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Are you a cyclist inspiring to become better? Young or old, athletic or sedentary, doing it as a career, charity, or hobby?

A road bike is not only a great fun but it is also an environment friendly form of transport and a fantastic way of getting some exercises and experiencing the outside world.

However, sometimes the thought of getting on a bike particularly for the first time can be intimidating because at first glance it appears to be more difficult than it actually is.

Well, to help you with that here are some of the Road Cycling Tips For Beginners drawn from Bicycling book, 1,100 Best All-Time Tips editors of bicycling magazines and most skilled and knowledgeable coaches, physiologists, and cyclists in the world that will surely improve your performance, safety, and comfort when cycling.  Read our beginners guide to road cycling. 


Some of the Road Bike Tips and Techniques


  • Getting a Proper bike fit


Whether you are purchasing a new bike or switching between bikes their Road Cycling Tips For Beginners to put into consideration in buying yourself a road bike fit for you.

It is not just about setting your seat right but you want a bike ride that will maintain your road bike position, control, comfort, every time you ride. The pros and cons of road biking. 

Pre-ride Inspection


Whether you are a new cyclist or a seasoned rider, it’s always a good idea to check out your bike before every ride and this includes; the air, brakes and the chain.

It’s also highly advisable to acquire knowledge and skills of high proper bike maintenance and having the right tools at hand.

When checking for air check your tire pressure, having the right amount of air pressure helps prevent flat and while checking tire pressure make sure your quick releases are nice and snug.

With brakes make sure they engage when you squeeze both the front and back levers and lastly you need to check the Chain, take a look at it and all the gears. Read more cycling tips.

Keeping your chain lubricated and clean will ensure that your bike shifts easier and all parts last longer. As simple as this Road Cycling Tips For Beginners sounds, going over it every time before you ride will make each ride safer and your bike will last long.  Are road bikes good for commuting?


Eat and Hydrate Often when Cycling


The main fuel for your road bike is the body energy of the rider. What you put in your body has a great impact on the performance you get out of it, so you will need to eat healthily and stay hydrated to keep the energy levels up.

It’s highly recommendable to eat solid foods early in your longer rides every hour on any ride longer than two hours so as to properly refuel your body. 

You can also take some healthy foods and some water, and save energy gels or bars for later when the intensity picks up on the hills or during the last sprint for they are easy to digest and less likely to cause any discomfort.

And during hot weather or longer rides, you can bring a good energy drink or water mixed with a little electrolyte drink to help keep your energy levels up. Hydrate at least a bottle every hour, Hydration is the Key.

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Another Road Cycling Tips For Beginners and probably the most important thing to improve the riders comfort is getting the right saddle and positioning the saddle right which makes a huge difference while cycling and keeps the bike riders happy and motivated. But how do you get to know the right saddle according to your preferences?


Find the saddle with the right shape


Usually the shape of the saddle depends mainly on gender. For instance, ladies sit better on a wider, specific female saddle.

Another factor that you consider when getting the right saddle shape; is the kind of cycling you do. For instance, a MTBer will require a light saddle which maybe a different requirement for a road racer or from a bike rider who rides in extreme conditions.


 Flexibility and your Position 


Test your flexibility and your positioning on the bike. For instance, people who are less flexible shift around on their saddle, and a more rounded saddle is best for them whereas a flexible cyclist has a more stable position on the bike and hence tends to sit more comfortably on a flat saddle. long distance cycling tips by Robbi Ferri.

In addition, how you sit comfortably on your bike largely depends on your riding position.

Some cyclists prefer an upright position while others would rather maintain a more sporting or even aerodynamic position.

Thus, choose a saddle that best suits your riding position to lighten the pressure on your pelvic bone thus preventing saddle pain.  improving your cycling fitness by Steven Robinson.


Relax Your Upper Body


Another Road Cycling Tips For Beginners that will make your ride enjoyable is relaxing your hands, elbows, and shoulders and loosening the grip on the handlebars and in a result improves your bike handling in adverse conditions. Disadvantages of road cycling.

Tension in your muscles leads to muscle soreness and pain that can eventually slow you down.

You can also avoid muscle soreness and fatigue on the neck by not hunching back the shoulders; every few minutes tilt your head to avoid a tight neck muscle.

Lastly but not least, keep your head up looking where you are going to avoid any obstacles ahead or in front of you in the road or on the shoulder.

In addition, by doing so, where the obstacle may occur you will be in a better position to navigate through it. are road bikes good for execise?


Protective wear and comfortable cycling wear


When it comes to choosing the right clothing for a road bike the following tips and techniques should guide you.

Its highly recommended to invest in a pair of cyclist-specific shorts. They should at least have a padded insert for it will make you feel more comfortable on a saddle particularly on long rides.

Also, invest in gloves and sunglasses, the gloves should be padded as this will make you comfortable on the handlebars and offer some degree of protection should you stumble and the sunglasses will protect your eyes from the wind and dust.

Lastly but most importantly do not forget to wear a helmet, more than 6,000 cyclists each year in the US seek emergency care for head injuries. When choosing a helmet look for a bright color helmet that fits securely.

Start Slow to go Fast


If you are a beginner, the thought of riding on a busy road can be intimidating, and indeed, if you are an experienced cyclist and for whatever reasons have lost the confidence getting back on the bike can be difficult.

The best way to start it up is to start on the quiet roads and then build it up and move to busier routes, as you feel comfortable. Or else, you can do field tests on your choice of terrain, and as you increase your confidence add a hill to the routine.

Cycling is best enjoyed in the company of friends; another road bike tip and technique is to join a cycling club.

Joining a club will introduce you to like-minded people with many years of cycling experience and most clubs will provide regular group rides that will show you new routes and help you to become fitter and faster. Five interval training sesssion to improve your fitness by Jack Martin.




In conclusion, cycling is not as difficult as people make it to be. As a matter of fact, cycling is very addictive and can put you in a position where you want to go out no matter how you feel or the weather. Road cycling vs mtb for exercise?

In addition, with the above road bike tips, techniques, and nuggets of wisdom, you are guaranteed to achieve something you might otherwise not learn for years and hopefully this Road Cycling Tips For Beginners will be making your road ride less mysterious.

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