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Richbit Fat Bike


In our investigation into the Richbit fat bike, we will firstly take a look at what are fat bikes. The fat bike was initially designed for riding on the snow or sand. Fast forward to today and the majority of fat bikes are ridden today on normal mountain trails.

The main benefit of a fat bike is that it gives the rider more grip and traction. Having fat tires is not an alternative for suspension, however fat bikes are used for hovering over terrain and is commonly referred to as floatation. You may like to read are Richhbit bikes any good?

What is a Fat Bike?


Fat bikes are designed for soft and unstable terrain such as mud, snow or sad. Established in Alaska were cold, long and snowy winters make a traditional bike very difficult to ride.

A fat bike comes with oversized tires normally 97mm or larger, around 66mm rims and a frame to hold the extra weight.

The frame of the Richbit fat bike is designed to be strong and durable to support over uneven terrain. Having oversized wheels are ideal for tackling uneven terrain.

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Why Should You Buy A Fat Bike




Having fat tires bigger than four inch can cause the bike to be sluggish and bouncy and can take the fun out of fat bikes.

However, four-inch fat bike tires enable the individual to have all the fun factors of having fat tires and minimising the drawbacks of having fat tires.


Superior For Cimbing


Richbit have designed the Richbit fat bike to climb the most testing routes and paths. If you consider the zig zag of Keppal Cove on the way towards Helvellyn were the rider has to push their body and the bike to the maximum level.

The four inch traction from the rubber wheels will allow the rider to have plenty of grip as they tackle the uneven terrain.




Owning the Richbit fat bike will allow the rider to tackle terrain that they would normally not consider exploring. A traditional bike may be able to tackle the particular terrain. However, the Richbit fat bike is specifically designed to be used on uneven terrain.

Ridding buddies.


Joining the cycling community is a great way of making new friends that share the same interests. Exploring your local surroundings with your family and friends is fun filled way to spend your weekend and build memories that will last a life time.


Co ordination & Balance


Riding regularly will allow the rider to improve their balance and coordination. The Richbit fat bike is designed for travelling on uneven terrain and will allow the rider to improve their balance and co ordination as they explore their local surroundings.



The of the main benefits of the Richbit fat bike is that by running the tyre pressure low, the chances of having a flat compared to a traditional bike are much lower as its difficult to pinch a flat on a 1.5 kilogram on a 80mm rim.

If you are thinking about cycling on a regular basis it may be worth learning how to repair a flat as you don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre.


Have Fun While Keeping Fit


Legend cyclist Greg LeMond said that “it never gets easier, you just get faster.” Using the Richbit fat bike on a regular basis is a brilliant way of burning off a few extra calories as the law of physics states heavier wheels will take more effort than lighter wheels. If the rider ever rides a traditional bike, they will sure to tell the difference and be able cycle much faster.


Maintaining Your Richbit fat bike


Clean Your Bike


Purchasing a new bike is not cheap, so a brilliant way of extending the self-life of the Richbit fat bike is to make sure you clean and maintain your bike on a regular basis.

Using a biodegradable cleaner, a towel and sponge to clean everything. Clean the frame, chain, pedals, brakes and saddle.

A common misconception is that no need to use bucket loads of water or a jet wash to clean your Richbit fat bike.

However, a small amount of water and cleaner will clean your bike. Cleaning your bike at least once every two weeks will significantly prolong the self-life of your bike.




Inspecting your brakes on your brand new Richbit fat bike is vital to ensure that you have a safe commute and stop any serious injury.

The brakes can be tested by pushing the bike forwards and backwards and applying the brakes gentle.

In addition, checking the braking pads on a regular basis, the metallic rubber surface rubs against the wheel rim.

Brake pads wear down over time and need to be replaced if they show excessive wear and tear. Perform the ABC check, check the air in the tires, the brakes and the chain.


Wheels & Tires


The wheels and the rims provide the rider with stability and support while they are riding and need to be maintained regularly. Maintaining the wheels and tires will help pro long the self-life of the Richbit fat bike and ensure the rider can get the full potential out of their new fat bike. Always ensure the wheels on the fat bike are at the required psi level.



Features & Benefits

Richbit ZDC 022



The Richbit ZDC 022 comes with a lithium battery. Having an on-board motor enables the rider to travel much further with less effort.

One of the main benefits of having an on-board motor is when you are faced with an incline or starting to get tired.

However, the ZDC 022 pedal assist will ensure that the rider can get from one location to another with ease.

The 1000-watt motor will allow the rider to feel an extra bit of power and react to any sticky situations quickly and safely. The rider can preserve around seventy percent of their energy. Includes a set of keys to lock the battery. Read the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Additional Features


Gears: The Richbit fat bike comes with twenty shimano gears that gives the rider plenty of options to change the pace of the fat bike. Shimano are a respected bike brand with the biking community.

Phone Holder: The ZDC 022 comes with a phone holder.

Light: The Richbit fat bike comes with a front bike light that comes on in the evening. A brilliant safety feature.

The Richbit comes in a cool orange and white design that will ensure the rider gets plenty of attention from their cycling friends. Read the full review.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Have So Much Fun On The Richbit ZDC 022″ Mark

Customer Satisfaction


I bought the Richbit fat bike for my husband’s birthday as he has been talking about how much he wants a fat bike. My husband has been using the fat bike on our family days out to Delamere Forest.

He is over the moon with the electric bike and says the bike is smooth to ride and offers him plenty of support. The ZDC comes in a cool and stylish orange and white design, and my husband loves the 21 gears to change the pace of bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider.


Common Questions


Is the Richbit fat bike road legal?


Yes, the ZDC-022 is road legal.


What is the top speed of the ZDC-022?


The top speed of the ZDC-022 is around 42-44km.


Can the ZDC-022 be used on UK roads?


Yes, the ZDC-022 can be used on British roads.


Does the ZDC-022 come assembled?


The ZDC-022 comes partially assembled and should take no longer thirty minutes. Always go on a small test run to make sure you are happy with the richbit fat bike.


How many gears does the Richbit fat bike come with?


The ZDC-022 comes with 21 gears.


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