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What is it like to cycle in Cambridge?


Step into the timeless embrace of Cambridge, a captivating city nestled amid the picturesque landscapes of Cambridgeshire, England. As you hop on your bike, prepare to embark on a journey that seamlessly blends history, academia, and the joy of cycling.

Pedal along cobbled streets that echo centuries of wisdom and follow the meandering paths that lead you to the tranquil banks of the River Cam.

Cambridge’s charm lies in its ancient colleges and vibrant cycling culture, where scholars and enthusiasts alike weave through the city’s avenues and parks with delight.

Immerse yourself in this cyclist’s paradise, where every turn reveals a new chapter of scholarly grandeur and natural splendor.

Let your wheels lead the way as you unlock the secrets of Cambridge, a place where past and present unite in harmony, and every ride becomes an enriching adventure.

Cambridge City Cycling Statistics


According to the Cambridgeshire Insight, 56% of Cambridge residents cycle at least once a week, and 29% of Cambridge residents cycle to work. This makes Cambridge the city with the highest proportion of people cycling to work in the UK. Cambridge also has an estimated 1.5 million bike trips in a year.

These statistics show that cycling is a popular mode of transport in Cambridge. However, there is still room for improvement. The city has been named the second most dangerous city in the UK for cycling, but several initiatives are underway to make it safer.

These include creating more cycle lanes, introducing a “low traffic neighbourhood” scheme in some areas, and introducing a “safer streets” program.

Overall, Cambridge is a city that is committed to making cycling a more attractive and safer option for its residents. With continued investment and improvement, Cambridge could become one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the UK.


Cycle bike hire in Cambridge


Whether you are a visitor or a local, these bike rental options provide a convenient and eco-friendly way to experience Cambridge on two wheels. Here are some popular places to hire cycle bikes in Cambridge:


  • City Cycle Hire: City Cycle Hire is a well-known bike rental service in the city center. You can choose hourly, daily, or weekly bike rentals with flexible rental periods to suit your exploration plans.


  • Rutland Cycling: Rutland Cycling is a reputable bike shop with a branch in Cambridge, offering bike rentals for all ages and preferences. Their fleet includes high-quality road bikes, hybrids, and children’s bikes. You can rent bikes for a few hours or a day to explore the city and its surroundings.


  • The Cambridge Cycle Company: This family-run business provides bike rentals suitable for individuals and families. Located near the city center, they offer a variety of bikes, from classic bikes to tandems, allowing you to discover Cambridge at your own pace.


  • Outspoken Cycles: Outspoken Cycles specializes in cycle hire and tours, providing a unique way to explore Cambridge. They offer traditional, cargo, and family-friendly options, catering to different needs and preferences.


  • Station Cycles: Conveniently located near the Cambridge railway station, Station Cycles offers bike rentals for short-term and long-term use. Their diverse bike range ensures you can find the perfect ride for your Cambridge adventure.


  • Tern Viz: Tern Viz is a bike-sharing scheme in Cambridge that provides convenient dockless bike rentals. Using their mobile app, you can quickly locate and unlock bikes scattered throughout the city, making it a flexible option for short trips.


Before renting a bike, bring valid identification and check the rental shop’s terms and conditions, including the rental rates and deposit requirements.


Top 3 cycling routes in Cambridge


Cambridge offers a delightful array of cycling routes that showcase the city’s academic charm and scenic beauty. Here are the top three cycling routes in Cambridge, each offering a unique experience for cyclists of all levels:


  • Grantchester Meadows and Backs Loop:

This leisurely 10-mile cycling route takes you through the picturesque Grantchester Meadows and along the River Cam, offering breathtaking views of the famous Cambridge Backs. Start at the city center and cycle along the river, passing iconic college boathouses and historic bridges.

Continue through the tranquil meadows of Grantchester, where you can stop for a riverside picnic or a cup of tea at the renowned Orchard Tea Garden.


