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Is Kingston upon Hull Cycle Friendly?


Kingston upon Hull, a city where the Humber River kisses the North Sea, whispers tales of pirates, fishermen, and a rich maritime past. But beyond the cobbled streets and historic charm lies a secret – a city quietly transforming into a cyclist’s dream.

Imagine gentle breezes carrying you past centuries-old buildings, the rhythmic clinking of your bike chain a counterpoint to the city’s heartbeat. Is Kingston upon Hull truly cycle-friendly? Let’s delve into a world of scenic routes, hidden gems, and a growing community ready to welcome you with open handlebars.

Kingston upon Hull City Cycling Statistics


While specific cycling statistics for Kingston upon Hull might be elusive, uncovering the city’s cyclist-friendly environment is still possible. Here, we’ll explore some insightful data sources that paint a clear picture:

  • National Cycling Landscape: The UK has witnessed a surge in cycling popularity in recent years. Data from the Department for Transport suggests a significant increase in cycling trips between 2013 and 2020. This national trend of cycling enthusiasm likely extends to cities like Hull.


  • Government Initiatives: The UK government has ambitious goals to promote cycling, aiming to double cycling journeys by 2025. This national commitment to cycling infrastructure and safety bodes well for Hull’s cycling scene.


  • Hull’s Infrastructure Investments: Hull has seen substantial investments in cycling infrastructure in recent years. Projects like “Energise Hull” have created a network of high-quality cycle lanes across the city. This commitment at the local level speaks volumes about Hull’s dedication to becoming a more cycle-friendly city.


Cycle bike hire in Kingston upon Hull



Kingston upon Hull offers a couple of options for bike rentals, but due to limited availability, planning ahead is key. Here’s a quick guide:

Centralized Rentals:

  • Hull Trinity Backpackers: This hostel offers city and hybrid bikes for short-term (half-day/full-day) and potentially longer rentals. Their central location makes them ideal for starting your exploration. Limited availability, so check online for contact details and reserve your bike in advance.

Exploring Other Options:

  • Local Bike Shops: While shops like Steve’s Cycles or Jobes Cycle Ltd might not offer rentals themselves, their friendly staff can be valuable resources. They might recommend alternative rental options or shops on the outskirts catering specifically to rentals. Stop by or call them for local insights.

Consider Online Platforms:

  • Fat Llama & Borrow My Bike: Though availability might vary, explore these platforms for a potentially unique cycling experience by renting bikes directly from individuals in Hull.


Top 3 cycling routes in Kingston upon Hull


Kingston upon Hull boasts a surprising variety of cycling routes, catering to different interests and fitness levels. Here are our top 3 picks to get your wheels rolling:

  1. The Humber Estuary Loop: A Journey Along the River (25 km, moderate)

This scenic route takes you along the mighty Humber Estuary, offering breathtaking views of the water and the Humber Bridge, one of the world’s longest single-span suspension bridges. The path is a mix of dedicated cycle lanes and quiet roads, making it a relaxing and scenic ride. Halfway through, the route dips into the RSPB Bempton Cliffs nature reserve, where you might spot some incredible birdlife. This route is perfect for cyclists seeking a combination of urban and natural landscapes.

  1. The Hull City Center Loop: A Historical Exploration (12 km, easy)

This predominantly traffic-free route lets you explore the heart of Hull at a leisurely pace. Starting at the historic Hull Marina, the path winds past landmarks like the Humber Dock Victoria Dock Village, the Wilberforce Monument, and the Old Town with its cobbled streets. This route is ideal for a family outing or a casual sightseeing adventure on two wheels.

  1. The Trans Pennine Trail (Hull Section): A Coast-to-Coast Adventure (variable distance, challenging)

The Trans Pennine Trail is a long-distance route stretching across Northern England, and a portion of it conveniently passes through Hull. This route offers a more challenging ride, with some off-road sections and steeper inclines. However, the reward is a taste of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside on the outskirts of the city. You can choose to cycle a designated section of the trail near Hull or plan a longer exploration depending on your endurance.


Bike shops in Kingston upon Hull



Kingston upon Hull boasts several bike shops to keep your cycling adventure running smoothly. Here are a few highly-rated options:

  • Cliff Pratt Cycles: A local favorite with over 86 years of experience, Cliff Pratt Cycles offers a wide range of bicycles, from road and mountain bikes to hybrids and electric bikes. Their skilled technicians provide comprehensive repair services to ensure your trusty steed stays in top shape. You can find them at 61 Spring Bank, Hull HU3 1AG.


