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Where are Viking Bikes Made?


Who makes Viking Bikes? Is The Viking brand any good?

Viking Bikes 


Thinking about buying a Viking bike and nee more information on where are Viking bikes made?

We take a look at the brand and the Viking Belgravia.


Who doesn’t want to own a bike that looks awesome and works well?

Well, traditional or heritage bikes are undoubtedly the best looking bikes available in the market.

The bikes not only give you a vintage feeling but also offer a smooth and comfortable ride.

Many brands manufacture such bikes but the bikes from Viking are exceptional.

Their bikes are widely used by bikers around the world, they look good and work better.

Let us know more about Viking brands and where are they made?



Viking brand


The Viking company was founded in 1908 in Wolverhampton as a bike repair shop.

This English company soon grew and became a bike manufacturer, it also sponsored a racing team.

The Viking company saw many ups and downs, it was sold multiple times but the bikes are still sold with the same name.

Now, the majority of it’s stakes is owned by an Indian bicycle company Hero that relaunched the Viking brand to be sold under their European and British master brand, Insync bikes. Are viking bikes any good?

Why Should You Buy The Belgravia

Here Are The Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying A Road Bike



Heritage bike


Low step frame

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Is it worth it to buy a traditional bike?


Traditional bikes are designed for the convenience of the bikers.

Most traditional bikes are designed specifically for women so that they can be comfortable while riding them.

Earlier, to make sure that women’s dresses don’t get tangled and make it an uncomfortable experience, low mounted bars were designed so that women can ride bikes without worrying about their clothes.

Furthermore, they are easy to get on and off.

This is likely the most significant benefit of a bike with a step-through frame.

It’s the key reason why so many riders still use them today.

They’re an excellent choice for riders who don’t have a complete range of motion or have a restricted range of motion.

Its use is not limited to only women.

People with medical conditions that make it difficult for them to get on and off on a step-through bike can easily ride this bike.


What to look for while buying a traditional bike?


There is no significant difference between the factors that must be kept in mind before buying a traditional bike or regular bikes.

The factors are almost the same that prevails a good riding experience. Those factors are:


Buy a bike that suits you


You might be shocked to learn that the majority of cyclists are unaware of the importance of having their bicycle properly fitted.

It is not just another thing you are buying, you should consider all the factors that might affect you in future.

That is the reason many people can’t enjoy biking because they didn’t choose the right bike.




You’ve got the makings of a fun-to-ride bicycle with a superior frame.

There is a frame that is just right for you if you want a light frame for easier hill climbing, a rigid frame for blinding acceleration, or a compliant frame for a relaxed ride.


Bikes are made of a variety of materials. Aluminium, steel, and carbon fibre are the most commonly used frame materials.




The suspension absorbs shocks under the handlebars and, in some cases, the seat.

Because of the type of terrain that mountain bikes encounter, it is the most popular.




A bicycle brake slows or stops a bicycle from moving, reducing the chance of an accident.

Rim brakes, disk brakes, and drum brakes are the three primary types. You can choose any of it whatever fits your needs.




Make sure that you get the right size because it affects the experience and comfort of any rider.

Many people don’t understand this and buy without thinking.

Another common misunderstanding is that a large seat is more comfortable than a narrow seat.

This is highly dependent on the sort of riding you want to do.




The rotating mass and reliability of the wheels are very important.

The wheels also come in different shapes and sizes.

Your priority here should be to buy a bike with such wheels that are suitable for the type of terrain you will be riding your bike on.


Is it worth buying a Viking Bike?


The Viking company may have seen many ups and downs but since its relaunch, it is doing quite well in the market.

The new owners wanted to give the iconic marque a new lease on life, so they set about designing a new line of bikes that were truly worthy of the Viking name.

So to keep the brand name in the market, they offer great quality bikes with good components.

You can buy a Viking bike without any further thought.

There are so many drop bar bikes or heritage bikes available in the market but we have picked out this amazing women bike that catches the attention of whoever comes in its way.

The bike is Viking Women’s Belgravia 26 Inch Wheel Heritage Bike-Blue, 16 Inch.


Viking Women’s Belgravia


Many traditional bikes are available in the market but what w

e have chosen for you is exceptional.

This Viking bike is not only good looking but it also offers a great riding experience to whoever rides it.

One more thing, it is not limited to women. If you find this bike intriguing, you can totally buy it.

Let us now look at the characteristics of this bike in detail.




The bike’s size is 16 inches which are suitable for almost everyone.


Frame material


This Viking bike is made up of steel which is highly reliable and durable.

Steel has a much higher strength than aluminium alloys and titanium alloys, ensuring the strength of a qualified steel frame. It is a metal with a high degree of elasticity.

The steel frame can absorb the vibrations produced by the riding mechanism.

As a result, the steel frame is less uncomfortable than the aluminium frame and is better suited to long-distance travel.


Wheel size


The bike has 26 inches wheels. 26″ bikes are ideal for fast, twitchy terrain that needs quick reactions from the rider.

These wheels are suitable for adult riders and provide a comfortable journey.




The bike has a total number of 6 speeds, it has a 6 speed Shimano gear system.

You can probably get by with a 6-speed if you’re okay with walking the odd hill and coasting on the descent.

If you are thinking about riding the bike in the city then the number of speeds is not at all an issue.

You can enjoy the rides at 6 different speeds.




The bike weighs 20 Kg which is standard for these kinds of bikes.

You can easily ride it without getting worried about losing control.




A bicycle basket is a freight basket that is placed on a bicycle and used to transport light cargo.

They are typically used for light shopping tasks such as going to the store on a regular basis. Apart from its usefulness, it also looks good and adds beauty to the bike.


Does this bike come fully assembled?


The bikes do not come fully assembled. It will be delivered partially assembled and some parts have to be assembled.


You just have to put the handlebars and front wheel on, and of course do your personal adjustments.

If you can’t do this, you can ask a nearby bike repair shop for help or see videos to make this process better.

After answering the questions like where are Viking bikes made? Are they any good? Is it worth buying one?

It must be clear to you why these bikes made a comeback.


The bikes are reliable, durable, and worth buying.

So, if you are thinking about buying a heritage bike that looks and gives amazing performance then this is the bike for you. It will surely make your riding experience worth remembering.








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