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Via Veneto Bike

Thinking About Buying The Via Veneto Bike. Get The Most Common Questions Answered

Why Should You Buy The Via Veneto



Aluminium Frame

Wicker Basket

V Brakes 





Respected Bike Brand


Customer Satisfaction

Over Five Hundred Customer Testimonals 



Why Should You Buy A Canellini



In our article on the Via Veneto bike we will look first look at the history of the Canellini brand.  The Canellini brand was first established in 1950s by Giovanni Canellini in a small shop in Campitello. Fast forward to today, and the Cannellini brand is well known throughout the world and they pride themselves on manufacturing quality bikes that cycling enthusiasts love to own.






The Canellini brand has over fifty years’ worth of experience in designing bikes.  Cannellini have plenty of experience in manufacturing bikes that meet the needs of the modern cyclist. Owning a Via Veneto bike by Canellini will allow the rider to have a bike they can be proud to own. Canellini are a well-known brand within the cycling community.




Canellini prides itself on only manufacturing bikes that are made from the finest materials and components. All Canellini bikes go through a robust testing from the materials used on the Via Veneto bike right through to the Canellinis durability in tackling all the practical situations the rider finds themselves in. Canellini want to make sure the rider has a first-class experience.


Customer Service


The Canellini brand encourage cycling enthusiasts to ask any question that will help them buy the right bike that meets their specific needs and requirements. In addition, Canellini has outstanding customer service and have an open-door policy in trying to help a Canellini customer.




Via Veneto bike is easily recognisable. The sleek and modern design is visually pleasing and will be sure to catch the attention of other riders who are passionate about cycling. Canellini research and development team spend a lot of time following current trends to make sure they only design bikes that riders love to use.  To continue our article on the Via Veneto bike, we will look at why you should buy a commuter bike.

Why Should You Buy A Commuter Bike


There are many benefits of commuting to work on two wheels and it is becoming more attractive with the increase in cars on the road.




Commuting on the Via Veneto bike is far better than sitting on a bus or sitting alone in a car. Motorists often complain about cyclists being on the road. However, if everyone started doing car share or going on public transport more will help reduce the traffic levels.  Allowing the rider to get fit without even thinking about it

Research by Ofcom have found out that the average British adult spends around eight hours on media devices.  The rider will have no time to check their social media account while commuting on the Via Veneto bike. Unless their taking a quick selfie.




Once a rider has commuted to work a couple of times or down to the local shops. The rider will quickly get a sense of how long a journey takes and they will not be impacted by traffic jams, cancelled buses or trains.  Allowing the rider to have a more predictability on how long a journey takes than public transport.


Learn More About Your Local Area


There is no better way of learning more about the local area than choosing to commute on the Via Veneto bike. Spending time exploring new side streets or quieter streets is a great way of the rider discovering new places in their area.  Hidden cafes that make the best breakfast sandwiches.


Battling the Winter Elements


A common misconception of cycling is that the rider has to brave the elements. However, it’s one of the warmest ways of getting around on a winter’s day. There is no standing on cold platforms or waiting for a car’s heating to come on.  To continue our article on the Via Veneto bike we will look at some tips for commuting by bike


Via Veneto Metrics

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Via Veneto Bike

The Via Veneto bike offers a brilliant value for money ladies commuter bike that has been designed from a well-respected bike brand.  Here are the main features of the bike




The Venoto comes with a 157- 17m cm aluminium frame. Aluminium is commonly used by bike manufactures as aluminium is known to outperform steel laboratory tests. Aluminium is a strong and durable material that offer plenty of stability while riding. The Via Venoto comes with a low step frame that allows the rider to easily dismount. 




Canellini have equipped the Via Veneto bike will six shimano gear. Shimano are respected brand withing the cycling community for making good quality materials and components.  The rider will have plenty of options in changing the pace of the bike to the riders riding condition. 

Spending time learning how to change the gears on the bike smoothly will allow the rider to reach the full potential of the bike. Having a good pair of brakes will definitely boost the rider’s confidence in taking the riding skills to the next level. 




Canellini have made sure the Via Venoto bike comes with a set of good quality tires that are designed for tackling the unpredictable British weather.  The 28” wheels (700 x 35) offer the rider plenty of grip on the road. Canellini have made sure that the tires have been tested to make sure they offer the rider plenty of support and a comfortable ride.


Additional features


The Via comes with a front and rear light, brown bag and a wicker basket. Offering the rider plenty of storage for the commute down to their local shops. The front and rear light will make sure that the rider is easily visible.  We will now look at some common questions.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 98%

Common Questions


How much does the Via weigh?


It weighs around 15KG.  The bike can easily be taken on the train or on put on a car bike rack.


What size are the wheels?


28” Offering the rider plenty of grip on the commute to work or down to the local shops.


What type of brakes does the Via come with?


The bike comes with a pair of V brakes. V brakes allow the rider to quickly and safely perform an emergency stop or out manoeuvre any sticky situations.


Is the bag leather?


No, however it is similar to leather though.


Can the bag be removed?


Yes, the bag can be removed.


Does the Via come assembled?


The Via comes partially assembles and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once the bike has been assembled the rider should go on a test run to make sure they are happy with the bike. We hope you have enjoyed our article on the Via Veneto bike and found it helpful and informative.


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