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11 Best Mountain bike trails Ireland


Want to ride the best MTB in Ireland? With friendly locals, amazing scenery, world-class single tracks, and amazing we do too!

With this in mind, we pulled together the top Irish mountain biking trails to travel on the Emerald Isle.

The best MTB in Ireland


Anyone who has been to Ireland knows that it is a lovely country. Emerald Isle has a hearty welcome and great humour wherever you go.

It also has some beautiful landscapes on the planet. However, it is home to excellent mountain biking, which is no more popular than local riders.

There are excellent off-road routes to enjoy, white knuckle downhills, and world-class single tracks. Undoubtedly, the best MTB in Ireland gives a serious run for its money elsewhere.


How do I find the best mountain bike trails?


The best way to find trails is to look for people who know them better which in this case involves joining a bike riding group.

Once you mingle with the rest, you’ll definitely find your way in these trails.

Aside from that, The Internet is such a pivotal tool for finding the best trails ever, you only need to search using a web browser and you’ll be good to go, from the maps of the trails to the images of these places – all in one pack – The Internet.

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Best Irish Mountain Biking Trails


Below is a small sample of the best Irish mountain biking trails mountain biking in Ireland. We think they are some of the best Irish MTB trials, but there are many to choose from. The best welsh mountain biking trails


The only way is to go to Ireland and ride.



Ticknock, Dublin


This single-track trail is six miles long and includes some challenging and technical riding.

The track is very rocky throughout and varies from fast and flowing sections to rough and narrow rock sections.

With a few big drops, berms, and exposed rides in adverse weather, this is a track that will test your skills to the limit.

Recommended not only for sophisticated riders, but easily one of the Irish mountain biking trails.


DeRaura, Galway


In rustic countryside with exquisite ascents and spectacular views, this coelte trail has a similar feel to tic-tac-toe but is technically inferior.

However, the harsh landscape presents a lot of challenges and is very exposed to adverse weather. The land is mostly rocky, but sometimes swamps add to it.

This is a relatively easy route suitable for most riders. You do not need any expert riding skills, but perseverance in adverse weather can help.


Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


Created by Trial Master Daffid Davis, the runs on Rostrevor include some of the best MTBs in Ireland.

Many say they stand out as one of the best in the world, so it’s definitely worth going north to see them. Bikes, lessons, and guidance are available for rent at Rostrevor.


Ballinasto, Roundwood


One of the officially sanctioned Irish mountain biking trail parks. It is an excellent combination of uphill and long single-track descents.

During the ride, you will pass through the dense jungle on the western slopes of the Wicklow Mountains.

You will also cross some farmland, but keep your sheep peeled (unless you are literally careful). Bring your waterproofs as Ireland is prone to rain, but the trail still runs well in the wet.



From Ballihora Green to Brown, Limerick


The fourteen-mile loop track, going in a counter clockwise direction, offers some of the best MTBs in Ireland. There is an almost 1,400-foot climb but you will be rewarded with a fast and flowing descent. There are good berms at the end.


 Nagels Mountains, Cork


There are various routes through these mountains with options for all levels of rider. Irish mountain biking trails offer many variations to the area and endure and other types of MTB races take place here.

Most of the ride – especially the climb – is on a rocky double track. But there are also some single tracks to explore along with some technical rides.

It is also suitable for riding in all environments, which means it takes longer in the saddle.



Wexford Tagmon Mountain, Wexford


Are some of the above ways beyond your capacity? Or are you a beginner looking for a mountain biking introduction in Ireland?

This is the best MTB in Ireland for you. It is mostly a four-mile double track ride through a flat country but at some height.

Some trails merge into streams at different points so you can enjoy a little bit of moisture. Good fun with the family.



Raven Woodland, Wexford


Not too far away you can find this more challenging route with some technical riding. It is a six-mile single track that begins as a footpath and winds its way around the peninsula.

There are very small hills to climb, which means there are also some pretty small downhill dinners.

Riding can be a lot of fun, especially if you want to keep your Irish mountain biking more technical.


Tuam downhill, Galway


There are many ways for you to explore the area with bumps, jumps and other features. There is a lot of height to play so the downhill is a lot of fun. One of the best places for MTB in the Emerald Isle.



Roscahill Woods, Galway


It is close to Tumam, so you can fix both in a day. Roscahill Woods has a hand-made walkway and a narrow single track through the trees.

There are plenty of loops to choose from, as well as roots and stones to avoid.



Kilkarnen, Galway


This single track and forest trail run clockwise in a four-mile loop. Beware of pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Not too gradient but enough to keep things very interesting. Another for less experienced riders.



How to reach Ireland


As you can see, there is a lot of mountain biking in Ireland. Ireland is a relatively small country but needs a car to turn around.

There are flights mainly from all over Europe to Dublin or Belfast. You can go to Dublin Airport. Make sure you ask for the bike rack in advance.

Alternatively, rent a van so you can park your bike inside. You can also take a ferry in your car from the UK. Best mountain biking routes in the uk

Overall crime outside cities is very low. 


Ireland has world-class hospitality and many great hikes to enjoy. Be sure to visit the pub after the hardest day on the trail. Y

You can enjoy not only kale items but also beautiful homemade traditional Irish food.

Although mountain biking is still not very popular in Ireland, there are great ways to ride.

Combine all that Emerald Isle has to offer and Irish MTB Holidays should be at the top of your list. Top tips for mountain biking in winter.

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