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Where Are Ammaco Bikes Made?



Cycle King & Hawk Cycles manufacture Ammaco bicycles. Ammaco bikes come in a variety of forms and sizes, making them suited for people of all ages.

One of these bicycles has a speed of 30 miles per hour. 26″ Ammaco Classique 2017 Amoco logo Type of product Stations of service BP is the owner of this company.


Ammaco bikes are built in the United Kingdom. We may also remark that these bikes are manufactured in the same factory as all the nice bikes.

Ammaco bikes are made by one of the most reputable manufacturers on the market. Ammaco is a well-known British bicycle manufacturer that began operations in the 1980s and has since been identified with Cycle King and Hawk Cycles.


Here’s How Good Ammaco Bikes are:


Nick Thake founded it in 1968, and it has been providing exceptional quality and customer service to the market ever since.

Ammaco offers a wide range of bicycles for various types of bikers, from children’s bikes to adult bicycles. Their bicycles are reasonably priced and of great quality.


A Brief History of Ammaco Bikes


Our Group Chairman Nick Thake founded Cycle King & Hawk Cycles in 1968 on the markets, then moved to our first shop, Cycle King Sawbridgeworth, in 1972.

We now have 23 locations throughout England, taking pleasure in our goods and excellent advice garnered from 50 years of selling experience.

Nicholas Thake, at 16 years old, started his first company, NJ Thake Cycles, from his house in 1968, where he acquired, marketed, and serviced older bikes.

In the early 1980s, he opened his first cycle shop in Sawbridgeworth, which grew into a family of more than 23 outlets under the moniker “The Cycle King.”

Hawk Cycles was purchased in 1994 and continued to produce high-quality, low-cost bicycles until 2010 when it merged with Cycle King to become the current online and physical business.

Nicholas and his sons are still an important part of the leadership team at Cycle King and Hawk Cycles today, working together to deliver the greatest value and experiences for customers while proudly keeping the distinction of the UK’s biggest family-owned bike store.

Darren Hunt, our Group Retail Managing Director, joined us in 2016 and now oversees the day-to-day business, which encompasses all of our retail parts.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a lot of changes as we embrace the best of how multichannel merchants flourish in the ever-changing retail industry.

We endeavor to provide the greatest goods and services every day as a team, working relentlessly to satisfy our clients while maintaining a very healthy and very successful business.


How Reliable Are Ammaco Bikes?


They provide high-quality bicycles and accessories that come with a lifetime warranty. Their bicycles are reasonably priced and of great quality.


Ammaco bicycles are designed with people’s needs and current technology in mind. The bike will be cared about for the rest of its life after it has been purchased.


How Durable Are Ammaco Bikes?


  • Ammaco mountain bike provides superb features and an incredible experience for such a low price.


  • This bike has a 19″ Hi-tensile steel frame and a 21-speed Micro shift twist handle.


  • Front and rear V-brakes shifts and when they work together, they provide an outstanding riding experience with a high level of safety and care.


  • Riding an Ammaco bike will improve your riding experience, and the MTB 26″x 1.95″ tyres will eliminate any obstacles and holes.


  • It is made up of Shimano Rear Derailleur- Lightweight Alloy Wheel Rims, which are recognized for their high quality and will provide you with an enjoyable and enticing bike riding experience.


  • Comfortable chairs make for a pleasant journey. A pleasant handling experience is available.



  • The 21-speed Micro shift twist grip shifts are the bike’s major appeal, as they create a lasting impression on the rider’s head, making this product really unique.


  • And, when it comes to safety, this bike boasts Linear Pull Brakes that will bring the bike to a complete stop no matter what sort of road is encountered, whether it is sloppy, slippery, broken, or packed with pebbles, these 26″ MTB tyres will not let you down.


On and off the road, it performs consistently and smoothly.


What About Older Ammaco Bikes?



  • You’ll be able to conquer any barrier while tackling off-road trails and downhill challenges with the 26 x 2.25-inch sticky off-road  tyres.


