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What Is It Like to Cycle in Brighton & Hove?


Are you ready to embark on an exciting cycling adventure in the vibrant coastal city of Brighton & Hove? Picture yourself pedalling along the scenic seafront, feeling the refreshing ocean breeze on your face as you explore this captivating destination.

Cycling in Brighton & Hove offers a unique and exhilarating experience with its well-designed cycling infrastructure, stunning coastal views, and thriving cycling community.

Get ready to discover the hidden gems, picturesque neighbourhoods, and cultural delights that await you on two wheels.

So, saddle up, embrace the spirit of adventure, and join us as we unveil what it’s like to cycle in the enchanting city of Brighton & Hove.


Brighton & Hove City Cycling Statistics


According to the Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey, the cycling mode share in Brighton & Hove City was 5.7% in 2020-21. This means that 5.7% of all journeys made in Brighton & Hove City were made by bicycle.

  • Number of cyclists: The number of cyclists in Brighton & Hove City is estimated to be around 90,000. This number has been increasing in recent years, but it is still relatively low compared to other cities in the UK.


  • Length of cycle lanes: Brighton & Hove City has 120 kilometres of cycle lanes. This is a relatively large amount of cycle lanes compared to other cities in the UK.


  • Number of cycling accidents: In 2020, there were 370 cycling accidents in Brighton & Hove City. This is a relatively high number of cycling accidents compared to other cities in the UK.


  • Cycling infrastructure: Brighton & Hove City has a well-developed cycling infrastructure. The city has several cycle lanes, segregated cycle paths, and traffic-calmed areas.


  • Cycling safety: Brighton & Hove City is considered a relatively safe city for cycling. The city has fewer cycling accidents, and the cycling infrastructure is generally reasonable.

The city has a well-developed cycling infrastructure and a relatively safe cycling environment. However, the number of cycling accidents is still relatively high, and there is room for improvement in cycling safety.


Cycle bike hire in Brighton & Hove


When it comes to bike hire in Brighton & Hove, there are several options available. Here are a few places where you can rent bikes:


  • BTN BikeShare: BTN BikeShare is a popular bike-sharing scheme in Brighton & Hove. They provide a fleet of sturdy and well-maintained bikes that you can rent for a short period. Find a BTN BikeShare station, unlock a bike using their app or a membership card, and enjoy your ride. It’s a convenient and affordable option for exploring the city on two wheels.


  • Cycle Brighton: Cycle Brighton offers a range of bicycles for hire, including city bikes, mountain bikes, and electric bikes. They have flexible rental options, whether you need a bike for a few hours or several days. Cycle Brighton also provides helmets, locks, and maps to help you make the most of your cycling adventure.


  • Brighton Bike Hub: The Brighton Bike Hub on Level 5 of the Open Market offers bike hire services for adults and children. They have a selection of bikes suitable for different needs, such as hybrid bikes, tandems, and children’s bikes. Volunteers run the Bike Hub, which aims to promote sustainable transportation options in the city.


  • Big Lemon Bikes: Big Lemon Bikes is a social enterprise that offers bike rentals and guided cycling tours in Brighton & Hove. They have a fleet of well-maintained bikes available for hire, including city and electric bikes. Whether you want to explore the city independently or join a guided tour, Big Lemon Bikes has options to suit your preferences.


  • Local Bike Shops: Another option is to check with local bike shops in Brighton & Hove. Some shops may offer bike rental services in addition to selling bikes and accessories. It’s worth contacting shops in the area to inquire about their rental availability and rates.


Remember to bring identification and a form of payment when renting a bike. It’s also advisable to check the rental terms and conditions, including any required deposits or insurance coverage. With bike hire options readily available in Brighton & Hove, you can easily enjoy the city’s cycling-friendly atmosphere and explore its many attractions on two wheels.

Top 3 cycling routes in Brighton & Hove


Brighton & Hove offers a variety of scenic and enjoyable cycling routes. Here are three top cycling routes in the area:


  1. Seafront Promenade: The iconic seafront promenade stretches along the coast, offering a fantastic cycling route with stunning sea views. From Brighton Pier, you can cycle westward towards Hove, passing beachfront cafes, the famous Brighton Bandstand, and colourful beach huts. The flat, paved path is ideal for leisurely rides and provides access to attractions such as the Brighton Marina and the Hove Lagoon.


  1. South Downs National Park: For those seeking a more challenging and scenic ride, the South Downs National Park offers an excellent opportunity to explore the picturesque countryside. Starting from Brighton, you can cycle towards the South Downs, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of rolling hills, expansive green landscapes, and charming villages. There are various routes and trails to choose from, catering to different skill levels and interests. Read Jacks experience of riding the south downs


  1. Undercliff Walk: The Undercliff Walk is a unique cycling route that takes you along a picturesque path nestled beneath the towering chalk cliffs of Brighton. This off-road route stretches from Brighton Marina to Saltdean and offers a tranquil and scenic experience. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings, the sound of crashing waves, and the natural beauty of the cliffs as you pedal along this hidden gem.

Remember to check local cycling maps, follow signage, and respect other users when cycling on these routes. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride along the seafront, a challenging adventure in the South Downs, or a serene journey beneath the cliffs, these top cycling routes in Brighton & Hove will surely provide a memorable experience for cyclists of all levels.


Bike shops in Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove has several bike shops with bicycles, accessories, and services. Here are a few notable bike shops in the area:


  • Evans Cycles: Located on North Street, Evans Cycles is a well-known bike shop chain offering a comprehensive selection of bikes, clothing, and accessories. They cater to all types of cyclists, from beginners to experienced riders, and provide expert advice, servicing, and bike fitting services.


