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Full Suspension Mountain Bike For Tall Riders


Trying To find the PERFECT MTB for tall rider. We Research The Best Value MTB on the market

Why Buy The S7


I am 6ft Five so WHENEVER i buy Anything I have to do A bit of RESEARCH. To make sure I get A Bike that fits me like a Glove.

The LAST time I Bought a pair of trousers that i didn’t try on. Ended up like a Pair OF shorts.

I have spent MY weekend RESEARCHING the perfect BIKE. 

I have come across the Eurobike  S7. 

With Some REALLY good Reviews

I ordered the BIGGEST frame size and i wasn’t disappointed.

Its ideal for the commute to work or going out with the NEW Brighton cycle club.


Why Should You Buy The S7

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the S7




Full Suspension Bike Frame

21 Gears 

Steel Frame 



Well Respected Bike Brand. Known Throughout The Cycling Community. 


Customer Reviews

Good Customer Testimonals. 

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Rear Suspension


The rear suspension is found on mountain bikes having dual suspensions. The dual suspension is used on the more challenging terrains that give shock frequently. Common MTB mistakes.

The rear suspension gives more confidence during tracking and also more controlled riding.

The rear suspension supports the front by damping the air pressure.

The rear shock is usually at the pivotal point of the front and rear triangle. Different designs have different pivot point configuration. 

Rear shocks consist of two telescopic tubes that control the load.

It compresses the load into each other. A large amount of tuning and adjustability offers a better experience to different rider’s demands.

Coil spring shocks are commonly used rear shocks for heavy downhill tracking for mountain bikes.

But it offers less cost with less adjustment when extra weight is added.

Most of the suspension brands are offering a suitable adjustment range option for mechanism.

The best way is to look upon the provider’s product manual or checking their website info about the product.

The sizes specifically change with size, stroke length, and different frames.

Be sure of what you want to use the rear suspension, changing or upgrading.

Make sure it fits your hardware system. The article on the Full suspension mountain bike for tall riders will look at a full suspension.




A full-suspension bike is capable of more bumps of the trails.

Full suspensions refer to specifically the suspensions of a mountain bike.

A full-suspension has both rear and front suspension fixed between the bike frames.

A full-suspension offers more control to the rider even on more obstructive tracks. The biker can control the bike on larger obstacles and speed up.


Full Suspension Bike Types


Some common suspension types are available.

Regarding many aspects, a full-suspension bike type can be divided into many types. We will look into some common and rear types of suspension for the mountain type.

Benefits Of A Full Suspenssion


Single Pivot


This type of suspension is connected to the mainframe with the rear axle by a swing arm. It has no pivot point into them.

The axle moves here in a constant arc centred pivot point. 


Linkage-Driven Single Pivot


his linkage-driven single-pivot connects the rear axle to the mainframe directly. It still uses the uninterrupted swing arm. 




A four-Bar or horst-link is designed and marked out by a chain stay pivot where the rear axle is not connected to the mainframe.




The twin-link method uses two short links. The links are connected to the rear triangle of the front.

To fully understand the Full suspension mountain bike for tall riderswe will consider the advantages of commuting with a full suspension.



  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 95%

Advantages of Full Suspension


Full suspension mountain bikes are extremely good for beginners although the hardtail is considerably better. A suspension lock setup is advised for a better combination. A hardtail is a more versatile option for experienced bikers.

If a new biker wants a full suspension set up then it is all fine, it is not going to hurt you. Besides, the beginners need not jump on the challenging terrain.

So, full-suspension is probably the best for beginners. It does not push the rider to the limit.  The Full suspension mountain bike for tall riders will look at why a heavy rider should choose a full suspension.


Why A Tall Should Buy A Full Suspension Bike?


Before seeking a mountain bike everyone has asked themselves at least once ‘which one they should buy’? The answer to the question depends on many considerations. How to set up a bike.

A full-suspension bike has gained popularity among all the bikers. It got the yes answer to of most the questions related to efficiency.

The technology, design, and other aspects have crossed the rigid and hardtail bikes level by the full suspension mountain bikes. Welsh mountain bike trails. 

So, whether you are new or thinking to switch to a mountain bike then you should choose a full-suspension mountain bike.

If you are a heavy rider then your mountain bike must be a full suspension bike.  Next, the article on Full suspension mountain biked for tall riders will look at the advantages for tall riders. Read Jacks experience in the battle of the bowl.


Advantages For A Tall Rider


The heavy bike riders feel a bit of extra bogginess or drag during the ride. A rigid frame often gives this feel to the heavy riders.

During climbing the suspensions ease the movement of the rider.

The heavy rider with a hardtail or rigid will suffer a lot during climbing.

If the rider is highly skilled or has good fitness then it will vary a little.

The rider still has the chance of getting lower or upper body pain.

The best option is for the heavy rider is a full suspension bike. 

The mountain bike with a full suspension system that meets your budget might be the one that you are searching for. Of course, the heavy riders need some extra features.

Eurobike offers such necessary features that you need to know.

To evaluate, the Full suspension mountain bike for tall riderswe will look at the popular Eurobike OBK S7.  are euro bikes any good?


Eurobike OBK S7


The modern Eurobike OBK S7 Full Suspension Mountain Bike offers more efficient designs that are suitable for heavy riders.

It increases the pedalling to forward motion in a much better way.  

Offering the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike For Heavy Riders.

This is very useful for heavy riders because they need to use comparatively less effort for going further.

During downhill or cross-country trailing, your every pedalling power gives the maximum production that helps you to go forward.




The efficiency a full suspension system offers you is far better than a hardtail or rigid unit’s comfort level.

The upper body strain is an important issue for heavy bikers that effects a lot.

Only the full suspension unit ensures that arms and upper body are not thrown around.

It allows a looser grip and a more relaxed ride during a longer session. The reduction of rider fatigue allows a faster ride too.




The suspension with both front and rear allows a nearly bump-free ride.

Both wheels can absorb the bump force to run forward with the vertical position.

The suspension allows the wheels to get bounced without letting the trail irregularities.

The tires are strong remains on the ground for giving the best traction experience.

It also pushes the wheel as well as the tires to the ground immediately after the bump for smooth traction on the slippery trails.

This added traction is more effective for a controlled biking experience for heavy riders.


Braking System


The braking system is also quicker in a mountain bike.

A full-suspension bike is usually driven in rough tracks where the riders often need immediate braking.

The Eurobike tires are designed to take brakes quicker because the tires don’t lose contact with the trails.

Overall, the bike enhances the ability of climbing and faster riding options.

The front and rear disc brake systems allow quicker stoppage on the sloppy grounds very easily.

The braking system is very effective for heavy riders to ensure more control.




If you are taller than other riders and loves to ride mountain bikes, then a full suspension unit is perfect for you.

You will benefit from riding on any surfaces.

Hope the Full suspension mountain bike for tall riders’ article has helpful for the specific riders to know more about their desired full suspension bike.


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