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SCHWINN 18 Inch bike is the definitive for little girls looking for lovely bicycles to ride within the neighborhood. It even more satisfactory for those who want to learn using the training wheels.

The SCHWINN 18 inch differs in designs and complexion, with all having baskets on their steering. SCHWINN 18 inches go with different types; this depends on the one who owns the bike; it includes the Schwinn Mythic, Schwinn Shine, the Schwinn Elm, and others.

This article I shall be revising on SCHWINN 18-inch bike for girls this concerning the SCHWINN 18-inch girl Mythic Unicorn.


SCHWINN 18-inch bike


It is important to teach your child how to ride one of the number ones’ blend for kid-centric models and BMX style bike. The SCHWINN 18-inch bike has a SmartStart design that calibrated carefully to suit a kid’s sizes to have a comfortable ride and ideal riding posture.

This feature includes a light bike frame which helps the child to control the bike perfectly. The bike also has smaller grip holders to match with the kid’s small hands. It also has a narrow pedal position that suits the slim kid’s hips. SCHWINN 18-inch also grows with your kid. 

It cooperates with the training wheels that start them off. From there, the bike becomes adjustable as it has an adjustable seat which you will adjust according to your kid’s growth.

Moreover, it has a rear coaster and front hand brakes that allow it to change into a bigger, hand-break-only bike when she is ready for it. where are schwinn bikes made?

The SCHWINN 18-inch has a BMX model that even makes it more cool for a young kid. Lastly, the SWCHINN 18-inch bike comes with a lifetime warranty; thus, when your child’s bike gets a difficulty, it is easily fixed, and your child will happily have the ride of his/her life. are schwinn bikes any good?

How quickly will my order arrive?


Given that the company has a high number of orders, shipments can be delayed. The company does its best to deliver your order within 3-5 days after it is received though it is not a guarantee. It is because once the package leaves the warehouse, delivery times can range between 2-6 days depending on your location.


Where can I get a manual?


Manual is provided within the company’s website under the FAQs tab at the bottom page.


How can I contact Schwinn?

You can reach them via;

Contact us by Phone 

Please call: 800-626-2811

Monday – Friday*

7 am to 6 pm (Central Standard Time)

Excluding all major holidays 

Contact us Online

By clicking at the support tab at the bottom of the page you will be able to contact us.


What’s covered under my Schwinn warranty?


Products are warranted against defective materials and artistry (also known as a manufacturing defect) for various periods. Steel frames are covered for the proper lifecycle of the product.

Aluminum and dual suspension frames are typically covered for five years from the original date of purchase. Most parts are usually covered for one year from the original date of purchase. The worn out parts are covered by the warranty for 30- days from the exact date of purchase.

 The warrant from the maker does not cover damages caused by accidents, impact, abuse, misuse, neglect, ordinary wear & tear, anything you break accidentally or deliberately, stunting, jumping, installation, assembly, repair, maintenance, disassembly charges, paint destruction, rust, theft, or ride with more than one person.


How do I file a warranty claim?


The warranty claim process varies, subjected on the place you bought your bike. If you bought your Schwinn directly from the company, at a big-box retailer or sporting goods store, then look directly to see the information below if you purchased you Bike at an independent store.

Please contact an independent Schwinn dealer (that is the one you purchased you Schwinn from). They will file a claim on your behalf.

Please note we cannot warranty shipping damage on bikes ordered online since we have no way to verify the damage source. The fastest way to file a warranty claim is to take a photo of your bike & broken part and email it to us at


Please include:


Your name, address, phone number, model number, and date code found on your bike (little gray sticker by the non-chain side crank arm, overhead the pedals on the bike’s frame) date & venue of purchase—a detailed description of the incident or problem.

We’ll review the photos you’ve send and data to check the source or nature of the problem. If we can, we’ll decide on your claim. If we can’t tell from the photos, we’ll ask you to send the affected part.

Once a warranty claim is approved, we’ll send the replacement parts at no charge.


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Swchinn 18”is amid the best bikes for kids, additionally for those who would like to learn how to ride bicycles as it has training wheels to help them train.

