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Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike


Need A Bike That Can Be Used For The Commute To Work & Is Great For Using On Public Transport. Look No Further



Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike




Front & Read Mudguards

Hi Tensile Steel Frame

Folding Mechanism


What Can The Viking Metropolis Be Used For?

Viking Have Specifically Designed The Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike For The City Commute


Viking Brand

Viking Brand Is An English Bike Brand Thats Vision Is To Manufacture Practical, Good Looking Bikes & Affordable Prices.




Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike Metrics

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Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike

If you are looking for a light weight and strong folding bike, look no further than the Viking 2018 metropolis 20” folding bike black is a modern stylish bike that is meant for every bike lover. It a compact and very convenient.

This bike is an ideal substitute for other means of transportation. It is great for commuting and also for leisure rides. Be sure to take it with you in the office and conveniently place it by or under your desk without it getting in the way. You can also easily carry it in the train, bus or in the boot of a car whenever you need to so you do not have to worry about riding it through the rain.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike

This bike is fitted with 2 mudguards in the front and rear. The mudguards will ensure that you stay clean should you ride through a wet ground. It also has a pannier rack which has luggage straps that is convenient for carrying any extra luggage that you might have. The 13” frame which is black in colour is made of hi-tensile steel and has a fast folding mechanism. The fork which is also black in colour is made of hi-tensile unicrown and a full bearing headset.

It has a 20” by 1.75” back city tyres that have white wall sides. The 20″ 36H rims are also black in color and made of alloy making then strong yet very light in weight. The wheels also have full bearing front and rear steel hubs. This bike also comes fitted with a functional side stand. Its handlebar stem is a high rise and folding stem that has a dual density comfort ergonomic grip.

This bike is very easy to fold with an approximate folding time of 20 seconds. Once folded it has a dimension of 32″ x 21″ x 24. This only weighs 16 kgs in total. This weight can be attributed to the light alloy materials that have been used in making it making it easy to carry and transport.


The bike’s saddle is padded making it soft and comfortable. The saddle is held in place by a steel QR / folding seat post and a quick release seat clamp. Its pedals are made of alloy and plastic and are also foldable. It has a front and rear alloy V brakes that also have 3 finger alloy levers. These levers are very easy to reach and adjust.

This 150 cm to 175 cm bike has a 6 speed gear. The speed can be adjusted to suit the riders need and comfort. You can also adjust the speed according to the terrain you are riding on. The gear system is easy to use. It also has a KMC chain a 48T chain wheel and a 14-28T bearing free wheel. This gear range is ideal for the city streets and also for light off-road routes.

  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Needed A Bike That Is Specifically Designed For The City & Can Easily Be Used On Public Transport. I am So Happy I Choose The Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike.” Darren

Customer Satisfaction

The Viking 2018 metropolis 20” folding bike black provides a rider with a soft pedaling feature making sure that you do not use a lot of energy when peddling it. It is a great escape from sitting and waiting in traffic as you can simply move through the streets with much ease because of its size.

This bike is durable and a value for every coin you spend on it. Whether you want a bike that you can use to exercise or are looking for an alternative means of transportation the Viking 2018 metropolis 20” folding bike is an ideal bike for you. Because of its size and folding feature, this bike does not need much storage space.

Common Questions

Who is this bike recommended for?

This bike is a unisex bike. This is because of its size and weight. It can be ideal for use even as a family bike for all riding lovers.

Is this bike comfortable?

Yes. The saddle is very comfortable and soft because it is padded. It provides the rider with an upright sitting position. It is easy on the back and easy to ride too.

How durable is it?

Made from very strong materials, this is a very durable bike. However, its durability will also depend on which terrain it is frequently used on and how it is handled. Remember, regular service your bike gives it a longer life-span.

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  • This Viking 2018 Metropolis 20” Folding Bike is easy to use and provides a great riding experience to anybody that uses it. This is because of its comfort and gear.
  • It is a real value for money and can last for a long time if well taken care of. It can be used by the whole family because it is unisex.
  • It is very easy to fold and unfold. With regular practice, you can fold it or unfold it with only 20 seconds.