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Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer

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Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer

The wintry season makes it tough for anyone who loves cycling. It affects their health if they go out for a ride. It also affects their health if they do not. The Velo Pro Mag Turbo Trainer has come to the rescue for those individuals to provide them with an all round cycling experience by allowing them to convert their bike for indoor usage without much difficulty.

The Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer is one of the best options when it comes to converting a regular bike into an indoor workout instrument. Its smooth mechanisms and foldable features further adds on to the purpose, making it an all round better choice for enjoying cycling experiences in all seasons. The features it comes with are unique. It can also be used for training and preparing for an upcoming sports event without actually leaving home.


Main Benefits/ Features Of The Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer

The main benefits of using the Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer include:

  • Ability to develop an indoor cycle trainer from a regular bike so that users can go for cycling sessions without any weather concerns at all conditions.
  • Comes with variable resistance of 6 distinctive levels to help users adjust the challenges of their workout sessions as per their need.
  • Does not require any specific bike for the purpose. It works just fine with any 26” to 28” wheel size bikes.
  • Users do not need to spend extra time on assembling it as it comes as such from the manufacturer.
  • One of the best options for traveling and storage, mainly because of the folding capabilities it provides the users with.
  • With this product, users can look forward to enjoy one of the quietest ride experiences, especially due to the smooth mechanism that it comes with.



The main features of this bike trainer include:

  • It can be easily folded to save up storage space.
  • Allows cycle addicts to enjoy their rides even in the harshest winters.
  • Best option for static bike exercises to provide speed, power and endurance.
  • Provided with extra smooth mechanisms to ensure stealthy and quiet sessions with maximum results.
  • The trainer is provided with resistance mechanisms with 6 gear variables to help users twitch it as the session demands.
  • Can be easily carried outside or from one room to another room.
  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 94%

”  The Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer Is Brilliant For Training At Home.” Barry


Customer Satisfaction

Those who cannot just resist going for a cycling even during the harshest weathers are greatly satisfied with this product as it allows them to enjoy the same experience from the solace of their home. Furthermore, it also allows great workout sessions even for those who cannot ride cycles. It has helped a lot of users to effectively shed excess weights without the need of even going to a gym or hitting any other exercise regimen.

The smooth mechanism has turned into a hot favourite option among users especially for the stealth that it provides for the users.

Users greatly praise the ability to fold and store it thus preventing a lot of permanent space consumption for the product.


Final Comments


Overall, considering its price and features, it is a great option to consider both cycling enthusiasts as well as fitness enthusiasts. It’s easy folding features further makes it a better storage for home usage. The sessions are generally silent and the adjustable gear system can be used to suit any kind of workout session that the user may be in demand of.

Common Questions

How silent is the trainer?

It is not loud at all. It may produce a low humming sound depending on the speed of your peddling.

Can it be used with bikes that lack quick release rear wheels?

Yes. It comes with screws that can help you to swap the current nuts and bolts with ease.

Slick tyres or off-road tyres?

Off-road tyres can be a bit noisy. But it is possible to change the tyres as the rollers are adjustable.

Does it help to lose weight?

Well, if you are serious and regular about it, you can look forward to lose some weights on a weekly basis.


Advantages and disadvantages


The advantages for the Velo Pro Magnetic Turbo Trainer are countless. A short 15 minute session can effectively help to lose 5 kg weight per week on a regular basis. It is very stable and works great for both who look just for a riding session as well as an exercise session.

Even the price range is quite cheap when compared to the other products offering similar features. Above all, it does not require additional help to set up as it comes pre-assembled from the maker. The only disadvantage that can be made out for the product is its inability to work with bikes of smaller wheel sizes.



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