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Why Should You Buy A Richbit


The popularity of electric bikes is certainly on the increase with sales jumping a massive ninety one percent in 2016 to 2017. Market research group NPD Group estimated that the industry is worth seventy-seven million and electric bike sales surpassed traditional bikes in the Neverlands.


Peddle Easier


Electric bikes allow a rider to pedal with battery powered assist that comes from either peddling or a throttle. When the rider pedals a small motor gives the rider a small boost that allows the rider to go up hills or travel across varies terrains without burning themselves out.

Electric bikes are often referred to as pedelecs and the Richbit Electric Bike will allow the rider to adjust the pedal assist to the rider’s preference and ridding conditions.




The main benefit of owning the Richbit Electric Bike is that Richbit have designed the e bike to allow the rider to travel to destinations that they would normally think of only travelling by a car.

Having an on-board pedal assist allows the rider to travel much further more comfortably.

In addition, the Richbit bit is designed for commuting in the city and will be ideal for the commute to work.


Riding More Often


Research has shown that buying an electric bike will dramatically increase how often you ride. A survey of 1,800 bike owners shown that when they owned a traditional pedal bike, fifty five percent used the bike on a daily basis. However, when they purchased an electric bike the number jumped to a massive ninety percent.

Even experienced riders want to have a rest when they are cycling, the Richbit Electric Bike allows the rider to kick back and enjoy the commute and let their legs have a little rest.

For entry level cyclists, electric bikes can open a new world as a five to ten mile may seem too far on a traditional pedal bike, the Richbit Electric Bike can cover those distances easily, building up the riders confidence and stamina.


Richbit Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Why People Buy E bikes


Individuals are purchasing electric bikes to replace car journeys. Research has shown that a massive twenty percent of people buying an electric bikes main purpose was to replace the amount of times they use their car.

In addition, individuals purchased an electric bike for shopping trips and for avoiding traffic and paying parking fees. Furthermore, commuting using the Richbit Electric Bike will allow the rider to reach their destination without getting to sweaty.

The average commute in a car is roughly six miles, demonstrating that buying an electric bike is a no brainer. Findings of the survey showed that a whopping forty six percent of car commutes was replaced with their electric bike. Read our article on are electric bikes any good?

Health Benefits


Commuting on your brand new Richbit Electric Bike still counts as exercise. A study by Colorado University studied twenty individuals that exercised regularly, and found regular exercise of only three times a week for forty minutes improved cardiovascular fitness and blood sugar in just one month.

Some individuals are not fit enough to use traditional pedal bikes due to disability and health issues. However, an electric bike gives them the opportunity to build up their fitness levels at their own pace. Individuals that are cycling enthusiasts will still benefit from using the Richbit Electric Bike as they will still be burning calories.


Better Batteries


The batteries on electric bikes can travel around thirty to thirty-five miles on a full battery. The cost of running the Richbit Electric Bike is around six pence per mile while the cost of travelling by car is around forty pence per mile.

Always charge your battery after every commute and try to not run the battery empty were possible. Keep the battery away from the unpredictable British weather and store in a dry place. In addition, make sure the bike tires are kept to the required PSI level to ensure the electric bike battery doesn’t have to work harder than it has too.

Features & Benefits

RT-730 Electric Folding Bike



Motor & Lithium Battery


The RT-730 comes with an impressive lithium battery and a 250 w motor that has a maximum speed of 30-35 km/h and a range of 45- 50 km. The main benefit of an having an on-board motor is to be able to travel much further distances much easier. The Richbit electric bike is designed for travel up steep inclines and the rider need no longer dread going up any hills.


Shimano Gears


Richbit have equipped the Richbit with a Shimano seven speed transmission system that allows the rider to easily switch between gear. Shimano are well known within the bike industry of producing quality bike components. Having a good set of gears will be sure to boost the rider’s confidence as they can change the pace of the electric bike to match the riding conditions.

Three Riding Modes


The RT-730 has three riding conditions that allows the rider to choose the pedal assist and pace themselves and the RT-730 so they can the maximum potential out of themselves and the brand new Richbit electric bike.

City Bike


Richbit have equipped the RT-730 with all the necessity features to be used in the city. The lightweight alloy frame is ideal for using in the city as the Richbit electric can easily taken on the train and its folding mechanism allows the RT-730 to be stored were storage is limited.

In addition, the folding mechanism allows the rider to easy store their brand new Richbit electric bike in the office or in thee department.

Furthermore, the on-board motor will allow the rider to get to work with a lot more ease in rush hour as the RT-730 can take advantage of routes and paths that cars cannot. A rider may find themselves having an extra hour in bed and still being the first person in the office. Read the full review





  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Am So Looking Forward To Test Riding My RIchbit Electric Bike.” Josh

Electric Bike Safety




All cyclists should pay close attention to the flow of traffic. However, cyclists using the Richbit electric bike should also pay attention to other road users as they may not expect a cyclist to reach twenty miles per hour.

A cyclist must not only pay attention to what they are doing on the electric bike but what other road users are doing. Having an on-board motor does allow the rider to react to situations much quicker and maneuver out of harm’s way safely.


Wear Visible Clothing


Some drivers don’t know how to respond to electric bikes that have an extra 250 watts behind them. To ensure other road users can easily see you and your brand new Richbit electric bike wear visible clothing. If you’re thinking about commuting in the winter months then ensure you make sure you use the bike light and it may worth getting an upgrade.

Comfortable Speed


The majority of new riders are so excited to test out the speed of the electric bike that they forget the importance of learning how the bike feels at different speeds to ensure they have full control of their Richbit electric bike and can maneuver out of any hazardous situations quickly and safely.

A rider should always ride with an upright riding position while looking straight ahead. Practicing how to perform an emergency stop will also help the rider judge how much power is needed to be applied to the brake.

Early Braking


A rider will be travelling a lot faster on his brand new Richbit electric bike so they will need to anticipate that they will need to slow down in order to control the electric bike. Slow the electric bike down at junctions, cross roads or were you may need to stop the e bike at a moment’s notice.


Common Questions


Does the Richbit electric bike come assembled?


The RT-730 needs to be assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes. If you don’t feel confident assembling the e bike, why not ask a family member for help or a professional. Always go on a small test run to make sure your happy with the electric bike.


What material is the frame built from?


The RT-730 comes with a 6061 Aluminium frame that is strong, lightweight and offers the rider plenty of stability. Aluminium is known to be stronger than steel in laboratory test and is commonly used by bike manufactures.


What can the e bike be used for?


The RT-730 is ideal for an urban commuter. If your looking for an electric bike for the city commute to work or getting from one location quickly and easily. The folding mechanism allows the RT-730 to be easily stored.


What is the charge time of the RT-730?


The ­RT-730 takes around four to six hours to be charged. Make sure that you charge the Richbit after every commute.


How fast can the Richbit e bike reach?


The Richbit electric bike can reach 35 KM with a full battery. However, a rider must learn how to control the RT-730 at different speeds. We hope you have enjoyed our article on the article on the Richbit electric bike and found it helpful and informative. Please support our website by sharing the review on your social media.



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