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What Is Cycling in Coventry Really Like?


Nestled in the heart of England, Coventry, with its rich history and modern spirit, is a city that welcomes cyclists with open arms. Beyond its historic landmarks and dynamic urban landscape lies a world of pedal-powered adventure waiting to be explored. In this journey, we delve into the captivating realm of cycling in Coventry.

From the bustling city streets to serene countryside paths, Coventry offers diverse cycling experiences. Join us as we unveil what defines cycling in Coventry, where every pedal stroke tells a unique story of exploration and discovery.

Coventry City Cycling Statistics


In Coventry, cycling is on the rise, with a 13% increase in cyclists over the past five years. Residents cover an average of 2.2 miles daily, favouring routes like the Coventry Canal Towpath and Coventry to Leamington Cycleway. With over 100 miles of dedicated cycle lanes and a 25% increase in cycle parking spaces, the city promotes cycling as a viable mode of transport.

Coventry City Council has set an ambitious target of 15% of all journeys by bike by 2025, despite challenges like narrow and busy roads, gaps in the cycle network, and limited cycle parking. To address these issues, the council focuses on improving infrastructure, raising awareness, and enhancing accessibility.

The benefits of cycling in Coventry extend beyond transportation, contributing to a healthier environment, reduced congestion, improved fitness, mental well-being, and cost savings. Safety measures include awareness of road conditions, proper gear, use of designated lanes, adherence to traffic rules, and courtesy to fellow road users. Cycling in Coventry promises both a sustainable commute and an enjoyable recreational activity.


Cycle bike hire in Coventry


Coventry, a city bursting with culture and charm, welcomes cyclists to explore its dynamic streets and scenic pathways. Here are some excellent choices for cycle bike hire in Coventry:

  1. Coventry Cycle Speedway

Coventry Cycle Speedway offers a versatile range of bicycles, ideal for residents and visitors alike. Their selection includes mountain and city bikes, suitable for various riding preferences. Whether exploring the city or venturing into the countryside, Coventry Cycle Speedway has you covered.

  1. Electric Bike Hire Coventry

For a unique cycling adventure, consider Electric Bike Hire Coventry. They provide electric bike rentals, offering an extra boost to your ride. These e-bikes make navigating Coventry’s streets and terrains a breeze. With multiple pick-up points, renting an electric bike for a day of exploration is convenient.

  1. Coventry University Cycle Hire

Coventry University offers a cycle hire service for both students and the public. Their fleet includes a variety of bicycles, including hybrids and road bikes, catering to different cycling preferences. Whether commuting or discovering Coventry’s attractions, this option provides convenience and choice.

  1. Local Bike Shops

Many local bike shops in Coventry also offer bike rental services. These shops provide well-maintained bicycles for rent and valuable insights into routes and local cycling hotspots. Check with Coventry’s bike shops for details on their rental options.

Before embarking on your cycling journey, inquire about rental availability, pricing, and any additional services these establishments provide. Coventry’s cycle bike hire options allow you to fully immerse yourself in the city’s tradition and explore its picturesque surroundings on two wheels.


Top 3 cycling routes in Coventry


Coventry, a city steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty, beckons cyclists to explore its diverse landscapes. Here are the top three cycling routes that promise memorable journeys through this vibrant city:

  1. The Coventry Canal Towpath

Distance: Approximately 21 miles (round trip)

The Coventry Canal Towpath is a delightful route that takes you along the serene waters of the Coventry Canal. This picturesque path offers a tranquil escape from the urban bustle, with opportunities to spot local wildlife and enjoy waterside views. You can pedal through Coventry’s outskirts, passing charming villages and historic sites along the way.

  1. The Coventry to Leamington Cycleway

Distance: Approximately 13 miles (one way)

The Coventry to Leamington Cycleway is a scenic route that links Coventry with the picturesque town of Royal Leamington Spa. This well-maintained path guides you through lush green countryside, providing a relaxing and enjoyable ride. You’ll pass through quaint villages, meander along tree-lined avenues, and revel in the beauty of Warwickshire’s landscapes. Once in Leamington Spa, you can explore its elegant parks and historic architecture before retracing your path back to Coventry.

  1. The Kenilworth Greenway

Distance: Approximately 8 miles (one way)

The Kenilworth Greenway offers a delightful journey connecting Coventry to the charming town of Kenilworth. This traffic-free route follows the path of a former railway, offering a smooth and serene ride through the Warwickshire countryside. You’ll pass through scenic woodlands open fields, and even cross a viaduct. Kenilworth boasts historic attractions like Kenilworth Castle, making it a rewarding destination for cyclists.

These top cycling routes in Coventry showcase the city’s diverse landscapes, from tranquil canals to idyllic countryside and charming towns. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride, a nature-filled adventure, or a historical exploration, Coventry’s cycling routes promise unforgettable experiences on two wheels.

Bike shops in Coventry


Coventry, a city that embraces cycling, boasts a thriving community of bike shops catering to enthusiasts and casual riders. Here are some of the finest bike shops in Coventry, each offering a unique selection of bicycles and accessories:

  1. Velocity Cycleworks

Velocity Cycleworks is a well-established bike shop in Coventry known for its commitment to quality and customer service. They offer many bicycles, from road and mountain bikes to hybrid and electric models. Additionally, they provide expert bike servicing and repairs, ensuring that your trusty ride remains in top condition.

  1. Evans Cycles Coventry

Evans Cycles, a renowned chain with a Coventry presence, is your one-stop shop for cycling gear. They offer an extensive selection of bicycles, clothing, accessories, and components.

