West hill Ghost 2.0

Thinking Of Buying A New Electric Bike. Find Out Why You Should Choose A West Hill

Why Should You Buy The Ghost

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Waterproof LCD Screen

LG Battery

Shimano Alivio Gears


West Hill

Quality Bike Brand


Hybrid Bike

Best Of Both Road & Mountain Bikes

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WestHill Ghost 2.0

If you are looking for electric mountain hybrid bike, you have a decent decision in hand. There are a lot of reasons why people nowadays prefer electric mountain hybrid bike?

Usually the mountain bikers want to spend most of the time up the hills for their adventures and other quests for which the time they use during hiking the hills can be shrunk by acquiring electric mountain hybrid bike. There are varieties of bikes in the market from time to time. Every type of the bike has its grip on the market for a specific period.

As mounting the hills are nowadays very common hobby in all over the world. So the hikers are in need of such bikes that will ease their journey on the hills and will also has the capability of smooth performance for a long period. Keeping in view, there has come the most latest and attractive model of the mountain bike that is West hill Ghost 2.0 electric mountain hybrid bike.


Why Should You Buy A Ghost


The West hill Ghost 2.0 hybrid bike is the latest in electric bike design. If you want to facilitate yourself during hiking both physically and to save your time. Just look to West hill Ghost 2.0 electric mountain hybrid bike in the Market.

It has all the features you want to see in your mountain bike. You will enjoy in hiking as it allows you to grip on various landscapes, handling well with steep and rough and will feel you comfortable on any road. Its battery is clip-on and you can easily remove it for petroleum.

The battery of the bike ranges from 10.4Ah to 14Ah. The frame is shaped in 19”.The motor installed in this bike is 250w Brushless 195RPM and has a 45NM torque to the rear wheel which reduces that burn. It has been designed in two colours, the Gray and Red. It has alloy rim and this bike can be used by both the sexes male and female. The average speed of this bike is 15.

Features & Benefits

High Quality concealed Battery

100 miles per full charge

Average price

Waterproof LCD Screen

Distance monitor

Selle Roayl Gel Saddle

Shimano Alivio Gears

Disc Brake

Puncture resistant tires




The West hill Ghost 2.0 is all-rounder bike. You can use it for hiking and also road cycling. The battery takes 4-6 hours for a full charge. You will be free of any type of reluctance as it covers 100 miles which is far better than other bikes.

The LCD screen has the options of how much the battery power is, the level of assistance you are using. The frame of this bike is so classy that it gives a sporty appearance which attracts the people. This bike has the capability of a smooth ride on any type of road without losing its performance.

The tires of the bike keep the wheel planted on the road which reduces to chance of accident and trolling of the bike. Most of the bikers feel worried in bad weather while hiking on the mountains as it becomes slippery and slick but if you have west hill ghost, you are safe. It is friendly in all weather conditions. You may like to read our article on are West Hill Bikes Any Good?

Another benefit of buying this bike is the weight of the bike. You can lift it easily and is very beneficial in speed.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” I Absolutely Love My West hill Ghost 2.0 Electric Mountain Hybrid Bike For Powering up The Hills In Edinburgh.” Billy

Customer Satisfaction


Light weight

Hidden battery

Good specification

Adorable look

Large LCD screen

Distance Monitor


Hot buyers of electric hybrid buyers

Leisure riders

Any age persons (except kids)

Interested in tourism and traveling

Long travellers who want to assist them in cycling

Fed up of charging bike after every 30 miles

Common Questions

How can I get a bike?

You can easily order it on Amazon. You will get the bike at your door.

How does the bike look?

The frame of the bike is designed in such a way that it attracts everyone.

Is this bike friendly?

This bike is very friendly in all-weather conditions.


Final Comments


Now it’s time for the bikers to decide whether this mountain hybrid bike suffices their needs and demands. As far as other bikes are concerned, this latest version of the bike has all the requirements the bikers find in the bike.

If you look above all the features and benefits of the West hill Ghost 2.0 mountain hybrid bike, I am sure you will have a space in your heart for this durable bike. The way it travels on a mountain will blow your mind. This bike has an average price which is bearable by every individual.

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