Buying your kid, a Schwinn 18” bike can be a great choice you will make for your kids as they develop this not only gratifies their affection to bicycles but also a good training exercise in firming their bodies. Schwinn 18” also enables you to save money as you will not have to buy another bike for your child, but you would instead adjust extensions within the bicycle to suit your child’s age.

It is, therefore, prudent to say Schwinn 18” bike is the perfect bike to get your child.

Schinn Mythic 18 wheel SmartStart Girls Bike Review

The Schwinn Mythic bicycle is designed with a child-friendly Smartstart geometry. It comes in white, with purple and pink unicorn graphics-this bike has color-matched accessories that include a grips seat and handlebar basket.

It also has a unique curvy frame design and split top tube, and the mythic harks back to Schwinn historical source.

This bike comes complete with front and rear rim brakes, chain guard, bell, reflectors, and handlebar pad that makes it look great. The cycle only requires a 15% assemble after being bought as the other 85% is already done at the factory during production.


Schwinn SmartStart


It is the complete redesign of the bike’s geometry to suit the child’s body to form a more comfortable ideal riding position. It involves a light bike frame for added control, smaller grip diameters for small hands, and a narrow pedal position to suit the child’s smaller hips.

Many other children’s bikes are lesser versions of adult bikes; however, for SmartStart bikes, there is less wobble when pedaling hence making a child feel more confident and comfortable as they go on with the learning process.

Additionally, the seat angle was changed to aid the seat’s extension to reach the distance in the handlebar.  Schwinn came to life in the year 1895 when it was started by Ignaz Schwinn in Chicago.

He is remembered for the best bikes such as the phantom, original Krate, the varsity and piker series bikes for children. With Schwinn invention he has made it possible for young and old riders to fill the thrill and taste of riding bicycles. Most adults and children globally trust Schwinn for its value and quality. The fun and satisfaction of riding, sharing bikes with friends and completing training lesson is all powered by Schwinn.


SCHWINN 18” SmartStart steel for kids has a frame with a strong fork

Rear coaster brakes, front and rear caliper brakes for automatic braking.

The specific saddle and slack tube angle gives room for both leg extensions for efficient pedaling and reaches the pedal as the child continues to grow as the saddle is raised.

Chainguard to protect little arms and legs

Has an adjustable seat post with a loose free tool, number plate and training wheels.

It has a small kid-specific Q-factor that is proportional to child’s small body width to ease handling and peddling.

Benefits of Schwinn 18”

Very easy to assemble

Size 18″ is most advisable for kids that are five years and above

It has a tool-free adjustable seat post and it adjustable with height

The perfect proportion that gives a comfortable seating experience while riding.

A stylish BMX design for a more fantastic look.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 84%
  • Build Quality – 92%



Swchinn Mythical 18” is a product you will never regret when you buy for your child. It is the best you can give to your child as you will not only satisfy her but also you will build an affection of the child with the product. This product not only benefits the child playful desire but also helps her improves her physical health.

 Remember that for this bike your daughter will not only use it for her childhood period but also during her growing period as it has the tools that will enable you extend the length of the bike with the size and age of your child.




Some complaints are about the weight of the bicycle as one would consider to load it into a car while he/she is not used in lifting heavy kid’s bicycles. The other complaint is that damage of the product during delivery which may have occurred during packing of the bike by delivery drivers.


Product assembly instruction:  There is a tutorial on the website to learn how to assemble its part also the are a number of comments from individuals for their testimonial about how it is easy to assemble as the tools come with the package, all except the air pump to inflate the tires.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Does this bike come with stabilizers as pictured?         

Answer: Hi there, the UK version of this bike does not come with stabilizers.


Question: Until what age this bike will be suitable?

Answer: Hi, It is always a good idea to measure your child’s inside leg length and compare it to the prescribed stand over height of the bike. Age is a guide but stand over really is the key indicator.


Question: How heavy is this bike please?

Answer: Quite heavy, it’s around 10 kilos.





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