  • Cambridge to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve:

This 22-mile round-trip cycling route from Cambridge to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve is a must for nature enthusiasts. Pedal through the picturesque Cambridgeshire countryside and charming villages, ultimately reaching Wicken Fen, one of the oldest nature reserves in the country.

Explore the unique wetland landscape on foot or by bike, spotting rare wildlife and diverse flora. The peacefulness of the nature reserve and the variety of terrains make this route a memorable outdoor adventure.


  • Cambridge to Ely and The Fens:

Embark on a longer cycling journey along the scenic 30-mile route from Cambridge to the historic city of Ely, traversing the enchanting Fens. The flat terrain and quiet country roads make it an enjoyable ride, perfect for cyclists of all abilities.

Explore Ely’s iconic Ely Cathedral, known as the “Ship of the Fens,” and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history. On the way back to Cambridge, soak in the serene beauty of the Fens, with vast open skies and unique landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see.


Each of these top cycling routes in Cambridge promises a delightful journey through the city’s academic grandeur, natural beauty, and cultural treasures, making for an unforgettable cycling experience in this timeless and captivating city.

Bike shops in Cambridge


Cambridge boasts a vibrant cycling community and several bike shops cater to cyclists’ needs, whether you’re a student, commuter, or recreational rider. Here are some of the top bike shops in Cambridge:


  • Cambridge Cycle Company:

Located in the city’s heart, the Cambridge Cycle Company is a well-established bike shop offering various bicycles for all ages and interests. The shop also provides expert advice, bike servicing, repairs, and accessories to enhance your cycling experience.


  • Rutland Cycling:

Rutland Cycling is a reputable bike shop with a branch in Cambridge. They offer an extensive range of bikes, including road, hybrid, electric, and children’s bikes. With a focus on quality and customer service, Rutland Cycling provides a welcoming environment for cyclists of all levels.


  • Station Cycles:

Situated near Cambridge Railway Station, Station Cycles is a convenient bike shop for commuters and visitors. They offer a variety of bikes for sale and hire, accessories, and bike repairs. The shop’s central location makes it an ideal stop for those needing bike services or supplies.


  • Ben Hayward Cycles:

Ben Hayward Cycles is a long-standing bike shop with a wide selection of bikes, including road, mountain, and folding bikes.


  • B’s Bicycles:

Mr. B’s Bicycles is a friendly independent bike shop that caters to all types of riders. They offer a range of new and used bikes, accessories, and components. The shop’s personalized service and commitment to customer satisfaction make it a popular choice among local cyclists.


  • Outspoken Cycles:

Outspoken Cycles is a unique bike shop specializing in cargo, family, and electric bikes. They also offer bike hire and guided bike tours, providing a fun and sustainable way to explore Cambridge and its surroundings.


These bike shops in Cambridge cater to different cycling needs and preferences, ensuring that cyclists can find the perfect bike and equipment for their adventures in this charming and bike-friendly city.


Where to lock your bike in Cambridge


In Cambridge, securing your bike correctly is essential to prevent theft. Fortunately, the city offers several designated places to lock your bike safely. Here are some recommended spots to lock your bike in Cambridge:


  • Bike Racks:

Cambridge city center and various neighborhoods have bike racks installed by the local authorities. These racks provide a secure place to lock your bike while exploring nearby attractions, running errands, or enjoying a restaurant meal. Look for bike racks near popular destinations, public buildings, shopping centers, and transport hubs.


  • Cambridge Railway Station:

The Cambridge Railway Station offers secure bike parking facilities if you’re arriving in Cambridge by train. There are bike racks and a cycle park where you can lock your bike while you explore the city or use public transportation.


  • Cycle Hubs:

Some locations in Cambridge have cycle hubs that offer secure bike parking with CCTV and additional security measures. These hubs are often located at busy transportation hubs or popular destinations, providing peace of mind while you enjoy your time in the city.


  • Indoor Bike Parking:

Choose indoor bike parking in shopping centers, offices, or public buildings whenever possible. Many places now offer indoor bike racks or dedicated bike parking zones, providing extra security for your bike.


