Wisper 705se Electric Bike

Thinking Of Buying A New Electric Bike And Need Some Of Your First Time Buyer Questions Answered.

Wisper 705se Electric Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to Buy The Wisper 705se Electric Bike



Dual Disk Brakes

Aluminium Frame

Front & Rear Disk Brakes


A Bike Brand Known For Manufacturing Quality Electric Bikes.


What Is The 705se Designed For?

Urban Cyclist

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Wisper 705se Electric Bike

The Wisper 705se Electric Bike a steal. It is a lightweight and simple to use bicycle that was launched in Spring 2016. The Wisper Stealth Electric Boke is based on the older Wisper 705 Torque. This bicycle is an electric bike that is both safe and comfortable.

The great thing about the Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike is that it is delivered to you and supplied for you as well. All you will need to do is attach the pedals and straighten the handlebar once the bicycle is delivered to you.


Why Should You Buy A Wisper


The Wisper 705se Electric Bike is styled on Wisper’s previous models. It has a great adaptable unisex design. The design is optimal for a tremendous bicycling experience. The Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike also gives you great value for money. If you use a bicycle for your day-to-day commute or even for long travel, the Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike is the perfect choice for you.

Features & Benefits

If you’re someone interested in bicycle specifications, look no further. We’ve listed down every detail you will need to know about the Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike when choosing which bicycle you want to buy.

Battery Life: The 11AH version lasts up to 50 miles, and the 13 AH version can last up to 70 miles.

LCD Display

Brake Type: Dual Disc Brakes – Tektro Mechanical

Aluminum Frame

Rigid Alloy Forks

7 Gears

No suspension

26-inch wheels – K Shield White Lined

Motor: 250W Ultra Hi-Torque

Twelve magnet cadence sensor

The Wisper 705se Electric Bike is a unique bicycle because it has both a hub motor and a torque sensor when usually bicycles just have one of the two. A torque sensor responds to pressure on the pedals. Thus, bicycles with torque sensors have a more ‘bike like’ ride to them. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.

The bicycle is also not heavy at all. The 375 Wh version weighs merely 23 kg, and the 575 Wh weighs 24kg.

  • Features – 95%
  • value for money – 87%
  • Build Quality – 92%

” I Am So Excited To Test Ride My Brand New Wisper 705se Electric Bike On The Commute Through Chester To Work On Monday.” Jess

Customer Satisfaction

The Wisper 705se Electric Bike has been wildly popular among customers. It has an average of 5 stars on Trust Pilot and other favourable reviews all over the internet.

Customers said that the electric motor switches smoothly and gives needed assistance. In addition, the bicycle’s integrated lights have helped a lot of customers in their night time routines. Customers reported that they could easily ride this bicycle within the city and also on mountainous or hilly terrains.

The throttle function is also very popular among customers as it helps them pull out of junctions quickly in the case of a traffic jam. The bicycle is also foldable which is an excellent feature if you need to carry it around in your car.

The Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike is also comfortable for long periods due to the saddle used in its production. Customers as old as 65 years of age use this bicycle in their everyday lives and love it!

Really, the Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike is a steal. At its price, it offers a range of features that are unmatchable in today’s market.

Common Questions

Are there any limitations on who can ride the Wisper 705se Electric Bike?

The Wisper 705se Electric Bike is usable by most adults. However, there are a few limitations. The bicycle has a frame size of 18 meters and 46.5 centimeters. Keeping that in mind, the optimal height for riders is somewhere between 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. This is not to say that someone shorter or taller cannot ride the bicycle. They may not feel the most comfortable. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.

Needless to say, the bicycle should not be used by children as it is unsafe and too large for them.

Is the Wisper 705se Electric Bike safe?

The Wisper 705se Electric Bike is completely safe! The bicycle is built with Tektro 180mm disc brakes that are placed in the front of the bicycle, and 160mm brakes at the rear. The Tektro comfort levers also come with an integrated bell. These state of the art features will ensure that your safety is never compromised.

Does the Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike only come in black?

Luckily for you, no! The Wisper 705se Stealth Black Electric Bike actually comes in Stealth Black, Claret Red, and Electric Blue. These three colour options give you plenty of choices. Each colour choice also comes with matching coloured mudguards and chain guards.


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