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5 Cycling Routes in The Llangefni Area (Inc MTB Trails)


If you enjoy cycling, there’s plenty of cycling routes near Llangefni..  The Lon Las Copri a 36-mile route or the Lon Las Cefni.  You could always challenge yourself to the Cycling Etape or the Tour De Mon

If you enjoy cycling, there’s plenty of cycling routes near Llangefni..  The Lon Las Copr;a 36-mile route or the Lon Las Cefni.  You could always challenge yourself to the Cycling Etape or the Tour De Mon


Llangefni is located on Anglesey.  There are lots of places for mountain bikers to enjoy the unspoilt country side.


Newborough Forest (Coed Niwbrch)


The Newborough Forest on Anglesey is a collection of forests south west of the island that has mountain bike trails for all the members of the family.  

If you follow the A55, across the Menai Strait, then turn left on A4080. The forest is between the villages of Newborough & Malltraeth.

There are no trails above green; therefore, there should be no technical issues, other than navigation your way through the trail.

Newborough Forest has two main trails that can be started from the main carpark.  Find the best MTB trails in Wales.




Corsica Trail


The 10 km route goes a long stone forest road, and follows the first half of the Bikequest Nature challenge. There is a picnic stop on route. The route also joins the Lon Las Cefni a long-distance cycle route.


Las Cefni Cycleway Cycle Path ( Newborough Forest to Langefni)



The Lon las Cefni Cycleway cycle is an 8-mile cycle route. Ideal for cyclists that don’t like cycling uphill.

The 8-mile commute starts from the edge of Newborough Forest, passing through Malltraeth into the centre of Llangefni. Llangefni is a country town of Anglesey.  Oriel Ynys Mon (Anglesey Museum) can be found on the edge of town.


There is 1mile ½ that’s goes off road, an unfenced lane by the side of the river. The cycle path is straight forward, the views are breath taking.

After Pont Marquis, the path has water course on both sides and is ideal to see some birds.

To start the Lad Cefni cycleway cycle path from the forest carpark on the edge of Newborough Forest off the A4080 signed posted to Malltraeth.

The cycle path finishes by the memorial clock tower in the centre of Llangefni.



Llangefni to Llyn Cefni (3 ¼ miles)



The short cycle route to Llangefni to Llyn is classed as one of the most scenic cycleways in North Wales.   Riders will go through Dingle, Llangefni woodland, then through the meadows.

Take in the spectacular mini gorge of Afon Cefni. Finally, take in the breath-taking views along the banks of Llyn Cefni.

Two thirds into the commute, and you will reach the lake. The westward route comes to an end after three quarter miles. 

Ending on the B5111 carpark. With a nice picnic area.  There are three steep gradients near the beginning of the Lon Cas Cefni.

You start the Llangefni to Llyn Cefni from the clock tower in Llangefni, the ending of the Newborough Forest.

Follow the signs to start the path to Llyn Cefni. Turn right, and turn left (you will pass Asda on the right). Right at the mini roundabout.

Turn left on carpark by St Cynars Church. The cycle path is on the right. Do not confused with walk path to Dingle.

Telor Tour –  ( Circular route; Starting & Finishing at Beaumaris)


Telor Tour starts and finishes at Beaumaris. The 17-mile circular route takes in some amazing views of the coast. 

Taking a steep ride up to Llanddona village then down the coast to Penmon Priory and to Black point. (Eastern point of Anglesey) A great place to grab some lunch and take some amazing views of puffin island and Trwyn Du Lighthouse.  

Penmon Priory is definity worth a trip.  The ancient wishing well and a 400-year-old dovecote.



Hebog Tour



The Hebog tour starts and finishes all Benllech. Travel up to Moelfre, stop at Din Lligwy. An ancient village near the coast. Following Din Lligwy you will come across Lligwy beach. 

After Lligwy beach you can climb to Mynydd Bodafon.    A group of small peaks, that include the Arwydd (highest point of Anglesey).

It’s a laid-back route, perfect for all members of the family. The route can be shortened to Benllech, or you can carry on to Llyn Cefni. (The biggest manmade lake on Anglesey)


Copper Trail


The Copper Trail is ideal for those fascinated by Geology. A 33-mile commute that starts at Llynnon Mill, near Llanddeusant. 

Going through Llanerchymedd, Penysam. Passing through the disused copper mine of Parys Mountains. 

The route will take you through Llaneillioan and onto the town of Amlwch. Reaching the Cemlyn Bay Nature Reserve. 

Great if you’re a bird watcher. Commuting through Mynydd Y Gam.  The view of Holyhead is breath-taking.  You will cycle through Llandyddlad, and finish at Llanddeusat.



Tour De Mon Route (Cycling event)



The longest route, however the 76-mile route offers the rider to take in all Anglesey has to offer. Including the picturesque Cefni reservoir.

The cycle route is designed for experienced riders. However, offers some incredible views.  Not only are hard hitting climbs while travelling through Mawr Canol and Bach routes.

The Tour De Mon has the High-Flying Mile on the RAF Mona. (A timed section; offering stunning views of Snowdonia.


Cefin Barton, a budding cyclist stated “That this is sportive for cyclists that must be done.” Apart from the 76-mile route, there is also a 108- and 44-mile route.



 Bikequest Nature Challenge   (a shorter route 8 km)



The Bikequest Nature Challenge contains lots of forest tracks that make it perfect for Mtb riders that are not looking for anything to challenging. 

However, bear in mind that the rain has be known to flood the trail so it may be worth planning ahead.  

Ynus Llanddwyn is only a short distance away and is definitely worth a trip.  Home to a group of red squirrels and its worth seeing if you can spot one.

Search for the 14 information panels along the trail, working through the questions in the family activities pack.

The activities pack is easily available from the dispenser in the Newborough forest car park.

The 8km route consists of stoned forest road, the final section consists of a tarmacked sketch to the beach car park. 

Be aware of other road users, you may come across dog walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, horses or vehicles. You may to read about the best MTB trails in Scotland.

The Newborough mountain bike trail is overseen by the Natural Resource Wales. You can follow the MTB ranger on popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

Etape Eryri Cycling Event



The Etape Eryri Cycling Event is based in the Snowdonia, the SKY cycling team and Sir David Brailsford took part In the 47 mile event.


Nick Kendrick director of “Always Aim High Events director” stated that “Having lived on Anglesey for a number of years its easy to take some of the rides for granted.

There is different beauty to the event with rolling terrain, put offering challenging and stunning cycling. You may like to read the best MTB trails in the UK. 



What to take on your Biking Adventure



While you only need a bike for a bike ride.  However, it’s always wise to take a few essentials for day of cycling. Think about how you’re carrying your belongings?

Panniers, bike backing bags or a back pack.  Cycling in shorts and T shirts is fine for short journeys.

However, for longer journeys you want to consider wearing some lycra leggings and padded shorts. They will be much comfier. Don’t forget to pack a rain proof top.

The day light hours can quickly disappear so don’t forget some bike lights.

Cycling takes a lot of energy so don’t forget to back some water and a snack to keep your hydration and hunger at bay.

You may want to take a puncture kit. They will either be “Presta or Schraeder”. Maybe a spare inner tube.

Helmet: Wear a comfortable helmet from a reputable brand.

GPS Maps on your phone

Paper map so you don’t need to rely on a WIFI signal.

Don’t forget a few pennies so you can treat yourself to a well-earned beverage.

We hope you have enjoyed the article on 5 Cycling Routes in The Llangefni Area (Inc MTB Trails) and found it beneficial. Read how to plan a cycling adventure. 



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