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What Is It Really Like Cycling In Herford?


Herford, a charming German town whispering tales of a medieval past, is quietly transforming into a cyclist’s dream. While statistics may not yet tell the whole story, Herford’s hidden gems and whispers of a cycling revolution paint a very promising picture.

Imagine gentle breezes carrying you through cobbled streets lined with architectural wonders. Envision a world where verdant landscapes and historic charm unfold effortlessly beneath your wheels. This is the magic Herford offers cyclists.

Let’s delve deeper and explore why Herford is poised to become your next two-wheeled adventure.

Herford City Cycling statistics


Delving deeper into the data available, we can glean valuable insights into Herford’s cycling landscape, even if local statistics remain elusive.

  • National Cycling Culture: Germany boasts a massive cycling network exceeding 230,000 kilometers, with over 80 million bicycles traversing the country. This national trend of cycling popularity likely extends to cities like Herford.


  • North Rhine-Westphalia’s Cycling Initiatives: Herford finds itself within North Rhine-Westphalia, a state actively prioritizing cycling initiatives. Significant investments have been made in cycling infrastructure, with ambitious plans for further expansion. This commitment at the state level bodes well for Herford’s cycling friendliness.


  • Herford’s Cyclist-Friendly Design: The compact nature of Herford makes it ideal for cycling exploration. The surrounding area offers a beautiful blend of urban and rural landscapes, catering to cyclists seeking scenic adventures or quick commutes.


Cycle bike hire in Herford


While Herford might not have a traditional bike rental shop nestled within its historic heart, fear not, cycling enthusiasts! The city offers a user-friendly alternative and a potential hidden gem: Beryl bike share.

  • Beryl Bike Share: Your Gateway to Two-Wheeled Exploration


Imagine weaving through cobbled streets on a sleek Beryl e-bike, the gentle hum a counterpoint to the whispers of Herford’s medieval past. Beryl offers a fleet of pedal bikes and e-bikes scattered throughout the city, conveniently docked at designated Beryl bays. These bright orange beacons dot the landscape near key landmarks like the railway station, the charming Old Market, and the majestic Cathedral.


  • Unlocking Your Beryl Adventure:


The process is delightfully simple. Download the Beryl app and create an account. With a few taps, the app reveals the nearest Beryl bay, allowing you to strategically plan your route. Simply scan the QR code on your chosen bike with your phone, and with a satisfying click, you’re ready to conquer Herford’s hidden corners and historical gems.


  • Exploring Alternative Rental Options:


While Beryl offers an excellent option, some cyclists might prefer a traditional rental experience. Here’s where Herford’s local bike shops come in. Though they might not offer rentals themselves, these shops can be valuable allies in your quest for two-wheeled freedom. Consider popping into shops like Radschlag Herford or Rose Bikes Herford. The friendly staff might be able to point you towards alternative rental services within the city or suggest shops on the outskirts that cater specifically to rentals.


Top 3 cycling routes in Herford


Herford’s charm extends far beyond its historic core. The surrounding landscapes offer a delightful tapestry of rolling hills, verdant meadows, and charming villages, all waiting to be explored on two wheels. Here are our top 3 picks for cycling routes in Herford, catering to a variety of interests and fitness levels:

  1. The Panoramic Route: A Feast for the Senses (20 km, moderate)

This aptly named route lives up to its reputation, offering breathtaking vistas at every turn. Starting in Herford, the path winds through idyllic countryside, dotted with quaint villages and picturesque farms. Take a moment to soak in the panoramic views stretching towards the Teutoburg Forest – a photographer’s paradise. This route is perfect for a leisurely ride, allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty of the region.

  1. The Externsteine Loop: A Journey Through Time (33 km, challenging)

Calling all history buffs and adventure seekers! This route takes you past the awe-inspiring Externsteine rock formations, steeped in ancient Germanic legends. The climb to the Externsteine provides a challenging yet rewarding ascent, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Afterward, the route winds through charming villages and along the banks of the River Weser before returning to Herford. This route is best suited for experienced cyclists with a good level of fitness.

  1. The Herford to Bad Oeynhausen Loop: A Spa Town Escape (56 km, moderate)

This route offers a delightful mix of urban and rural landscapes. Starting in Herford, the path follows dedicated cycling paths through charming villages and along the scenic River Aa. Halfway through the journey, you’ll arrive in the charming spa town of Bad Oeynhausen, a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate in the thermal baths before cruising back to Herford. This route is ideal for cyclists seeking a longer ride with a touch of urban exploration.