  1. Ride Coventry

Ride Coventry is a local bike shop that focuses on providing top-notch customer service and support. They offer a range of bicycles, including road, mountain, and hybrid bikes, tailored to diverse riding styles. The knowledgeable staff at Ride Coventry can assist you in finding the perfect bike and equipment to match your cycling goals.

  1. Halfords Coventry

Halfords is a familiar name in the cycling world, and their Coventry branch doesn’t disappoint. They offer a wide variety of bicycles, along with accessories and maintenance services. Whether you need a new bike or require repairs, Halfords has the expertise and products to keep you on the road. Read about are Halford bikes any good?

  1. Daves Bike Shed

Daves Bike Shed is a local gem in Coventry, known for its friendly and personalized service. They provide a range of bicycles for different purposes, from leisurely rides to commuting and off-road adventures. Daves Bike Shed also offers expert repairs and maintenance to keep your bike performing at its best.

These outstanding bike shops in Coventry extend beyond mere retailers; they are hubs of knowledge, service, and community for cyclists. Whether you seek a new bike, accessories, or expert advice, Coventry’s bike shops are ready to enhance your cycling experience in this vibrant city.


Where to lock your bike in Coventry


Ensuring your bicycle’s safety is paramount when navigating Coventry on two wheels. Here are suggested spots for locking your bike in the city:

  1. City Centre Bike Racks

Coventry’s city centre boasts convenient bike racks positioned strategically for accessibility. These racks offer a hassle-free solution to secure your bike while you explore the city’s attractions, shops, and dining venues.

  1. Railway Station

Coventry Railway Station provides dedicated bicycle storage facilities, offering peace of mind to commuters and travellers. You can confidently lock your bike at the station before commencing your journey or embarking on a cycling adventure.

  1. University and Campus Areas

For those cycling near universities or campuses, bike racks and secure storage options are typically available for students and visitors. This ensures a reliable choice for exploring campus grounds or attending events.

  1. Local Parks and Natural Reserves

Picturesque parks and nature reserves surround Coventry, many offering bike racks near their entrances. Parks such as War Memorial Park, Coombe Abbey Country Park, and Allesley Park provide secure spaces to park your bike while enjoying outdoor activities.

  1. Canal Basin Areas

If you’re exploring the Coventry Canal, canal basin areas often feature bike racks where you can safely park your bike while indulging in waterside strolls or visiting nearby shops and cafes.

Remember to utilize a high-quality lock to secure your bike effectively. Implement proper locking techniques by fastening your bike frame and wheels to the chosen locking point. Additionally, consider removing any quick-release components from your bike and taking them with you to deter theft.


Cycling in the City Coventry Reddit


“Just had the most fantastic cycling experience in Coventry! The city’s dedicated bike lanes and well-maintained paths made my ride smooth and enjoyable. Plus, I met some fellow cyclists who were friendly and shared some great local route tips. Coventry’s commitment to cycling is awe-inspiring!”

“Cycling in Coventry is a hidden gem! I recently explored the Coventry Canal Towpath, which was an absolute delight. The serene waterside views and the tranquillity of the route made it a memorable ride. I can’t wait to discover more of Coventry’s cycling routes. It’s a city that knows how to cater to cyclists.”


Local cycling clubs in Coventry


Coventry, a city pulsing with cycling fervour, is home to a vibrant community of local cycling clubs. Here are some of the prominent ones, each offering unique experiences and camaraderie for cyclists:

  1. Coventry Road Club

The Coventry Road Club, founded in 1888, is a true cycling institution in Coventry. This club welcomes riders of all abilities, from novices to seasoned cyclists. They host a range of group rides, including road and time trial events. With a focus on fostering a supportive community, the Coventry Road Club is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their cycling skills and meet fellow enthusiasts.

  1. Coventry Cycle Speedway Club

The Coventry Cycle Speedway Club offers thrilling experiences for those passionate about cycle speedway. This club has a rich history and provides a competitive yet welcoming environment for riders interested in the high-speed world of cycle speedway racing.

  1. Coventry Mountain Bike Club

Coventry Mountain Bike Club is the perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts. They organize rides and events in nearby forests and parks, catering to mountain bikers of all levels. Whether you’re an experienced trailblazer or a beginner seeking off-road adventures, this club offers an exhilarating experience in Coventry’s scenic surroundings.

  1. Coventry Triathletes

The Coventry Triathletes Club is an excellent option for those looking to diversify their cycling experiences. They focus on multisport activities, including swimming, running, and cycling. This club is ideal for athletes seeking to participate in triathlons and duathlons, combining cycling with other endurance disciplines.

  1. Coventry Godiva Harriers Cycling Club

Coventry Godiva Harriers Cycling Club is a versatile club offering road and track cycling experiences. They host regular rides, time trials, and training sessions. Whether you’re an aspiring racer or a recreational cyclist, this club provides opportunities to improve your skills and connect with fellow riders.

These local cycling clubs in Coventry are hubs of shared passion and skill development, offering something for every type of cyclist. They are gateways to explore Coventry’s cycling culture, make new friends, and embark on memorable journeys on two wheels.



Final Verdict


As we draw the curtain on our exploration, Coventry emerges as more than just a city—it’s your cycling oasis. With its diverse routes, vibrant community, and dedication to cycling, Coventry sets the stage for unforgettable two-wheel adventures.

Whether tracing the canal’s serenity, conquering mountain trails, or racing through the streets, Coventry welcomes you with open arms. It’s a place where dreams of pedal-powered exploration transform into cherished memories. So, gear up, seize the handlebars, and let Coventry be the canvas for your next cycling masterpiece.



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Arjun Mertiya


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