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 Rocker BMX 3

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  Rocker BMX 3

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Rocker BMX 3




Lightweight Frame

BMX Tyres

British Brand





Why Should You Buy?

Five Star Customer Rating


Customer Satisfaction

Five Customer Testimonials. Definitely Worth Reading

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Customer Satisfaction

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 Why Should You Buy The Rocker BMX 3

As mini BMX as an extreme sport progresses, it’s essential that the products we deliver meet the increasing demand of the riders who buy them.

Rocker BMX 3 has been at the forefront of mini BMX technology & development since day 1. The fourth generation Rocker yet-again sets the benchmark for the rest to follow.

It’s 1 kg lighter, the wheels are a lot straighter (virtually zero wheel wobble) & significantly stronger.




The Rocker BMX 3 delivers a precise and very loud click with rapid engagement, all of the bearings are now sealed cartridge units.

The tyres are ‘street pro’ and can cope with up to 60PS. The Rocker 3 is by far our best Rocker yet, it rolls so fast it’s scary. Big airs are not only easily achievable, you will struggle in keeping it down so hold tight, this is not for beginners.

For those of you out there who have been waiting for a proper mini BMX, one that can deliver everything that a full custom 20″ BMX can deliver, this is the one for you.

Rocker 3 paves the way for the future of mini BMX which is here to stay.




The Specification of Rocker Bmx 3 are, Hi Tensile lightweight Frame-set, sealed Mid BB, curved bridge, logo stamped TT Gusset, CNC headtube, sealed internal headset (short back end to aid spinning tricks e.g. 360’s & whips)

Hi Tensile Tapered Forks with 12 mm drop outs, internally threaded with 6061 alloy compression cap 10″ x 28″, Hi tensile bars Forged Top Load stem 4130 3 piece cranks 28 / 9 gearing for high speed cranking.

Latest 2 piece hidden weld 5 bolt rims & sealed wheel bearings Super loud 6 pawl driver Rocker Street Pro Tyres (aftermarket up to 60 psi) Soft Kraton grips Plastic BMX pedals KMC Chain.

Rocker is the British brand that started the mini BMX revolution and continues to develop & innovate the sport at the top level. Buying substandard copies often results in pain and misery. Extreme sports product suitable for use by persons over 20kg and under 90 kg.


Features & Benefits

Hi Tensile lightweight Frame and it is very easy to carry around. Steel is a durable material that that will give the rider plenty of support while riding and can withstand a minor bump or scrap. A BMX frame will give the rider plenty of control while they are in the air and is perfect for perfecting those new tricks.


The bike is made of Hi Tensile Tapered Forks with 12 mm drop outs and internally threaded with 6061 alloy compression cap.  The Rocker has been designed with quality materials and components that will only boost the rider’s confidence while they show off their skills at the local skate park.


The gears is 28/12T Gearing Materials and the rider will find it easy to change the pace of the rocker bmx 3 to meet the riding conditions faced by the rider. Changing gears can be done quickly, easily and safely.


The alloy linear pull brakes is good for stopping the bike while riding at speed and the rider ca easily and quickly n get themselves out of any hazardous situations by performing an emergency stop without little effort.


The tyres is of 30PSI tyres in size and is durable for long distances and will give the rider plenty grip while the have plenty of hours of fun showing off their skills at the local skatepark. Rocker BMX 3 comes with a set of alloy rims that will be sure leave your BMX buddies a little envious and don’t be surprised if they ask you how they can purchase a Rocker BMX 3.

Handlebars & Pedals

The Rocker BMX 3 comes with a decent set of handlebars and peddles. It has steel 10” x 28” Hi tensile bars” which you can hold and lightweight plastic pedals that will support the rider while they show off their tricks.



  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Am So Happy With My Rocker BMX 3. Its Ideal For The Skate Park.” Vinnie

Customer Satisfaction

My 10 year old rides it everyday. Great quality.

This has been a fun bike for our 12-year-old boy. It’s fun to ride if you don’t know any tricks, and it’s sturdy and close-to-the-ground for those who need to practice their tricks.

Great little BMX my grandson is having so much fun.

Brilliant Value For Money


Why Should You Buy The Rocker BMX 3

It is an Hi Tensile lightweight Frame

It is designed to take a serious amount of adult sized abuse

It has a new reduced fork clearance for easier foot jams, tapered stays, angled seat clamp and micro drop outs for a super clean looking back end

It is good for indoor activities

it rolls so fast it’s scary.

Common Questions

How big are the bars of the bike?  

They are 28″ wide x 10″ in height

Why do some Rockers have 1 piece cranks?

The cranks are very short and doing crazy drops to flat is unlikely, 1 piece cranks are actually sufficient for all riders.

Is the driver loud?

Yes, very loud. We have worked on this to get the loudest sounding driver we possibly can

Is the Rocker BMX 3 easy to use?

Rocker BMX is a popular BMX brand that have plenty of experience in designing and manufacturing mini BMX’s. The Rocker is designed to meet the riding needs of the modern BMX enthusiast.

   Does the Rocker come assembled?

The Rocker BMX 3 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes with a helpful and informative instruction manuel that’s included. Once assembled make sure you go on a test ride to check that your happy with the BMX and you feel comfortable while riding. Always get into a habit of regularly maintaining your mini Bmx.

What is the BMX designed for?

Rocker have designed the Rocker 3 specifically for individuals that love spending hours at the local skate park showing off their latest tricks.

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