  • Cycle Brighton: Cycle Brighton is a local bike shop in Kensington Gardens. They specialize in electric bikes but also offer a variety of other bikes for sale and hire. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the right bike for your needs, and they also provide servicing and repairs.


  • Duke’s Bicycles: Duke’s Bicycles, located on St James’s Street, is a community-oriented bike shop offering a range of new and used bikes, along with accessories and repairs. They have a friendly and knowledgeable team that can assist with bike selection, maintenance, and custom builds.


  • Hove Bikes: Situated on Hove Street, Hove Bikes is a family-run bike shop offering a range of bicycles for different purposes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrids. They also provide servicing, repairs, accessories, and cycling apparel.


  • Rat Race Cycles: Based on Lewes Road, Rat Race Cycles is a specialist shop focusing on custom-built bikes and repairs. They offer a personalized service, working closely with customers to create bespoke bicycles tailored to their requirements.


These are just a few examples of bike shops in Brighton & Hove. It’s always a good idea to visit their websites or contact them directly to check their current offerings, opening hours, and specific services available. Whether you’re looking for a new bike, accessories, or professional assistance, these bike shops in Brighton & Hove can cater to your cycling needs.


Where to lock your bike in Brighton & Hove

When cycling in Brighton & Hove, you must secure your bike correctly to prevent theft. Here are some recommended places where you can lock your bike:


  • Bike Racks: Look for designated bike racks scattered throughout the city. These racks are near popular attractions, parks, shopping areas, and transportation hubs. Many streets and public spaces in Brighton & Hove are equipped with sturdy bike racks, making them convenient and secure locations to lock your bike.


  • Brighton Station: Brighton Station provides secure bike storage facilities if you arrive by train in the city. You’ll find cycle stands and bike racks near the station entrances. Consider using this option if you plan to explore the city on foot and need a safe place to leave your bike while away.


  • Bike Lockers: Some locations in Brighton & Hove offer secure bike lockers. These lockers provide additional protection for your bike, as they are enclosed and require a key or code. Check with the local council or transportation authorities for information on the availability and locations of bike lockers.


  • Bike Parks or Hubs: Recently, some cities have introduced bike parks or hubs where cyclists can safely lock their bikes. These areas often have increased security measures and may be staffed during certain hours, providing additional protection for your bike.


  • Private Parking Facilities: If you’re staying at a hotel or visiting an attraction with private parking, inquire if they offer secure bike storage options. Some hotels and venues may have designated areas to lock your bike during your visit.


Additionally, park your bike in well-lit and visible areas to deter potential thieves. Taking these precautions will help ensure your bike remains safe while you enjoy all that Brighton & Hove has to offer.


Cycling in the City Brighton & Hove Reddit


  • “I constantly cycle in Brighton & Hove, and I love it! There are some great routes, and the city is committed to making it a great place to cycle.


  • “I’ve been cycling in Brighton & Hove for a few years and found it a great way to get around. There are some great routes, and the city is getting better and better for cyclists. The only downside is that the traffic can be heavy, but it’s not too bad if you’re careful.”



  • “I’m a nervous cyclist, but I’ve found Brighton & Hove to be a safe place to ride. There are plenty of cycle lanes, and drivers generally respect cyclists. The only downside is that the hills can be daunting, but it’s worth the challenge.”


Overall, the reviews of cycling in Brighton & Hove City are positive. Cyclists appreciate the city’s commitment to cycling and the many great routes available. However, some cyclists do mention the hills as a challenge.


Local cycling clubs in Brighton & Hove


Brighton & Hove is home to several local cycling clubs that cater to cyclists of various interests and abilities. Here are a few notable cycling clubs in the area:


  • Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club: Established in 1921, Brighton Excelsior is one of the oldest cycling clubs in the country. They organize regular group rides, time trials, training sessions, and social events. Brighton Excelsior is known for its friendly and inclusive atmosphere, making it an excellent club for cyclists looking to improve their skills and connect with fellow riders.


  • VC Jubilee: VC Jubilee is a well-established cycling club that caters to road cyclists of all abilities. They organize group rides and club championships and participate in local and national events. VC Jubilee offers a supportive and friendly environment for cyclists to improve their fitness, skills, and overall enjoyment of the sport.


  • Sussex Nomads: Sussex Nomads is a social cycling club that focuses on enjoying leisure rides and exploring the beautiful countryside around Brighton & Hove. Their relaxed and inclusive atmosphere makes it an ideal club for cyclists who prefer a more casual and social cycling experience. Sussex Nomads organizes regular rides and social events, providing opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and discover new cycling routes.


  • Brighton Mitre Cycling Club: Brighton Mitre is a vibrant and active cycling club that welcomes riders of all abilities, from beginners to competitive racers. The club offers regular training rides and club championships and participates in various local and national races. Brighton Mitre promotes a supportive and inclusive environment, encouraging members to improve their skills, fitness, and performance.


These are just a few examples of local cycling clubs in Brighton & Hove. Each club has unique offerings and focuses, so it’s worth exploring their websites or contacting them directly to learn more about membership, rides, events, and joining procedures. Joining a local cycling club can provide opportunities for group rides, skill development, socializing, and building connections within the local cycling community.


Final Verdict


In conclusion, cycling in Brighton & Hove is an experience. From the scenic seafront promenade to the challenging routes in the South Downs National Park, cyclists of all levels can find their perfect adventure. The city’s well-developed cycling infrastructure and numerous bike shops make it a cyclist’s paradise. With its welcoming clubs and social events, the vibrant cycling community adds to the allure of exploring this coastal haven on two wheels.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories and enjoy cycling in this charming city.





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Arjun Mertiya


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