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   Tern Link D7i

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Seven Shimano Gears

Rear Carrier

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  Tern Link D7i

If you’re looking to buy a folding bike, I’d encourage you to test ride a Tern Link, an entry from the relatively new Taiwanese manufacturer. Tern bikes in general are well appointed, and feature some impressive construction that makes for a comfortable ride that rivals more expensive folders. Why you should buy Tern link d7i?

The Tern Link D7i is one stylish folding bicycle, with its seven seed hub and a matte black finish. When looking good is just as important as getting there, the Link D7i makes for an excellent commuter bike.

Why you should buy Tern link d7i? Its basic black paint job, internal seven speed hub, Joule dynamo lighting system, and comfy Big Apple tires make this folding bike an excellent choice for any of your urban commuting needs so therefore, If you’re looking for a clean and smooth folding bike, take a look at the Tern Link D7i.

There are some basic features of Tern Link D7i , it includes Minimalist design – matte black styling, Seven Speeds which is enough to get around town or around campus, Fenders to keeps you dry in wet weather, ,Dynamo Lighting system that makes you not to worry about dead batteries.

Features & Benefits

The biggest advantage is obvious and is already included in the name, the bike is foldable and thus to store very little space. Most models fit easily in the trunk of a compact car or mid-sized car. The lower weight is also a big factor when buying a Tern Link D7i By eliminating unnecessary attachments and saving use of less material for the bicycle frame, the bike can be made weight-optimized and located partly below 10 kg. Typical weights move around the 10 to 15 kg. So you can use quickly and easily the wheel well, the folding mechanism should be as simple as possible. A few manipulations should make the bike ready. Who is late and still want to get a train, will learn to love this feature. Models where you have to assemble the front wheel or fender separately, nothing is for use as a Tern Link D7i. You may like to read the pros and cons of folding bikes.


The Tern Link D7i is well thought out. From the wrapping of the front cables to the built-in bungee on the rear rack. It comes with durable tires, fenders, rear rack, and lights already installed. Tern uses 20-inch wheels to position the weight lower to the ground and keep the bike from becoming top-heavy while hauling cargo on the integrated rear rack, which is now longer and lower. It’s a bike that disguises its heft well and folds up to stand on its rear end for a portable package that goes wherever you do.


The wear of tires may well be somewhat higher, they rotate, the smaller the tire, often around their own axis and therefore have more frequent contact with the road. The forces acting on the seat post and handlebar differently because they are longer than average to a normal sitting

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Cant Wait To Take Delivery Of My Brand New Tern Link D7i On Monday, So I Can Test Ride It On The Southport Beach Front.” Carl

Customer Satisfaction

When I first started riding it, things were slipping here and there – the pitch of the handlebars, the seat post, the position of the rear wheel. (Maybe my weight is to blame.) But the good news is that almost every joint on the Tern can be adjusted roadside using minimal tools. So, I was able to keep loose nuts in check using only a hex wrench multi-tool and a small box wrench.

One thing that did slip on me more often than I liked was the Shimano hub. The gearing isn’t quite wide enough. I wanted more gear choices on climbs, and craved a higher top speed during cross-city commutes. A 9-speed or better would solve this, so it’s no fault of the manufacturer, just the wrong hub for me.

Final verdict


Who would long have the Tern Link D7i, The build quality is largely responsible for the stability and security. The vulnerability of a folding wheel are the points at which the wheel is folded. Here you should look very closely.

It should also be ensured that the bicycle is allowed on the road and all the ingredients for a roadworthy bicycle fulfilled. Who would not want an extra retrofit, engages directly back to a model with lighting.

Common Questions

Will the bike fit me?

The Vektron fits a wide range of riders thanks to a quick-adjust seat post, quick-adjust handlebar stem, and a low-step frame. It takes only a few seconds to adjust the bike to resize the bike–without tools–so that it fits you.

What’s the load capacity?

The total load capacity is 105 kg (230 lb), including you and your cargo.

How long does it take to fold the Vektron?

10 seconds or less

How many speeds does the Vektron have? #

10 speeds.

Can I ride it during winter?

Absolutely, but if you ride in below -5⁰ C (23⁰ F), you’ll get less support from the motor, and it could potentially shut off temporarily. During winter months, particularly on days below 0⁰ C (32⁰ F), we recommend charging and storing the battery at room temperature, and then inserting it into the bike immediately before riding

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