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Riding a Mountain Bike on the Pavement



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Things to Consider

Here Are The Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying A Road Bike



Is it save to ride on the pavement. 



Be Carefully of people walking on the payment 



Weather Conditions

What is the weather like? Will you have full control of the mountain bike.

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Benefits of Cycling


Physical activities are essential for the development of a healthy life, so it is necessary to practice such as cycling. Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom that is being able to feel the wind running through our face, the feeling of balancing on two wheels, pedaling and feeling the chill of adrenaline running through our body, nothing pays for that feeling.

In every aspect of life, we are always faced with choices that we must make, for example, I came across a choice, right before I started to practice physical activity. I made a change that moved me away from the trails; I had to make the choice between standing still or riding a mountain bike on the pavement.


Is it possible to riding a mountain bike on the pavement?


Of course, it is possible to riding a mountain bike on the pavement. But it is necessary to know that in relation to a road bike you will have a greater difficulty to pedal, getting slower. think of the difference between a jeep and a Porsche, a jeep can enter trail as well as ride on asphalt, even though it has an off-road advantage. But the same does not happen with the Porsche, it only has its advantage on the road and cannot even enter a trail. Versatility plays in favor of off-road riding as well as riding a mountain bike on the pavement!


What is the difference between a mountain bike and road bike?


There is a difference in shape and weight. But nothing to stop you from riding a mountain bike on the pavement.

Road bikes are meant to be faster. having thinner / smoother tires to break resistance and increase speed is also for this reason they are lighter and more aerodynamic. road bike or mtb for exercise?

Mountain bikes are prepared to withstand off-road conditions. They need to be more robust and therefore are heavier, being equipped with protruding tires made to withstand the fierce clashes characteristic of a trail in the forest for example. But none of this prevents you from riding a mountain bike on the pavement!


So what would be the reason for the difficulty?


Well, we can start with tires, as said above, the tires of a mountain bike are prepared before anything, to overcome obstacles on a trail (example: stones, branches, roots, slopes), they are robust tires prepared to generate an advantage on these more obstructed terrains. Road bike tires, on the other hand, are soft, smooth, allowing the friction of the wheel to break with the asphalt, allowing greater mobility and lightness when pedaling.

With that when riding a mountain bike on the pavement you will have a slight extra effort when cycling, spending a few more calories. Do not forget, with the quality of some roads, you have the advantage of cycling a mountain bike on the pavement, since they are prepared for any adversity on the ground.


How can the weight of a mountain bike interfere with my physical activity?


Let us see for being the most unstable mountain environment, the weight of the mountain bike helps the cyclist to balance himself while doing his trail. the only influence of weight when riding a mountain bike on the pavement is related to the speed gain. I do not mean that it is not possible to reach a good speed, but I say that it will take a greater effort to reach it.

However, every effort is rewarding when we can feel the touch of seeing, that cold in the belly only the adrenaline in the back, if I could be at that exact moment riding my mountain bike on the pavement.

Resuming, after making my choice, I was glad to see the fact that I did not need to have two bikes, one for the road and one for the mountain, since I could ride a mountain bike on the pavement, it was a relief to me. after all, not all people are able to afford the luxury of having two bicycles! this way, every morning I wake up, drink my coffee and before starting my work I take an hour out of my day to ride my mountain bike on the pavement. and I know that when I travel, I can take her on a trail. are road bikes good for exercise?




Well, how good it is to have possibilities! Go around with my mountain bike both on the asphalt and in the bush, on the trail of a waterfall. can I have a little more difficulty climbing a slope? yes, but it is worth it due to the physical activity.

Going back to the question of health, which as a rule is the most important part to be treated, it is worth mentioning that:

The habit of riding, that is, the practice of cycling is excellent for improving muscle tone, increases breath, helps to control blood pressure, in addition to preventing diabetes by controlling cholesterol. This is awesome, super healthy! In addition, road riding is ideal for a good cardio workout. So be sure to ride a mountain bike on the pavement, just because it is heavier or because it has more robust tires.


Play Attention 


However, please pay attention; do not expect to maintain the same speed as other cyclists on road bikes. you may even be able to reach and maintain a certain speed but know that you will be required to spend more energy. So, keep a good diet, drink plenty of water, avoid being exposed to solar radiation without any proper protection.

In addition, have fun, because in the end, life is there for us to enjoy, and nothing better than feeling alive being able to practice physical activities like cycling. no matter what, do not avoid pedaling your mountain bike on the pavement because of a silly thing that can be overcome if you want to!






Schwinn Surge Mountain Bike


It is a great offer

Here is a tip for a great: Surge Adult Mountain bike! Of the brand Schwinn, this is a very good bike and can provide you with an incredible experience for a reasonably low price.




