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Where are Tern bikes made?


Thinking about buying a Tern bike. We look at the pros and cons of the Tern brand

Why Should Buy A Tern


recognised brands when buying a folding bike.

Our article on “Where are Tern Bikes Made?” will firstly take a look at the History of Tern bikes, the reasons why you should buy a folding bike and review the top selling Tern Faltrad Link C8 Read our folding bike guide.


Terns History


Tern was founded by Joshua Hon and Florence Shen in 2010. Joshua Hon is the son of David Hon the founder of the Dahon brand. 

Tern is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and have headquarters in the United Kingdom, US, China and Finland. They sell folding bikes, electric bikes and accessories in over 65 countries.


The brand name “Tern” has been inspired from the “Arctic Tern animal” that is small, lights and can travel long distances. The qualities that each Tern Bike is based upon.  Terns logo is of an origami Tern taking flight.

An Arctic Tern flies an amazing 71,000 KM per annual migration, covering an eye watering 2.5 million KM in a lifetime. 

To cover the same distance on a bike, a rider would have to ride every day for the rest of their lives at an average commuter speed. are folding bikes good for exercise?


Terns Values & Beliefs




All Tern Bikes go through a robust testing to make sure they can handle all the practical situations that the rider can find themselves in.

The Tern brand pride themselves in only designing bikes that offer a first-class riding experience that cycling enthusiasts feel proud to own. Encouraging them to commute to more places in comfort and safety. are folding bikes comfortable?


Long Term Relationships


Tern have made sure that their Research and development team at Tern pay close attention to the needs of their customers. Paying close attention to current trends, focus groups and market research.

The Tern brand have developed “Long term Relationships” with the cycling community to ensure that they can manufacture bikes that cyclists would love to own. disadvantages of folding bikes


Customer Service


Tern Pride themselves on having good customer service and offering the customer a trustworthy customer journey. 

Encouraging their customers to get in contact if they have any questions regarding which type of bike to buy to fit their practical needs. In addition, to any questions relating to buying a replacement part or component. Tern will try and get into contact as soon as reasonably possible.


Built To Last


One of Terns beliefs is only to manufacture bikes that are built to last. Paying a close attention to the detail, all materials and components go through testing for quality and being environmentally friend. 

Tern bikes are designed with a 10% recycled aluminium frame.  

Tern are passionate about working with partners that are socially responsible. They work with a solar powered rim factory, and a tire manufacturer that recycles used tires into playground matts. are folding bikes comfortable to ride?




Tern design their bikes by focusing on the ride quality. All tern bikes are manufactured with the commuter cyclist in mind.

Offering fast, small bikes that can easily and quickly stored away.  

All tern bikes are serviceable and are low maintenance and are ideal for riding in the city.

To continue our article on “Where are Tern bikes made?” we will now look at some of the main reasons why you sold by a folding bike. Read about are folding bikes good for exercise.

Why Should You Buy The C8



Folding Mechanism

Aluminium Frame

Quality Tires





Tern Are A Well Known Brand Within The Cycling Community



Tern Are The Go To Brand When Buying A Folding Bike. 

Why Should You Buy A Folding Bike


There have been some massive improvements in folding bikes in the last 20 years.

They are more lightweight, durable and easy to use.  One of the main benefits of folding bikes are there practicability of commuting on a folding bike. Folding bikes can easily and quickly be put in the back of the car or used on public transport. 

Read about the pros and cons of folding bikes.




Commuting on a folding bike allows the rider to store the bike where storage maybe limited. Ideal for storying in a flat or at work.  Keeping the folding bike indoors helps minimise wear and tear as the bike is kept out of the unpracticable British weather. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional bikes is worrying about your new pride and joy being stolen.

Storing the folding bike in doors will help reduce the chances of being stolen.  Tern bikes have been designed to easily and quickly be folded away.

Once you have spent a few minutes mastering how to fold a bike. You will be a pro in no team. Walking past your work colleagues struggling to find a safe and secure place to keep their ordinary bike.


Combing Other Forms Of Transport


One of the main benefits of commuting by a folding bike is being able to cycle while using other forms of transports like a train, bus or putting it in the back of the car for a holiday. The goal of cycling is being able to see more of the world, rather than travelling every inch by bike.


Saving Money.


After the initial investment of purchasing a tern folding bike. There are lots of savings to be made. Commuting more regularly by bike, rather than by car or on public transport.

The cost of petrol, insurance and parking fees have increased over the years.   There will no need to worry, as commuting on the Tern folding bike is absolutely free. 

An inexpensive way to spend your weekends.  Commuting regularly on the tern folding bike is a really good way of getting fit without even thinking about it. You may find yourself getting rid of your monthly gym membership. 




There has been a massive push by the government to encourage more people to reduce their own carbon foot print.

Travelling by a Tern folding bike more regularly, rather than by car or on public transport is a really good way to reduce your own carbon foot print.

Commuting by bike is considered as one of the green forms of transport.


Physical Benefits


Cycling is considered as a low form of exercise, and is ideal for individuals that may have had a small break from cycling. Allowing you to build up your stamina at your own pace. Exercising pumps more oxygen in to the body and helps build muscle and burn off some extra calories.  


Health Benefits


Commuting on a folding bike will not only help improve your physical health, put it will also help improve your mental health.

Going out for a bike ride is a really good stress buster and is a great way for you to forget about some of the stress’s life can sometimes bring.

Exercising realises happy endorphins that have been known to help reduce stress and combat depression.


Low Maintenance Cost


Folding bike have A simpler design than traditional bike. One of the main benefits of folding bikes are they are cheaper to maintain.

Getting into a good habit of checking your folding bike will help you spot any minor wear and tear before it becomes a more serious problem. Read about the pros and cons of folding bikes  

The article on Where are Tern bikes made? Will now look at the main features of the Tern Faltrad Link C8.


C8  Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Tern C8

Tern have equipped the Tern Faltrad Link C8 with a lot of high-end features only normally found in more expensive bikes.  

The Tern brand is known throughout the cycling community of the go to brand if you are looking to buy a folding bike.

 A brand known for only manufacturing folding bikes made from the finest materials and components.

All Tern bikes go through a robust testing to make sure they handle all the practical situations an urban commuter finds themselves in.




The Tern Faltrad Link C8 comes with a strong and durable aluminium frame.

Aluminium is commonly used by bike manufactures as it offers a strong and durable frame that’s is really good in the event of a bump or scrap.

A good quality bike frame that is designed to last.




Tern have designed the Tern C8 with a pair of highly responsive V brakes. The main benefit of V brakes is that it allows you to quickly and safely manoeuvre the C8 out of any hazardous situations with less braking power.

Having a pair of V brakes is a great way to boost your confidence while riding.

Get into a good habit of checking the brakes before every commute.

By gently applying the brake while rolling the bike back and forth. 

The brake pads should be checked for any wear and tear. If you spot any wear and tear on the brake pads they should be replaced straight away.


Additional Features


The Tern C8 comes with Shimano brakes. Shimano are a well-known brand for designing good quality brakes.   Tern have equipped the C8 with a set of 20-inch tyres that offer plenty of grip while commuting.  

Having a set of good quality tires that have plenty of traction is a great way to push your riding skills to the next level. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Where are Tern bikes made?  And found it helpful.

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