  • Get some speed with the 21-speed (7-3) Micro shift rapid fire shifters, and you’ll be safe with the front and rear v-brakes, which will keep you safe in wet and muddy circumstances. Read about are Ammaco bikes any good?



Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?


In many cases, classic bike components may be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Components are profitable for automakers; therefore, companies typically continue to produce them even after a bike has been retired.

Even then, third-party companies often take over manufacturers’ parts supply operations, resulting in lower-cost parts for older vehicles.


What Are Typical Problems with Ammaco Bikes?




Most punctures may be repaired in a matter of minutes. And as more people go tubeless, some punctures will heal on their own!

Often, repairing a puncture is simple. To begin, you must first open the brakes and remove the wheel. Take one side of the tyre off the rim using your tyre levers.

You’ll be able to remove the inner tube and check it for the puncture after that’s done.

Run your fingertips around the inside of the tyre at this stage to check sure the thorn, glass, or other problem isn’t still lodged inside.

After a thorough check, replace the tube, add some air, reinstall the tyre, and fully inflate it with your pump or CO2. It’s good to practice since this is one of the most prevalent bike issues. Read about the pros and cons of cruiser bikes.


A Brake That Rubbles


This may be quite inconvenient, and if you have hydraulic or disc brakes, it’s probably preferable to wait if you can’t change them while driving.

However, you may be able to loosen the brakes using a multi-tool before tightening them back up.

If the brakes are catching, you’ll hear a scraping noise every few seconds as the wheel spins, or you’ll feel a little lurch when a specific region goes through.

It’s worth double-checking that your brakes are only a little tight, not that your wheel has buckled!


Changing Gears


If you have a new bike that you’ve ridden a few times, this is one of the most prevalent bike difficulties.

Because the cables stretch somewhat, you may notice that the chain skips around the cassette or takes longer to shift gear than it should.

Often, all you need to do is tighten the cable by turning the barrel adjuster anti-clockwise a few times.


Chain Snagged


Another straightforward repair, you’ll need the correct quick links and a chain tool for this one.

Replace the broken chain and shift to the smallest chainring and sprocket on the bike.

Use the chain tool to press the rivet through the broken link with the broken part of the chain hanging at the bottom.

To make sure the chain is attached, connect the quick links, join them together, and draw the chain tight.


Cleats that have broken or Pedals that have broken


If you’re on the road, this may be a challenging problem to solve, and it typically leads to a grumpy train or cab trip home.

As a result, it’s essential to take good care of your pedals and cleats and replace them as they get worn.

Cleats are far less expensive to repair than pedals, yet maintaining both of these items in good shape might help you avoid knee problems!


Pains and aches


Aside from the reality that we aren’t growing any younger. If you’re suffering from a lot of aches and pains, it may be time to get a new bike fit.

This will ensure that your knees and hips are positioned properly and that you are in the most efficient posture possible.

As well as inspecting components like your saddle to ensure you have a comfortable and long-lasting setup.


How Long Do Ammaco Bikes Last Compare to Similar Brands?


Ammaco takes pride in producing bikes that are both affordable and good value for money when compared to other brands.


Do Ammaco Bikes Hold Their Value?


Ammaco Bikes Provide Excellent Value for Money at A Fraction of The Price of Competing Brands.

The Ammaco Snob Beach Cruiser is a wonderful deal, and it’s a solid indicator that Ammaco bikes are as well.

Ammaco designs and manufactures motorcycles with several advantages. Ammaco produces bikes that are affordable to the general public. Find about the pros and cons of hybrid bikes.


Final Thoughts


  • The Ammaco bikes are constructed with an aluminium frame and professional mountain bike tyres to obtain the best rolling characteristics and grip.


  • Because of the high-strength fork suspension, you can easily deal with little obstacles or uneven terrain when riding.


  • Despite its shortcomings, the Ammaco bike is a fantastic ride. Its quick, smooth acceleration made my heart race with both excitement and fear of riding too fast, and it was just the kind of bike that my brother enjoyed

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