes a lot of energy to bring yourself back into motion again and again.

It also means increasing your speed before hitting steep sections, so you can pick them up more speed.


That’s a mental game


The best climbers in the world are also extremely tough mentally. They have an amazing ability to focus on the work at hand instead of focusing on the pain. It may seem silly, but as you climb up, mentally find a happy place that can divert you from the burning lactic acid in your legs. Everyone has pain when climbing, but not everyone shows it.


Distribute your weight properly


It is best to distribute your weight evenly in the bottom bracket to keep both tires properly weighted.

On steep sections of the trail, bend towards the nose of the saddle to keep the front part from slipping. This allows you to get more of your pedals to grind the sloping parts of the trail. Does mountain biking help you lose weight


Find a good beat


There are times when you need to grind or muscle up a steep pitch, but it is usually best to find a smooth, consistent cadence.

Some of the best riders in the world make 90-100 revolutions per minute, keeping their foot speed high and forward speed.

This high rpm rate may make you feel tired at first, but if you reduce it will eventually give results. Mountain biking tips and techniques.


Climb another time


It feels painful and obvious, but the most effective way is to do them as often as possible to make the climb better.

Like landing or riding in general, the more time you spend climbing, the more your body adapts and becomes stronger.

It’s an acquired taste. At first, you hate it and don’t understand how anyone can enjoy it.

Then, it becomes tolerable and eventually you reach a state where you can not live without it.  Read about our tips for downhill mountain biking.




Mountain bike trails Scotland




Kirroughtree is hard to pronounce and hard to reach, but it is worth the effort. After a scenic drive to the far southwest corner of Scotland, the fog clears the forest to display the classic Mc Mob rock slab.

It feels like you have reached somewhere in the middle, but go ahead and you will reach this MTB paradise. The legendary rock and rutty single track is hidden among the pine trees.

Kirroughtree is one of the 7 Stans Mountain Biking Destinations in southern Scotland, but it is very special.

On your way here you will probably pass through the forests of Dalbiti and Mabi, both of which are worth a visit.

Kirroughtree is one of the longest black-graded laps known as the Black Craig in Scotland.

Hold on tight if you can through the fast, flowing single track and rock technical features to test all your mountain bike skills.

The legendary ‘McMob’ slab on the outside of the Black Run is a real attraction.

Although the name and directional arrows described are based on its Utah cousin, it is fair to say that the weather and scenery here in Scotland are very different!




Before touching the trails, driving north to Bikenglenlivet in Bonfshire was almost worth the trip. The ride after the famous whiskey ride of the same name is waiting to taste.

Historically it was an illegal whiskey distillation country, where smuggling was rampant!

Today, whiskey is world famous and the Trials in the heart of the Glen‌livet Estate is a mysterious gem.

The climb is sweet. The views of the surrounding areas are quite spectacular and make the climbers blur from memory.

These trials are perfectly suited for a mixed capacity group, as most technical units are optional and built to build riders’ confidence.

The center is located on the edge of Cairns Gorms National Park, where a network of classic antique routes opens floodgates for more adventurous trail riders.

It is the perfect bikepacking country for long distance, backcountry riding. The Glenlivet Estate has its own distillery on the prestigious Malt Whiskey Trail.



Laggan Wolftrax


Laggan Wolftrax in Inverness-Shire is the perfect part of Highland Magic! Billed as “Bite Mountain Bike Trials”, they will definitely find the nickname apt if they allow riders to lose their concentration!

The lake is probably best known for its sharp and rocky black trail, which consists of a formidable slab called Iris Rock.

This segment will surely stabilize the brave among the riders!

The main red loop consists of upper and lower sections, which are filled with glittering beauty, allowing riders to join their ride.

The configuration also allows for an easy exit if too high.

A remote spot on the road to Fort William, this is the perfect stop to warm up for the castle’s trails.

For whiskey fans, it might be worth taking a diversion to the nearby Dalvini Distillery, one of the tallest in Scotland.

Back at the Trail Center, Bothi Bikes has a small shop for quick servicing, retail and bike rental. People there can also offer local trial advice to those looking for hidden lines.


Comrie Croft


Comrie Croft in Perthshire has won numerous awards for its trails and exclusive on-site living.

The trail network provides a fully formed 12-mile network with a small, but graded single track.

The trails range from technical, rocky and rough single tracks to the best flowing, berm-filled trails in Scotland.

Comrie Croft has plenty of space to travel with family or a mixed-ability group. There is a skill park and a full-size pump track.

Mini DH runs with rock drops are also on site, with many progressive features classified as blue, red or black.


The site has a casual cafe and a friendly bike shop. The Kraft Hostel offers accommodation with beds at the bottom of the trails, camping and Nordic katas option.



Glentress – The Tweed Valley


Glentress is the busiest trial center in the UK, with 300.00 visitors a year and good reason. And, it continues to grow with the new 10 Mile Flow Trials approved for 2018.

Around the large and growing mountain biking community, the trail centre is buzzing.


Innerleithen – The Tweed Valley


The rich history of trail building has resulted in the emergence of the ‘natural enduro’ and the rabbit of machine-built trails, which sway steeply through the forests around the city.

Designed by renowned local trial builder Dick Hamilton, the original DH tracks offer many options for riders and race organizers.

Try your rubber on the Cresta Run, a handmade line in the classic Innerlithic style: upright, rooted, tight and twisted!

In 2018 a new uplift service called Adrenaline Uplift was launched, which runs every week from Friday to Monday. Best mtb trails in Ireland



Fort William


When the World Cup is here, there will be a strange sight with 20,000 fans and mountain bikers everywhere.

There are cities and routes where the UK’s highest mountains reach the rugged west coast. If you want drama, this riding location will not disappoint.

The weather changes as often as the trials, so expect the classic four seasons in one day. Best mountain biking trails in the UK.




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