  • Cycle Parking Zones:
  • Cambridge has designated cycle parking zones in various areas, especially around the city center and other popular destinations. These zones may have multiple bike racks and provide a safe and convenient place to lock your bike.


Avoid leaving your bike’s valuable accessories, such as lights or bags, unattended. Park your bike in well-lit and populated areas to deter potential thieves whenever possible. By taking these precautions and utilizing the designated bike parking options, you can enjoy cycling in Cambridge with greater peace of mind.


Cycling in the City Cambridge Reddit


  • “I’ve been cycling in Cambridge for over 10 years now, and I’ve seen the city’s cycling infrastructure come a long way. There are now dedicated cycle lanes all over the city, and the drivers are generally pretty good at giving cyclists space. Of course, there are still some hills to contend with, but overall I think Cambridge is a great city for cycling.”


Overall, people think Cambridge is a good city for cycling. There are many cycle lanes, and people generally give cyclists space. However, there are some things to be aware of, such as the hills and the fact that it is one of the most dangerous cities in the UK for cycling. With a bit of care and attention, cycling in Cambridge can be a great way to get around.


Local cycling clubs in Cambridge


Cambridge has a vibrant cycling community, and several local cycling clubs cater to cyclists of all levels and interests. Joining a cycling club can be a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals, improve your cycling skills, and explore new routes. Here are some of the well-known cycling clubs in Cambridge:


  • Cambridge Cycling Club:

The Cambridge Cycling Club is one of the city’s oldest and most active cycling clubs. They offer a welcoming environment for cyclists of all abilities and organize regular group rides, training sessions, and social events. Whether you’re interested in road cycling, time trials, or leisurely rides, this club provides a supportive and inclusive community.


  • Cambridge University Cycling Club (CUCC):

If you’re a student at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge University Cycling Club is a fantastic option. The club caters to competitive and recreational cyclists, focusing on road cycling and racing. They organize regular training rides, races, and social gatherings for members to enjoy.


  • Cambridge Triathlon Club:

For those interested in triathlon and multisport events, the Cambridge Triathlon Club is an excellent choice. The club welcomes cyclists, runners, swimmers, and triathletes of all levels. They offer a variety of training sessions, including cycling rides, to help members prepare for triathlon competitions.


  • Cambridge CTC (Cycling UK):

Cambridge CTC, affiliated with Cycling UK (formerly the Cyclists’ Touring Club), caters to cyclists who enjoy leisurely rides and touring. They organize scenic rides in and around Cambridge, exploring the countryside and nearby villages. It’s a great club for those who prefer a relaxed, friendly cycling experience.


  • Cambridge CC Women’s Club:

This women’s-only cycling club is a part of the Cambridge Cycling Club and caters specifically to female cyclists. It offers a supportive and friendly environment for women to develop their cycling skills and participate in group rides and events.


  • Cambridge Junior Cycling Club:

The Cambridge Junior Cycling Club provides a fantastic opportunity for young cyclists and aspiring riders to learn and develop their cycling skills. The club focuses on coaching and training young riders in a safe and supportive environment.


Each cycling club in Cambridge has unique activities, membership requirements, and ride schedules. Before joining a club, consider your cycling interests and skill level to find the one that aligns with your preferences.


Final verdict


In conclusion, Cambridge is a vibrant hub for cyclists, offering a plethora of local cycling clubs that cater to every peddler’s interests and abilities. From the historic and well-established Cambridge Cycling Club to the spirited Cambridge University Cycling Club, each organization provides a welcoming and supportive community for riders to thrive.

Whether you seek leisurely rides through picturesque villages, intense road racing, or triathlon training, these clubs offer the perfect avenue to explore the city’s stunning landscapes and cycling-friendly paths.

Embrace the spirit of camaraderie, push your cycling boundaries, and unlock new adventures as you pedal alongside like-minded enthusiasts in the captivating cycling haven of Cambridge.


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