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In this modern period, if you cannot utilize the technology, you are not on the right side. Like all other fields, the technology has entered in our hobbies too. There are a variety of machines in the market that will not only ease your life but you will enjoy while using these. These technologies have saved a lot of our time in many ways.

If we look to transportation, we have gained much time in only this field. Here we will talk about bikes. Technology has changed the bike not only in shape but also in performance. You can easily travel a long distance by bike as it has the capability of comfortable journey for a long distance. Let’s guide you about one of the most decent bike, the Westhill LINK electric folding bike.

Why Should You Buy A Westhill


Here you will get information about the Westhill LINK electric folding bike. This bike is available worldwide. This e bike has a small motor installed in it uses for assistance in rider’s pedal. There is a rechargeable battery in this bike which can help you in travelling up to 30km/h average. The battery is hidden within the frame tube powering the motor.

The user of this bike is happy with its weight as it is too lighter and is easy in carrying it on the shoulder. As it is folding bike, so you may fold it and carry it easily like a bag from place to place. This bike is designed so brilliantly that every one can’t wait to buy it when looked once. You may see most of the activities on LCD screen installed on the bike.

You may see your battery charge, distance covered and petroleum level on LCD screen. If you look towards its other components like brake, gear and tyre. You will see its Tektro disc brakes, Kenda tyre and shimano gear. In short, it is a complete package you want in an electric bike.


Features & Benefits

The Westhill LINK electric folding bike has man benefits in its own. The foremost benefit is that it can be folded so you can take it easily in your car and can occupy less space in your store at home. As there is a battery installed in it. It takes 4-5 hours to charge it full. The battery ranges from 7.8Ah to 10.2Ah.

Every gender has the right to use this bike. You may also select by colour as it has been designed in two colour black and orange. Both the colours are very attractive and the rider will enjoy its ride in sunny day. This folding bike has alloy rim and has a speed of 15.

You may take speed on it as its tyre size is 20 which has a low probability of troll and accident. As it has a lighter weight compared to other bikes so its speed performance also distinguish it from other e bikes. The Westhill LINK electric folding bike has a smooth ride in all weather conditions.


Key features


Before going for any item, you should keep in mid to study its features. The features will get you to the decision whether it is beneficial for you or not. The features of this Westhill LINK electric folding bike includes the disc brakes, its light weight, charging battery, kenda tyre, Aluminium frame, shimano gear and most of all it can be folded.


  • Features – 93%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 92%

” I Am So Excited For My Brand New Westhill LINK Electric Folding Bike To Get Delivered On Monday.” Bill

Customer Satisfaction


Light weight

Good performance

Smooth ride

Chargeable battery

Alloy rim




A bit expensive


Final Comments


After detail information and research, it is time to decide on a better electric bike. If your hobby is travelling on bike, you must go through all the varieties available in the market. As it is not a matter of a day. These bikes are the source of conveyance nowadays.

As this type of bike requires no serious physical effort as it has a chargeable battery which eases for pedals. So keeping in view the above information and benefits, you should go for this foldable electric bike as it fulfils the criteria of a biker. If you ask for my opinion, I will say don’t waste the time, and buy this.

Common Questions

Why to buy this bike?

As this bike has a lighter weight, smooth ride, chargeable battery and most of all it can occupy less space as it can be folded. So that’s why it is better for you to buy.

Can we change its battery if required?

You can change its battery to new if compatible with its all other components

How its ride on rough road?

This bike will show equal performance on both smooth and rough roads.

Where to buy this folding electric bike?

Just search on Amazon. You will get it there. We hope you have enjoyed the article on the West hill Link. You may like to read our article on Are Westhill bikes any good?



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