  • Steve’s Cycles: Specializing in sales and repairs for various bike types, Steve’s Cycles is a reliable option for all your cycling needs. Their inventory includes new and vintage bicycles, catering to different budgets and preferences. They’re known for their expertise in repairing adapted cycles and wheelchairs, keeping inclusivity at the forefront. Visit them at 39 Chanterlands Ave, Hull HU5 3SS.


  • Jobes Cycles: Located at Anlaby Rd, Hull (exact address might be needed during your search), Jobes Cycles offers a comprehensive selection of bicycles and cycling accessories. Their friendly staff can assist you with anything from finding the perfect bike to getting a quick tune-up. They also boast a workshop for repairs, ensuring your cycling journey is uninterrupted.


Where to lock your bike in Kingston upon Hull


Kingston upon Hull offers several options for securing your bike, allowing you to explore with peace of mind:

  • Designated Bike Racks: Look for designated Sheffield bike stands throughout the city, particularly near popular destinations like the Hull Marina, museums, or shopping areas. These sturdy metal racks allow you to securely lock your bike frame.


  • Public Bike Shelters: A few locations in Hull offer covered bike shelters, providing an extra layer of protection for your bike, especially against the elements. These shelters might be located near public transport hubs or major landmarks.


  • Bike Shops: Many bike shops in Hull, like the ones mentioned earlier (Cliff Pratt Cycles, Steve’s Cycles, Jobes Cycles), might allow you to lock your bike temporarily outside their store during business hours. It’s always a good idea to ask politely beforehand.


  • Invest in a Sturdy Lock: Regardless of where you choose to lock your bike, remember to use a high-quality U-lock or combination lock. This deters potential thieves and provides peace of mind during your exploration.


Additional Tips:

  • Lock Your Bike Frame and Wheel: Secure both your bike frame and a wheel to a fixed object for maximum security.
  • Avoid Isolated Areas: If possible, avoid locking your bike in poorly lit or isolated areas. Opt for well-trafficked locations with good visibility.
  • Consider Bike Registration: Register your bike with the police or a national database to increase the chances of recovering it if stolen.

By following these tips and utilizing the available locking options, you can enjoy your cycling adventure in Hull with confidence, knowing your trusty steed awaits your return.


Cycling in the City Kingston upon Hull Reddit


  • User 1: Recently joined the Hull Clarion Cycling Club. They do group rides on Sundays, exploring the countryside around the city. Great way to see new places and meet fellow cycling enthusiasts!


  • User 2: The Hull Explorer routes are fantastic! I did the “Public Art” route last week and discovered some hidden gems I never knew existed. Definitely recommend it for a relaxing Sunday ride.


Local cycling clubs in Kingston upon Hull



Exploring Hull on two wheels is even more enjoyable with fellow cyclists! Here are a few local clubs to connect with, catering to different interests and riding styles:

  • Hull Clarion Cycling Club (est. 1893): Steeped in history, this friendly club welcomes cyclists of all abilities. They organize weekly group rides on Sundays, venturing beyond the city center to explore the scenic Yorkshire countryside. Their focus is on enjoyment and camaraderie, making them a great option for a social cycling experience.


  • East Hull Wheelers: Calling all dedicated cyclists! This club caters to a wider range of cycling disciplines, including road racing, time trialing, and touring. They offer structured training sessions for experienced cyclists looking to push their limits and improve their performance. However, they also organize social rides at a more relaxed pace for those who just want to enjoy a scenic spin.


  • British Cycling Breeze Kingston upon Hull: Feeling intimidated about cycling on your own? This initiative by British Cycling is specifically geared towards women cyclists of all abilities. They organize shorter, social rides at a relaxed pace, perfect for building confidence and exploring the city on two wheels in a supportive environment.


Bonus Clubs (Explore online for details):

  • University of Hull Cycling Club: Calling all Hull University students! This vibrant club organizes social rides, participates in inter-university cycling events, and offers a fantastic way to meet fellow cycling enthusiasts within the university community. Information about the club can likely be found on the university’s website or student union page.
  • HED Hull Thursday: Experienced cyclists, this one’s for you! HED Hull Thursday organizes evening road rides, pushing your limits and exploring the surroundings with a dedicated group. Search online for “HED Hull Thursday” to find details and join their evening adventures.



Final verdict



Kingston upon Hull, a city where history whispers on cobbled streets, now murmurs a secret – it’s transforming into a cyclist’s dream. Dedicated lanes, scenic routes, and a growing cycling community await.

Whether you’re a seasoned roadie or a leisure rider seeking a gentle exploration, Hull offers something for everyone. Join a friendly club like the Hull Clarion for social rides, or conquer the countryside with the East Hull Wheelers.

Explore the city on your own or with the supportive network of British Cycling Breeze. So, dust off your helmet, discover hidden gems, and experience the joy of cycling in this captivating city. Hull – your next cycling escape awaits.




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