Viking Womens Downtown Bike




Viking Downtown Ladies Bike


The Viking Brand Is An English Brand And Was Established In 1908 In Wolverhampton.

Viking Downtown Ladies Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Viking Downtown Ladies Bike



Viking Was Established In Wolverhampton In 1908

Designed Specifically For Women

The Viking Women Downtown Bike Is Designed Specifically For Women Who Love To Shop


Approximately 20 mile Range

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Why Should You Buy The Viking Downtown Ladies Bike

There are many benefits of riding an electric bike.

Firstly, an electric bike will put a smile on your face as its fun. You will be riding effortlessly past people on foot and others peddling tirelessly on your Viking Womens Downtown Bike

Secondly, riding an electric bike will save you money. If you consider the price of petrol, the downtown can be charged rather cheaply and easily.

You will also save more money from commuting to work with your Downtown as you won’t have to pay for parking.

Thirdly, by riding the Viking downtown you will be using clean energy compared to petrol or diesel. A great benefit is that your looking after the environment

Most Electric bikes range from 100 – 150 watts of energy. If you get electric from a green supplier your carbon foot print will be zero.

Furthermore, an electric bike can be quicker if you consider traffic especially in the city.

A electric bike can use a network of cycling paths, alley ways where cars and motor cycles would find difficult to use.

Additional Benefits of Electric bikes

Hill Climbing: The main benefit of the Viking Downtown Ladies Bike is that is great for climbing hills easily.

Keeping Fit: Cycling is great way to stay fit and can save you a lot of time in the gym

No Registration: Electric bikes need no insurance, licence or registration. There is no Red Tape.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Viking Womens Downtown Bike

Colour: Viking Downtown Ladies Bike comes in two colours, a classic black colour or a cream colour. A colour to fit every ladies taste.

Frame: comes with a step-down frame that is great for hoping on and off your E bike. The frame is good for maintaing good posture and improving your visibility of your surroundings.

Great for cycling in the city as having good visibility is important.  A Steel frame is also a durable material that will give the rider stability and is durable for any minor bumps or scraps.

Alloy V brakes – a set of brakes with a set of 3 brake levers. Before every long commute it’s always a good habit to test your brakes.

Electrics: Mile range of approximately 20 miles. 

Tires: 36 alloy rims and Kendra city pattern wheels that will allow the rider to grip against the road.

Saddle: Designed by Viking with a standard saddle.

A gel saddle cover can be bought very cheaply and is brilliant for that added comfort.

Mudguards: A set of colour coded mudguards are great for protecting you and your Downtown against any unwanted spray from the road

Rear Carrier: comes with  brilliant storage at the rear of the bike and is great for carrying the shopping home.

Kick stand: A kickstand that gives you and the downtown stability. Read our article on are electric bikes any good?

  • Features -95 %
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 92%

“I Love Cycling To My Local Shops In My Viking Womens Downtown Bike.” Jillian

Customer Satisfaction

Cycling to work became so much easier and quicker. Stay in bed for longer

Brilliant for my mum who gets tired from peddling.

I will love riding along beach front on my new Vikviking downtown ladies bike



Easy to Ride up those dreaded Hills

Electric Bike

An established brand

Step Down frame



E bikes are not cheap. However, they are worth every penny.




TEST RUN: Once you have assembled your viking downtown ladies bike make sure you go on a little test run around your local estate so your happy with the E bike.

Before every ride do ABC check, check the air in the tires, the brakes are working efficiently and the chain is oiled

SERVICE: Getting into a good habit to regular check and service your E bike.

Becoming familiar with your viking downtown ladies bike is also a good idea so you can identify any damage that may have been caused.

E BATTERY: Learn how to look after your viking downtown ladies bike and the battery


Common Questions

Who are Viking?

Viking have been established since 1908 in Wolverhampton in a bike repair shop. Avocet Sports now distribute the bikes around the UK. Avocet want to become the European market leader in selling brands that have a passion for cycling.

Where Can I get a replacement battery?

It would be best to contact Avocet sports.


Do I have to assemble the Viking downtown?

The Viking Womens Downtown Bike comes partially assembled and comes with a helpful instruction manuel.

If you have never assembled a bike before it may be a good idea to get a second pair of hands to help.


Electric Bike Battery care?


The soul of any E bike is the electric battery. A electric battery is similar to charging your mobile phone and can be charged on or off the bike.

Checking the tires on the Viking Womens Downtown Bike are kept inflated to the correct level. Service your E bike on a regular basis and make sure the brakes and gears are in condition good condition



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You’re in the market for a new E bike. The Viking Womens Downtown Bike has some great features. Viking are an established bike brand that are well known.


The Downtown will be great in climbing those dreaded hills.


Saving money on fuel costs if you choose to use your Ebike to commute to work.


We hope you have enjoyed the article and found it helpful and informative.