Bike shops in Herford


While Herford doesn’t boast a dedicated bike rental shop in its historic center, the city is well-equipped with bike shops to keep your cycling adventure running smoothly. These shops are your one-stop destinations for all things cycling, from essential gear and repairs to expert advice and local knowledge. Here are a couple of Herford’s top bike shops to keep in mind:

  • Radschlag Herford (Fahrrad Fachgeschäft): Located at Bäckerstraße 30, this shop caters to cyclists of all levels. Their friendly staff can assist you with anything from a simple tune-up to finding the perfect bike for your needs. They might not offer rentals themselves, but their expertise could be invaluable in pointing you towards alternative rental options or suggesting routes suited to your cycling style.


  • Rose Bikes Herford: Situated at Heidingskamp 45, Rose Bikes Herford offers a wide selection of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect fit. Additionally, they might be able to offer information on local cycling events or recommend scenic routes based on your preferences.


Beyond the Shops:

These are just two examples, and exploring other local bike shops in Herford could yield additional resources. Remember, the staff at these shops are passionate cyclists themselves and often possess a wealth of local knowledge. Don’t hesitate to chat with them about cycling routes, hidden gems, or insider tips to make your Herford cycling adventure truly unforgettable


Where to lock your bike in Herford

Herford, with its growing cycling scene, offers several options for securing your bike:

  • Beryl Bike Share Docking Stations: If you’re using Beryl bike share, your worries are minimal. These bright orange docking stations, strategically placed around the city near landmarks, are specifically designed for locking and unlocking Beryl bikes.


  • Public Bike Racks: Herford might have public bike racks scattered throughout the city, particularly near popular destinations or transportation hubs. Look for designated areas with sturdy metal racks where you can securely lock your bike frame.


  • Store Entrances (with Permission): Many shops and cafes in Herford are bicycle-friendly. If you’re patronizing a business, politely ask an employee if you can lock your bike to a secure spot near the entrance. Their positive response can go a long way in ensuring your bike’s safety.


  • Invest in a Sturdy Lock: Regardless of where you choose to lock your bike, remember to invest in a high-quality U-lock or combination lock. This deters potential thieves and provides peace of mind during your explorations.


Tips for Secure Locking:

  • When locking your bike, secure both the frame and a wheel to a fixed object.
  • Avoid locking your bike in poorly lit or isolated areas.
  • Consider registering your bike with the local authorities for additional security measures.

By following these tips and utilizing the available locking options, you can enjoy your cycling adventure in Herford with confidence, knowing your trusty steed awaits your return.


Cycling in the City Herford Reddit


  • User 1: I cycled in Herford last summer! The city is quite compact, making it perfect for getting around on two wheels. While I wouldn’t say there’s a ton of dedicated lanes, most roads felt safe for cycling. There are some lovely routes along the Aa River and towards the Teutoburg Forest. Beryl bike share was convenient for shorter rides.


  • User 2: Lived in Herford for a few years. The city is definitely getting more bike-friendly. New cycling lanes are being added, and there’s a push for a more connected network. I mostly used my own bike, but there are a couple of bike shops downtown that might offer rentals.


Local cycling clubs in Herford


Exploring Herford on two wheels is even more enjoyable with fellow cyclists! Here are some local clubs to connect with:

  • RSV “Westfalen” Hillegossen: Established in 1921, this club caters to all levels with regular road tours, venturing beyond Herford for scenic adventures. (Website likely in German)
  • Radsportring Herford: Geared towards competitive cyclists, this club offers training and participates in regional races. (Search online for details)
  • ADFC Ortsgruppe Herford: Focused on cycling advocacy and safety, this ADFC chapter organizes social rides for all levels, exploring scenic routes within Herford. (Website likely in German)

Explore online forums and social media to discover even more clubs that suit your cycling style. With a local club, Herford becomes more than a ride – it’s a chance to build friendships and explore hidden gems together!


Final verdict


Herford whispers tales of medieval times, but beneath its historic charm lies a secret – a city primed for cycling adventures. While statistics might not paint the whole picture, Herford’s compact size, scenic surroundings, and growing cycling infrastructure make it a haven for two-wheeled exploration.

From exploring with Beryl bike share to joining a local cycling club, Herford offers a unique blend of history and cycling bliss. So, dust off your helmet, and discover why Herford might be your next cycling escape.





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