The Sava Deck 500 mountain bike is a dream with 30 speed carbon fiber, this 27.5” ultralight bicycle is the right choice for you. This bicycle is perfect if you are a little shorter and want the performance of a 29” wheel.

The bicycle is great for anyone that wants to experience powerful riding on a quality mountain bike. It is durable and has power to ride fast in almost any terrain. This an affordable bicycle that is manufactured by a respected name.

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The Sava Deck 500 has 27.5” wheels which the middle ground of two standard sizes. It is between the standard 26” and 29” wheels. It is a less common size but gives riders good performance. The bicycle has the power and endurance to navigate through rough terrain. This includes mud and sandy terrains.

In addition, the Sava Deck 500 has 30 speed carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a material that allows the bicycle to have good strength and rigidity in relation to its weight. This bicycle is made from Toray T700 carbon fiber.

It is an ultralight weight bicycle making it easy to maneuver. This also gives it power and the ability to go fast without weighing the rider down. The frame is 17” in size and is colored black, grey and red. There is only a disc brake but the transmission control system is free wheel. The wheelset system is full alloy.

The bicycle comes with accessories. Included is a user manual and multi assembly tools needed to assemble the bicycle. The user manual explains everything you need to know about the bicycle and how to assemble it. The assembly instructions are easy to follow and it does not take long to put the bicycle together.

Customer Satisfaction

The Sava Deck 500 is a great bicycle suitable for anyone. The size of the wheels is unique and gives the rider a more powerful and faster experience. This is a hand built bicycle that is easy to assemble.

The assembly program makes it easier for you to assemble the bicycle. It is user friendly enough to do so in a short amount of time. All that must be assembled is the front wheel, the seat and the pedals. The brakes are already dialed in. Derailleurs are adjusted. All you need to do is pump the 27.5” wheels and begin riding.

An ultralight weight bicycle is great. It can maneuver easily and is powerful. Sava is a great name with quality products so customers will not be disappointed with this bicycle. It is light weight enough for women and young men to ride. This bicycle can endure much longer than expected when looked after.

Common Questions

Is this bicycle durable?

Yes, the Sava Deck 500 is durable. It weathers well and is suitable for almost any terrain. It is a good quality mountain bike that is suitable for long distance and speed riding.

Is the bicycle easy to use?

Assembling the bicycle is easy and won’t take too long to do. It comes with an easy to understand user manual and all the necessary tools. The tools help you assemble the front wheel, the seat and the pedals.

How big is the bicycle?

The package is 1380*220*750 cm. The bicycle has 27.5” wheels which is not a standard size but is perfect for riding. Sorter people wanting 29” wheel may feel far more comfortable on these wheels.

What if a part is missing?

If a part is missing it usually means there was a mix up when the bicycle was packaged and shipped. Simply contact your delivery service, the manufacturer or the place you bought it from and let them know. A replacement or the missing part will be sent to you as soon as possible.



  • In conclusion, the bicycle is easy to assemble and does not have too many loose parts.Furthermore,  Only three items need to be added on. These are the front wheel, the seat and the pedal.
  • Also Everything else is readily available and easily adjustable. It is quick to assemble and you can commence riding as soon as possible.
  • In addition, the bicycle is ultralight weight. It is easy to carry around and rides with power. You can ride this mountain bike on almost any terrain. It is perfect for muddy ground, loose sand and will endure through it. The durability on this bicycle is very good and with regular maintenance and upkeep, it will last for a long time.
  • Sava is a name that can be trusted.


  • Consequently, the quality of the bicycle is great and it will endure through a lot. It is a value for money mountain bike which is excellent because it offers plenty. This bike is packed full of great features and offers you a fun and dynamic riding experience.

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