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Specialized vs Boardman (Common Questions Answered)





Specialized Bikes are those bikes with particular bike components called specialized bikes. An American organization that plans to make and markets bikes, bike parts, and related items under the brand name “Specific” and the premium and expert situated, also called “S-works.”


Boardman Bikes


Boardman bikes are in the top five cycles which can perform in the road and without road-like hilly areas. These cycles are famous worldwide, like Spain, Sardinia, and Greece. The cycles brand Boardman bikes is as passionate about their product and quality as the bike lovers. 

 Differences Between Specialized Boardman


The Boardman HYB 8.8 and Specialized Men’s Expert Carbon are 700c urban bikes with upper mid-range components and hydraulic disc brakes.

The Boardman has an aluminium frame, while the Specialized has a carbon frame and a two × 11 drive train providing a more comprehensive range of gears. Boardman weight is 8.9 kg having beautifully balanced ride quality. But the Boardman bikes have narrow tire clearance.

The weight of specialized bikes is 9.4kg/20.7lbs having a big jump between gears which provides extra safety gear to a rider on off-road tours.

Specialized bikes are more costly Than Boardman because the producer burns through a truckload of cash on examination and development and picks quality parts.

Besides, these bikes are in low volumes, and the clients are more requesting because of the brand’s name and excellent guarantees.

With Specialized, you can improve quality casing than Boardman. Boardman is at first better “esteem” as far as parts particular, contrasted with specialized models at the equivalent price tags.

Specialized bikes are more costly Than Boardman because the producer burns through a truckload of cash on examination and development and picks quality parts.

Besides, these bikes are in low volumes, and the clients are more requesting because of the brand’s name and excellent guarantees.





If it’s for sports or keeping trying to be fit, keeping fit with friends, high-speed racing, or the daily commute, the Road category caters to one of the broadest ranges of cyclists of any we offer.

Our road bikes have years of knowledge of road riding at every level and discipline. From an entry-level cycle to work bike to a pro-level race machine, we’ve got a product to suit any road riding you can imagine

The price of the Boardman cycles series starts from £550.00 to £2,700.00. 


The price of specialized bikes is likewise needed to check out the amount you need to spend on a bike is                                                                                                       

           £750 – £999/$1000 – $1500






Scott employs its HMX carbon layup to boost frame rigidity and a pleasant ride. To complement the carbon, Scott uses (SDS) system, which is a shocking damping system that makes it more comfortable even in not flatter roads, or flattened seat stays to absorb some of the imperfections of the trail.


The Scott features a typical tapered head tube and thru-axles on the front and back to make the frame plenty rigid. The Scale has a highly slack head angle of 69 degrees and 16.8-inch chainstays.


The Cannondale employs a Ballistic Hi-Mod carbon frame that is sturdy but lightweight. For compliance, the Cannondale frame includes a Speed Save chain and a seat stay that allow the Cannondale frame to absorb better absorb bumpy areas of the terrain.


The defining aspect of the Cannondale frame has System 29 geometry. This geometry is a game-changer since it slackens the head angle to 69.5 degrees and brings the chain to stay in the components.           



The Boardman Adventure Bikes allows the rider to ride and explore almost anywhere, on roads or trails, quickly and comfortably.

Gear shift quality and choice are improved, while your ability to control the bike off-road is by flared bars for increased stability and impressive stopping power of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes means comfort and control are number one.

Boardman bikes are also available in sizes that you can choose according to your desire, small, medium, and large whatever you like, or comfort you’re looking for a Road Bike, Mountain Bike, or have an electronic bike. Specialized Bikes have an impressive range has got all the bases covered.





The BOARDMAN SLR 8.9 Carbon uses the same aero tube profiles and geometry as the top of the range SLR 9.8.

The brand Boardman introduced a new frame that combines excellent stiffness and ride quality with much more aerodynamic tube profiles to increase the speed with the making same efforts.

Features such as the integrated time to time seat clamp drag further, while dropped seat stays and a full carbon fork for both bikes help maintain comfort.

A stiff oversized PF86 bottom bracket area means that the bike responds without any delay to toss brake. Overall, the SLR 8.9 is fast and agile enough to race but comfortable enough for long days in the saddle.

A component of a specialized bike that makes it unique is a diver train break which is very comfortable.

The rider didn’t feel any restless while breaking. It has a rear suspension. Specialized bikes also have power meters which allow the rider to check out their performance specialized bikes have an aluminium frame.






The Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon and Specialized Allez Elite are race bikes with upper mid-range components and rim brakes.

The Boardman has a carbon frame, while the Specialized has an aluminium frame, Based on the frame’s building material and quality level, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, etc.

Both almost the same Boardman bike is a little heavy because it looks a little bit space covering, but the technical bike is must smart than the Boardman bikes.

The Scott puts a quality Scale, and Cannondale is two of the most advanced and compatible with the riders, hardtails available, and they have proven to be top performers in their fields. How to pick the a road bike.




Both are racing bikes and have pros and cons, but from what I saw and searched, the specialized bikes are much more common and have more sales than Boardman bikes. It also has a price difference.





Warranty Specialized current warranty says, “We stand behind our frames — forever.

That means we offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner against structural defects in material or quality on ALL models of Specialized-branded frames and forks.” 

Guarantees apply only on the first buyer of the bike with Specialized; if you’re not the first owner, you’re eligible for a two-year contract from the initial purchase date.

Whether you’re the first or the second one-third owner, you’re going to need the original proof of purchase to begin any warranty claim.

Components specified on all-terrain cycles are paying a guarantee for off-road use.

However, no bikes are guaranteed to withstand stunt riding, jumping, trail riding, misuse, accidents, lack of maintenance, not doing care, use in competition, or commercial use. This warranty has been the plan adequately cared for, regularly serviced, and maintained.

Any failure or damage caused by normal circumstances is not in warranty. Under the terms of our contract, Boardman will bear the cost of the replacement parts and labor to repair it. Discretion. What is the best for exercise road vs mountain bike.



Frequently Asked Questions 



Is Boardman a reputable brand?


 Indeed, the Boardman has a lighter fork, and the welds are smoother; however, it additionally has much better wheels. By and large, the Boardman is undoubtedly worth the extra and great brand as I would like to think. 


Is Cannondale better than Boardman?


 No. both have their pros and cons. The principal contrast between these two bikes is the drive train/parts and brakes. The Boardman has a more extensive scope of cogwheels and plate brakes which will improve it for rough terrain use – the disadvantage is the weight punishment, mainly because of the heavier centers and brakes.

It indeed relies upon whether you need a somewhat light bike for periodic raids, rough terrain, or something that will stir it up more yet with a slight weight punishment.


Is Specialized Worth The Money?



 Yes, it’s worth the money people love the specialized bikes. By and large, Specialized is a reputable brand that produces excellent bikes.

Like most top bike makers, they produce an extravagant top-end range, where you can hope to get a considerable amount of bikes for your cash.

As their reach gets less expensive, the commercial center always gets serious, and this, in my view, is the place where Specialized is imperfect. For £1,000 here in the UK, you can now get brilliant worthwhile purchasing a bike. Find out id road bikes are faster than hybrids?


 Final thoughts


Both bikes are used for racing on the road and off-road tours.

People have their own choices, but from what I observe and after searching so many people’s opinions I can say that the specialized bikes are much more brilliant and look decent and also have efficient to carry you.

People love specialized bikes and dream of them; although Boardman also has good aspects, many people use them.







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