Who makes Boss Mountain bikes?

Thinking about buying a Boss mountain bike and to find out where Boss bikes are manufactured. We take a look at the Boss Brand. 

Boss Stealth

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Front & Rear Mudguards

21 Shimano Gears

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Why Should You Buy A Boss


I believe a quite number of individuals saw the movie ‘American gangster’. However, if you are the one out of hundred percent who hasn’t, it is basically a man who took his competitors out of the game by discovering a unique and different way to sell his products. And in my opinion, his audacity to stand out from the crowd won him the title ‘BOSS’.


Anyway, this leads me to the title of this write up, who makes the boss mountain bikes? I have a lot to say about this subject but let me first answer the obvious question. The producers of the boss mountain bikes are the BOSS BIKES.

And as the name suggests, they are bosses at this game. They have developed the courage and audacity to stand out for all the right reasons.

To them, perceiving things differently is what keeps them at bay in the market space. Their unique and bold style with a simple yet perfect frame projects them distinctively from a mile away. To top it all, they know the importance of safety so their luxurious design is just an added bonus.

You see, all components of the Boss bikes ranging from the shifts, chains, disc brakes, zoom selection forks etc in every model are tried and tested.

And it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the ‘best’ because every product is premier. Trust me, I can go on about the enormous benefits of this brand all day but let’s move to the juicy and interesting part of this article.


Are Boss Stealth Bikes Any Good?


Now, I know countless individuals may have something to say about this topic. And quite frankly, that’s not a bad thing but if you are having any doubt concerning who makes the boss mountain bikes, I propose you allow me speak first. Are Boss bikes any good?


Where are Boss Bikes Manufactured?


Manufacturers of this bikes ensure that every customer’s desire, needs and safety are reflected in their bikes. They go as far as manufacturing all components of their bikes with notable and leading brands such as Shimno, Sram, and KMC. Some of their stealth bikes that clearly depicts the point I am trying to make are:

Boss 20 Stealth full suspension MTB


 It is a convenient choice of bikes for kids within ages 6-9. I really believe the manufacturers of Boss bikes were wise enough to produce this bike in different colors such that it falls in the category of every child’s favorite color.

And despite the comfortability while riding, the front and rear mechanical disc brakes gives you the opportunity to maneuver terrains and the grippy 1.95 tires will pull you through anything. Besides, the rear suspension can be adjusted to fit the amount of suspension and at the same time the suspension fork is always ready to take whatever is thrown at it.


Boss Stealth Ladies


This bike is designed with a Y-frame and wide MTB tyres with deep tread for uneven ground. You know, when it comes to who makes the boss mountain bikes, I assure you that boss stealth ladies is capable of tackling any darn obstacle on the ground. Its 21 speed gearing with Shimano rear derailleur and rotational shifters will protect you from any element you encounter on your ride.



Boss Stealth Mens


The looks of this bike gives the rider a bold and daring appearance. And for one thing, the objective behind who makes the boss mountain bikes is to make the rider stand out, be understated but yet bold.

Now, it doesn’t matter how long the rider’s leg is because this bike is suitable for leg measurements of 71cm-81cm. Its front and rear mechanical disc brakes operates swiftly to ensure a better performance.


Is Boss a good bike brand?


Ultimately, yes. The boss bike is designed in the UK and every product is guaranteed for a year after it is purchased. And as I said, they are the best at what they do. Moreover, just incase you need a little more convincing, the boss bike provides a buyer’s guide to enable you decide which bike is suitable for you. I can confidently say that who makes the boss mountain bikes goes extra mile to ensure that all types of bikes are available for your ride. Some of these bikes include:

Mountain bikes: They are perfect on un-even grounds and non-maintained trails

Road bikes: These bikes are built with smooth tyres and are fast on tarmac surfaces

Hybrid bikes: The combination of the features of road and mountain bikes forms the Hybrid bikes. It provides a very comfortable ride when on road, bridleways, carnal townpath or parks.

Folding bikes: As the name suggests they can be folded up and easily transported anywhere.

BMX bikes: Any young individual who likes to perform tricks or stunts while riding should definitely get this bike.

Kids bike: They are specifically built for younger cyclist and are equipped with stabilizers to aid learners.


Summary line


The boss bike brand are bosses who takes the necessary risk to guarantee that its brand is known for who makes the boss mountain bikes.


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Boss Stealth G18.5 Means’ Bike


A mountain bike designed for men to handle the rough terrains and challenge the impossible trails. The kind of equipment which gives the feel and pride of the ride. Mountain bike guide.


A 26 inch wheel suspension mountain bike. The comfiest seat and sturdiest gears. A cutting edge bike enhanced by a saddle and oversized rim graphics. Riding in Style but in comfort. The kind of bike which soaks up the bumps of the trails.  

This bike possess that black and fresh outlook and gives the rider a daring, understated yet bold appearance. It holds a cutting edge and is enhanced by a deep section wheel rims, strong disc hubs and off-road MTB tyres that can carry you through in dry land surfaces. Boss stealth full review.


Specific Features:


Front and rear mechanical disc-brakes for responsive braking- featuring 160 mm wavy rotors for faster heat dispersion and better performance.

Semi-raised handlebars and soft compound handlebar grips for a re-assuring ride. Full-color Falcon branded saddle with rail adjusters.

Strong and lightweight deep section alloy wheel rims in a hard-wearing black finish.

26 Inch wheel dual suspension mountain bike, with Y-Frame design for great performance and a comfortable ride.

Suitable for Inside leg range: 26-33 inches or 66-84 cm.

Front and rear mudguards protect you from the elements wherever the ride takes you.


Common Questions


QUESTION 1: How is cycle packaged? Is it complete or has it to be ‘made up’?

ANSWER: The bike comes partially assembled so you would need the following
Cycle Condition: Brand New Sealed in a Box This Bike Is Shipped 90% Assembled. Inflation of Tires, Fitting of Pedals, Stem, Handlebars, Front Wheel, Saddle and Seat post.
We Also Advise to Check All Other Pre Assembled Parts, Such As Rear Wheel, Spokes, and Crank etc.


QUESTION 2: Is it possible to buy parts of the bike from Boss? In particular the wheels?

ANSWER: Boss stealth are made by Falcon Cycles try phoning them on 0121 748 8000 failing that try 0121 748 8034.


QUESTION 3: Does it have a return policy?

ANSWER: Everything on Amazon has a return policy. The return policy is explained in the items description. 


QUESTION 4: What should be the tire pressure be for a boss stealth?

ANSWER: This says it on the side of the bicycle tire wall. It will say a lowest pressure and highest so you can choose what suits you best between this.


Buying Advice:

ADVICE 1: Make sure to check all the parts upon receiving the package.

ADVICE 2:  A manual should be in hand to assemble the parts together.

ADVICE 3: Warrant and Support details. Knowledge of Product return Policy in case of defect parts or problem with the overall performance of the bike.

ADVICE 4: In case of replacement of a part of the bike the concerned Technical support team should be emailed.

Conclusion:  An amazing and weightless product with great features and parts. Truly reflecting its name and letting a person ride like a “BOSS”. 


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