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5 Tips for visiting the Mountain Bike Trail Centre in the Lake District


In the most mountainous county in England is the Forest Trail Centre, also known as the Whinlatter, which looks out over forests and trees.

Whinlatter Forest: The Trail Guide


Blue – Quercus trail 7.5 km, 0.5-1 hrs

RED 1- Altura Trail North Loop 9.5km, 0.5-2 hrs

RED 2- Ultra Trail South Loop 10 km, 0.5-2 hrs


Sleeping and eating


Downtown Keswick’s Tourist Honeypot has a great selection of hotels, B&Bs, campsites, takeaways and restaurants less than five miles away.

If you are a little calmer and quieter, Cockermouth in the West offers a lot of comfort, but without the congestion.


Fix your bike


Bicycle wise, the on-site bike shop has a workshop with all the parts you need. It also uses cubes and mandrekers that start at £ 18 for three hours.


What to peel


The Whinlatter doesn’t really have a lot of hard stuff, so the hardtail is fine, but a short-ride full-suspension bike allows you to get the most out of trials.

The trails are hard enough to pack, and the rear tire for fast rolling is a perfect advantage — look for local slate that can be torn through thin sidewalls.


The best of the rest


If you want to exit the trail centre are the ones who get lost for choice.

Both the Bordeaux Bosch and the Back o ‘Skido Loop are locally favourites, with a total load on other routes.

Asking at the bike shop is your best bet. They can point you in the right direction and advise you in a way that best suits your abilities and circumstances.


Lake District Trail Centre Guide


There is something about forests that captivates the minds of mountain bikers. It feels like we are moving towards them, forcing them to look for them, to explore them, to build them, to travel in them and to spend healthier or more time around them than usual.

Deciduous, evergreen, old or new, steep or flat, it does not matter – the combination of resilient land, obstacles to turn around, low shelter from the elements and relative loneliness create a unique playground.

To a mountain biker, a forest without trails looks like a waste of opportunity (or a blank canvas)

They are so inherent to most people’s riding experience, I like to bet the half-eaten energy bar at the bottom of my pack, more people have ridden their mountain bikes in the woods than on the actual mountain. .

The French call them the ‘Velo Tout Terrain’ (all-terrain bike), but the word ‘mountain’ is full of meanings that we want to associate with: climbing, jungle, exploration, adventure, practice. Best trails in scotland.

Motivational and aspirational things that identify us as someone who loves to challenge. 5 best MTB rails in the uk


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Designed for tough terrain

Nature and breeding


The best trail centres encourage riders to look beyond the immediate limits and even try the scenic routes and this is what makes the Whinlatter awesome.

In addition to the obligatory jumps, drops and berms, there are also its Hallelujah moments.

It makes the most of its height and surroundings; Comes into ubiquitous pine places to experience the breath-taking views of the surrounding waterfall, the views that force you to brake, turn off and just stare.

It takes a very closed-minded rider to see layer upon layer of mountain scenery with a dramatic background and adrenaline pumping and ‘I wonder if there are any rides out there’.


Outside the Forest


But if the journey outside the forest is great, do the lakes really need a trail centre? If you’ve ever spent time here, you know the weather is terribly volatile.

The old adage ‘If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes …’, is true to a point – if you like wet weather, most of the time you are likely to be lucky.

Although the mountain of trials nearby is literal, sometimes Mother Nature will ruin your plans and it is good to know that there are all weather options nearby.

But when your ‘real’ mountaineering is not allowed, it is unfair to view the trails here as a complete backup;

They are fun to travel in their own right and offer the views and heights offered by some other centres in the UK.


The Joy


Sam and I are charging around Red Street – or Sam charges as I try to continue, pausing for photos, taking thoughts and talking.

Simple things you do on the ride. The things I did to his father.

The joy of rolling on and off both wheels is always fresh; It will never fade and technology and fashion may change over time, the basic elements of why we ride will not change.

Looking at the Derwent water, Sait and Sam Marks fell a long way, “Have you ever ridden a trail from there?” I shake my head. “That’s good, we’ll do it when you wake up.

Hey, did you try a bicycle-like drink in the cafe? It’s not on the menu but it’s awesome. Make it awesome?”


Whinlatter may not be Marin or Bellingham (which is very frustrating for my teenage self) which is its own specialty.

This type of single track – climbing and ascending – is what riders from other countries want to experience.

Whinlatter is not just about enjoying a ride in a relatively familiar woods setting – it is about getting rid of your own gravity, getting out of the woods and into the mountains.





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