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Richbit Folding Bike


In our investigation into the Richbit folding bike, we will first look at why you should buy an electric bike. An electric bike combines a traditional bike with a motor that helps a rider pedal up hills, travel much further with less effort.

An electric bike provides the rider with a boost in power and is ideal for an individual who would not normally be able to ride a traditional bike due to ill health or a disability. Giving them the opportunity to experience the benefits that cycling can offer. bike.

Improved designs and interfaces make electric bikes harder to distinguish from traditional bikes. The richbit folding bike comes with pedals that propel, a maximum speed of 25km/h that make it perfectly legal in the UK and can be ridden without tax or insurance. To look at the richbit folding bike, we will look at why you should buy an electric

Why Should You Buy A Electric Bike


An individual purchasing an electric can benefit from travelling much further than their fitness level makes them comfortable and they can carry hauls much easier. The Richbit folding bike is ideal for travelling to the office without getting to sweaty or tired.




One of the main reasons why people choose to buy an electric bike is that they are a lot of fun. When friends and colleagues see the riders brand new richbit folding bike , they will be too sure to show an interest when they see the added bit of power in action.

The rider can instantly feel the extra bit of power from the start, quickly and easily reaching fifteen miles an hour.

Tackling inclines can be done much easier as the richbit folding bike has a 250 watts motor. Having the power assist enables the rider to take in more of the local surrounds and not taking the commute to seriously. Check out our article on are electric bikes any good?








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Is the Richbit Folding Bike Good For Exercise?


Purchasing an electric bike does not necessarily mean you will get a free ride. Commuting with the Richbit folding bike will take more effort than travellin by car. So you will upping the amount of exercise you are used to doing.

A study by the University OF Colorado found out that individuals travelling to and from work on their electric bike had a marked improvement in their health. The results from the study found that electric bikes are good for you.

Owning the richbit folding bike will give the individual the option of either riding in luxury or having a little workout. The Richbit folding bike has three different modes that enable the rider to choose the level of assistance required.

If the rider is commuting through the city on the way to work, the individual may choose a higher level of assistance that enables them to get to work without getting sweaty or tired.

On the other hand, an individual may want to have fun with their friends at the weekend, have a good workout, and able to have a shower when they get home. The benefit of owning the richbit folding bike is that the rider can choose the level of assistance. You may lik to read the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Using the Richbit Folding Bike


Once an individual has purchased the Richbit Folding Bike they should take some time to familiarise themselves with their new electric bike and its new features. Having a quick read of the electric bikes instructional manual.

An individual commuting on the richbit electric bike need to familiarise themselves with the speed and braking techniques as the rider is travelling at much higher speeds.

A rider must make sure the Richbit Folding Bike has the correct tyre pressure to give the rider the stability when travelling around corners. The PSI level can easily be taken from the instruction manuel and the carry load and distance should also be taken into account. Tyre pressure for a conventional bike is less than an electric bike.


Looking Straight Ahead


The Richbit electric folding bike can move without barely making a noise, travelling at high speeds can mean situations can arise very quickly, the rider needs to able to respond and manoeuvre out of any situation. Having a good riding position when riding the richbit electric folding bike will allow the rider to spot and react to any situation quickly.


Speed & Braking


Once an individual has purchased their brand new Richbit electric folding bike they should get used to travelling at the increased speed and controlling the bike to come to a stop.

Making sure the rider as plenty of experience travelling at a higher speed in different situations will make them more confident in responding to situations quickly and maneuver out any situations safely

Using the front and rear brake simultaneous will leave the shortest braking distance. In addition, the road surface the Richbit electric folding bike is travelling on will also impact the level of braking.


Cornering And Balance


When riding the Richbit electric foldding bike, the rider must keep their eyes on the road and actively turn their heads as they go round a corner. Never brake on the corner, an individual needs to anticipate the corner and brake in advance so the rider can tackle the corner comfortably.


Helmet & Safety Apparell


When riding the Richbit electric folding bike an individual needs to wear a good quality helmet from a reputable brand. Make sure the helmet fits correctly, and that the rider is happy wearing the bike helmet. The best bike helmet in the world is no good if you are not wearing it. We will not take a closer look at the Richbit electric folding bike.

Features & Benefits

Richbit Folding Bike


If you’re looking for an electric bike that is ideal for commuting to the city for work, a leisurely stroll around the park or a family adventure down New Brighton Sea front.

Rich bit are a respected bike brand within the biking community of making quality electric bikes that are only made from the best materials and components.

Richbit design electric bikes with state of the art of technology, modern designs that go through vigorous testing. Read are article on are Richbit electric bikes any good?


Folding Mechanism


The Richbit electric folding bike comes with a fold away design that is ideal for commuting in the city. Having an electric bike that can easily and quickly be foldaway easily in the office, on public transport or at home. Brilliant where storage is limited. Folds away to (165cm-200cm).


Frame Design


Richbit have equipped the Richbit electric folding bike with a lightweight 6061 aluminium frame. Aluminium is a strong and durable material that is known to outperform steel in laboratory tests.


Panasonic Battery


The Richbit electric folding bike comes with a Panasonic lithium 500w battery, that can be charged on or off the electric bike. Charging time takes between five and six hours and can reach an impressive 28km/h in throttle model.

Always charge the electric bike after every commute and never let the battery run dry. Keep the battery away from the unpredictable British weather. Make sure the electric bike tires are pumped up to the required PSI so the electric bike does not have to work too hard.

The Richbit electric folding bike comes with a set of quality tires that allow the rider to easily tackle a variety of terrain.

In addition, the Richbit electric folding bike comes with three working modes. Throttle, Assist and pedal. Read the full review of the Richbit 730 electric folding bike. We hope you enjoyed our article on the Richbit electric folding bike and found it helpful and informative.

  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” The Richbit 730 Electric Bike Is Ideal For Commuting To Work.” Graham

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