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Where are Ammaco Bikes Made?


Need More information  on the Ammaco brand. Are Ammaco bikes any good? Who makes them?



The world is falling in love with bikes all over again. People are buying bikes because they are affordable and help them in staying fit.

Bikes come in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. 

Where are ammaco bikes made?” we will look at the ammaco brand.

There are many types of bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid/commuter bikes, folding bikes, etc.

Although the bikes may vary in type they all serve the same purpose, that is ensuring smooth rides and giving an amazing experience.

If you are fond of the classic traditional low step bike then I have something that might fit best for your needs.

Ammaco manufactures bikes that are absolutely like that and promises good quality. 

Next, the “where are ammaco bikes made?” we will look at ammaco bikes.


Ammaco Bikes


The company behind the Ammaco brand is Cycle King & Hawk Cycles.

Nick Thake started it in 1968, and since then it has been serving in the market with excellent quality and customer service. 

From kid’s bikes to adults, Ammaco manufactures all kinds of bikes for all kinds of cyclists.

Their bikes are affordable and the quality is excellent. Ammaco bikes are made keeping in mind the needs of the people and today’s technology.

Once the bike has been bought, it will be looked after throughout its life.

Their workshop has trained technicians to survive and repair their customer’s bikes.

It is the UK’s one of the largest independent bike retailers and it is continuing to grow in the market.

Their main goal is to provide the best quality bike and accessories with excellent customer service so that their customers or potential customers have all their queries solved.

With over 60,000 bikes available for all ages and purposes,

you are bound to find a perfect bike that will suit your needs and that bike would fulfil your expectations and give you an amazing experience.



What are the benefits of buying a bike?


Buying a bike might seem an unnecessary expense to many people but if you look closely, you will find out that it comes along with many benefits.

Buying a bike is like an investment, you will get regular returns in the form of fitness,

reduction in expenses, and being eco-friendly. Pros and cons of cycling

People are realizing the advantages of owning a bike in this economic environment and let me tell you one thing,

you will save a lot of money that goes into the maintenance and gas of a motor vehicle, for instance, a car. are ammaco bikes any good?


Not only this, you will be fit and contribute towards a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle.

So when a bike has this much to offer, why are you still thinking about it?

In considering “where are ammaco bikes made?” we will look at the best bike for a women.  Read our beginners guide  to hybrid bikes. 

Why Should You Buy The Classique

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the SAVA E0 14”




V Brakes

Wicker Basket

Low Step Over Steep Frame

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What are the benefits of the low step-through bikes?


The low step-through bikes were designed keeping in mind the comfort and accessibility of lady cyclists.

Their dresses and skirts made it difficult for them to ride the bike comfortably. 


This design makes it easy for them to get on and off the bike easily without any discomfort.

The low step-through is not only for women, men can use bikes with this design too. It’s all about being comfortable while riding your bike.

“Where are Ammaco bikes made?” to answer that question, Ammaco bikes are the product of Cycle King & Hawk Cycles.

Ammaco bikes are available in various shapes and sizes, suitable for all age groups. One of these bikes is 30 mo Ammaco Classique 26”.

This is a low step-through bike designed especially for women.   

To fully understand “where are ammaco bikes made?”

we will look at the popular Ammaco Classique.


Ammaco Classique

This is a traditional town bike for women with a classic low step-through design designed exclusively for women.

It has a wicker style basket attached at the front.

The bike is really good looking and gives a vintage look. T

his Ammaco bike has various features like:


Low step-through frame


The bike has a low step-through design that is made with Hi-tensile steel forks.

It gives the bike a traditional yet fabulous look. It allows the riders to mount and demount on the bike easily. read the full review




The bike comes with a basket attached at the front. It makes carrying things easy.

Like if you want to go shopping or just want to carry something while going on a ride, it makes it really convenient.

, it gives the bike a classic look that never goes unappreciated.


Brake style


The bike has a linear-pull brake style.

These types of brakes offer an amazing stopping power that gives the rider total control over the bike.

Good brakes have efficient stopping power and it also prevents wheels from getting any damage caused by the friction.




Shimano revoshift twist grip gear levers make the gear-changing process convenient.

The bike has 6 speed Shimano gears with a Shimano freewheel.

It ensures smooth rides with speeds that can be changed easily while riding the bike.

It offers 6 speeds that are good enough for all kinds of riders whether they are beginner or pro.


Frame material


The frame material used in manufacturing this bike is steel. Steel is a strong and durable metal.

Unlike other frame materials like aluminium and titanium, it is easily repaired.

Steel frame bikes can easily suffer and survive more damage than others.




The bike has a wide sprung stud saddle that is comfortable and good for long rides.

It regulates blood flow that is an advantage as sitting too long on a saddle can cause hindrance to that.

The saddle provides good coverage and does not give any discomfort.




The bike has backswept dutch style handlebars with a high stem.

It gives an upright sitting posture to the rider and a comfortable riding position.

It reduces strain on wrists, hands, and shoulders.

Upright posture allows comfortable and smooth rides without causing any discomfort to the rider.


  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 92%



So to answer the question “where are Ammaco bikes made?”

These bikes are made in England. We can also say that these bikes are made where all the good bikes come from. Ammaco bikes come from a company that is one of the leading ones in the market.

They provide quality bikes and accessories with a lifetime guarantee.

If you want to go to the store, their trained personnel will guide you throughout the process and will help you find the bike of your choice.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a traditional low step-through bike like this,

then you should buy the Ammaco Classique 26” without any hesitation.

We hope you enjoyed our article on “where are ammaco bikes made?” and found it helpful.

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