On this bike, you will find 7-speed rotational shifter for easy gear changes; alloy Aluminum frame 17 “606117 inch court being effective in absorbing the impact of roads with less regular holes and terrain and making the bicycle more enjoyable to ride.

Frames made from aluminum alloys are already more popular in cycling. These items support a lot of resistance and have a much more affordable price compared to carbon frames.

You would not want to be left out of this opportunity, right.

This mountain bike is ideal for feeling the blood pulse and the wind running down your face and still weighing only 15.5 kg.




I confess for you a mountain bike like that is very light, even a child climbs a slope with this bike, Schwinn FS26 Suspension forks offer support and comfort up front providing safety, evolution of performance and comfort when riding this bike.

We cannot forget the disc brake with Cable actuated front and rear giving extra rider confidence, many people consider this type of brake, quite different from the traditional cable brake and that draws attention by the “discs” in the center of the wheel. Disc brakes are gaining more fans every day. Cyclists, especially mountain bikers, realize the advantages of using this system on trails and extreme conditions and the mud does not affect its efficiency as much.




Prepared for your versatile ride, sometimes on the road or off-road and can take you to places you would not walk and to help you in this regard it comes with knobby tires that are adapted to the most uneven terrain to overcome barriers and allow a progress without slips or skids.

It is worth mentioning that, furthermore; Schwinn’s geometry helps to achieve a comfortable fit, offering CONTROL and STABILITY to all riders.

Take this bike for your adventures and make your adventures even more exciting from the top of these two wheels!

What Should You Buy The Surge


Schwinn surge adult mountain bike, 26-inch wheels, men/women 17- inch alloy frame, 7 speed, disc brakes, multiple colors.

Schwinn geometry helps achieve a comfortable fit, offering control and stability for all riders

Front suspension fork offers support and comfort for any bumps in your way

Adult specific geometry helps the riders achieve a comfortable fit, whilst offering control and stability on and off road


Powe Cable


Stopping power cable disc brakes front and rear give a extra rider confidence

Lightweight frame 17”6061 aluminum frame reduces overall bike weight

Easy shifting. The bike has seven gears to allow you to tackle the up hills and then zoom on the flat ground

Cable actuated disc brakes front and rear give extra rider confidence

Frame feature, side stand bracket mount, rear mudguard and rack mounts and downtube bottle cage mounts.

7 speed rotational shifter for easy gear changes



This is a choice, the choice you will not regret. I bet with you that you will fall in love with the opportunities that this will open for you! so many places to understand the influence of these pedals. See the world from a different perspective! Do not let this chance pass! The decision is yours alone!

To be thrilled to life in a different way, feel the wind rhythm, riding with that song you like, thinking somebody that you love! be happy! do not lose this opportunity!

In addition, rest assured, this bike is super easy to assemble, all parts and tools included and everything for a very affordable price.

Do not miss this chance to experience a world of sensations, in addition to being able to exercise your body to ensure every day greater vitality and a healthy life.

A very important warning, which we can never forget, because despite any sensation and regardless of anything, safety must come first, and with that it is worth mentioning that the Protective Equipment must be used. And even if you ride your mountain bike on the pavement you should not use it in the middle of cars, it should not be used in traffic!



Some complaints occur about the size of the product, the advertisement advertises a product for adults, but the same advertisement demonstrates the dimensions of the product.

26 inch wheels 17 inch frame [demonstrates a small bike], some people felt cheated by this detail others complained about the fists they released over a trail training section but the complaints are the only ones that drew the attention of the analysis.




Product assembly instruction: On the brand website there is a video explaining the assembly process, some people commented on the ease of assembly and on the joy of together with the parts for assembly, the tools come with the package, all except the air pump to inflate the tires.


Frequently asked Questions


Question: Do you have a larger frame size? 19 inches?

Answer: Hi,


Question: Can this bike be fitted with wide tires to travel on muddy terrain?

Answer: Hi, this bike comes with fitted surface tires. However, if you want to fit the rear tire to the bike, we recommend checking that the wide tire allows adequate mud clearance in the frame before riding. Your local bike shop can advise on appropriate brand tires.


Question: Is it an adult bike?

Answer: I bought 5 feet 7 inches for my 14 year old son. He built it and loves it.


Question: Is it possible to add front derailleur if necessary? (Or replace the rear cassette with a larger one?)

Answer: Hi, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, there are no cable routing guides required to allow the track in front of the frame. We feel that the simplicity of the single chain ring setup on this bike is an advantage and is designed with low handling in mind.


Question: What equipment is required to make this bike?

Answer: If what I brought last March has not been used every day for two months, then the gear is not a bike I do not recommend. This bike is the strongest bike if you want


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