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Mountain Biking Trails In Wales

Searching For Best Trails In Wales. The Search Is Over

Wales Mountain Bike Trails.


Wales has become one of the best destinations for mountain biking trails. There are natural trails, purposely built single tracks and downhill tracks for all levels of riding. We have put together a list of some of the best mountain biking trail in Wales and a few helpful techniques entry level mountain bikers may find helpful.


Blaenau Ffestiniog – Antur Stiniog


In the centre of Snowdonia, Antur Stiniog has six freeride and downhill trails that range from blue to black. The trail is serviced with an uplift and has been regarded as one of the fastest and best mountain biking trails in the UK. Other facilities at Antur Stiniog include bike hire, mountain biking coaching, a café and a bike wash.


Wrexham- Coed Llandegla


One of the most accessible mountain biking areas in North Wales. There is a trail around the local reservoir, or a more challenging downhill trail. Ideal for riders of all abilities. The facilities include bike hire, workshop and a café.


Dolgellau Coed Y Brenin


Situated in Snowdonia, a growing network of single tracks that offer a stunning landscape of Snowdonia. Offering a wide range of routes from green and blue trails that are more suited to more experienced mountain bikers. To more advanced black routes for experts to tackle. Riders will be sure to have plenty of fun in the skills area. The facilities include bike hire, bike wash, a shop and showers.


Betws-Y-Coed – Penmachno


Penmachno is in the Snowdonia National Park. Riders can choose to ride the whole thirty km loop in one go, or they can break it down to much more shorter rides. The nineteen km is well known for its big climbs and descents. While, on the other hand the eleven Kilometers is less challenging, offering riders a single track with some scenic views. Betwys Y Coed has lots of local amenities like a pub, local shop to a well known ice cream shop.


More Great Welsh Trails To Visit


Carmarthen – Brechfa


Brechfa is located in Carmarthen. Having a wide variety of trails for different levels of riders, from green, blue, red and black trails. The huge forest is ideal for all year-round riding. Facilities at Brechfa include BBQ area, picnic area, free parking and onsite café.


Merthyr Tydfill- Bike Park Wales


Bike Park is highly regarded of one of the best trails centers within the UK. Priding itself as a Ski resort of the bike world. The park is massive, with two greens, nine blue trails, expert and pro lines. A bike park that was designed to offer a trail for everyone. Offering an uplift service, with fifteen downhill runs a day. Facilities include bike maintenance, bike hire, bike wash, shop, café and camping.


Port Talbot – Afan Forest Park


There are six trails that range from seven to forty kilometers. There are two centers, the Afan Forest Park Visitor centre and the Glyn Corrwg mountain bike centre. Both centres have a café and a shop. The Afan Forest park is easy accessible as its just minutes from the M4. With a whopping 130 KMs of trail to discover.


Aberystwyth – Nant Yr Arian Forest


Situated up in the mountains, Nant Yr Arain Forest offers the rider an off-road mountain bike trail. A favourite of mountain climbers and full of technical and rocky descents. Offering the riders, a natural wilderness experience. There are two red trails and a black trail with over sixty kilometres of ground to discover. In addition, Aberystwyth is only ten miles away.


Ellan Valley


The Elan Valley has been highly regarded as one of the best natural mountain biking conditions in the UK. Riders can expect to see Victorian dams, old railways, reservoirs and woodlands. A brilliant place to soak up some scenery. The facilities include bike hire, a range service and onsite café.


The Brecon Beacons


The Brecon Beacons National park is a massive area full of natural and wild beauty. Riders can explore open forests, steep climbs, descents that is ideal for mountain bikers looking for an adventure. There ae five bike hubs. Senny bridge and Talybont for riders building up their confidence. To a more advances trail; like Crickhowell and Talgarth for more experienced riders.


Revolution Bike Park


Situated in Llangynog, Wales, in the Tanat Valley at the Berwyn Mountains. With over 120 acres to explore. The Revs is the place to go for downhill trails. There are over ten to choose from. Technical and free ride trails. They are always building new trails. The Revs has a 50:01 pro line, that was built in 2017. Featuring bike jumps and massive gaps.


Mountain Biking Techniques


Mountain biking does require different skills than road biking. Here’s a few basic skills that every mountain biker wish they knew when they first started out.


Body Position.


One of the biggest keys to a mountain bikers’ success is their body position. A mountain bike trail surface includes rocks, ruts, mud and uneven terrain. The rough terrain and potential obstacles can be part of the fun. However, being in the correct riding position will help the rider get through more challenging terrain much easier. There are two main riding positions. Neutral and ready


Neutral Position


A neutral position is when the pedals are evenly weighed, knees and elbows are slightly bent and the index finger is on brake lever. A neutral position is normally kept when a rider is riding a non-technical part of the trail. The rider’s eyes should be looking forward at around fifteen and twenty feet.


Ready Position


When a trail gets more technical a rider should move into the ready position. Often referred to as the attack position. The ready position consists of the pedal evenly weighed, a deep bend to the knees and the rear end off the seat. The rider should think about making chicken wings with their arms.



Choosing the Line


A common mistake made by entry level mountain bikers is that they look at the spot they are trying to avoid. Rather than focusing on the trail. A rider should instead focus on where they want to go. Keep an upright body position with eyes look fifteen to twenty foot ahead. Flicking their eyes from the front tires to along the trail. Noticing hazards ahead on the trail can help the rider maneuver out of the way.





Braking seems like a simple idea. A rider squeezes the brake and the mountain bike comes to a stop.  However, spending a bit of time learning how to use the brakes correctly will improve a rider mountain biking skills.

The majority of the brake power comes from the front brake. However, braking to sharply or to quickly will send the rider over the handle bars. Braking should be done smoothly and gently. A rider should aim to brake before a turn, rather than in the middle of a corner. Keeping momentum may help a rider tackle more challenging terrain.




Mountain biking requires a lot of climbs and descents. Ay entry level mountain biker should spend some time learning how to shift probley. Correctly shifting will not only save wear and tear. But allow the rider to move more easier up and down hills.

A rider should aim to shift early and frequently in order to build up muscle memory. Without needing to think about it. Getting into a god habit of shifting early and not waiting until their half way up the hill. Changing into the gear you need, before the rider reaches the steep terrain will minimise any awkward gear changes.

We hope you have found our article on Mountain biking in Wales and found the Mountain biking techniques helpful. You may like to read our comprehensive guide on Mountain Biking.

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