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Best Mountain Bike Under 200 pound (Updated 2023)


Theres no need to brake the bank when buying A Mountain bike. We look at the Best Value MTB on the market.

Great Value


Are you looking for the best mountain bike under £200? In all probability, you have struck the article, which you entail, the most. Mountain biking is a wildly thrilling and adventurous sport which has enchanted everybody at least once in their lifetime.

Mountain bikes priced under £200 sterling pounds happen to be the best option. Best electric bike for under 500 pounds.

Mountain biking is one full body exercise, an excessive sport and a fun making hobby. Buying a mountain bike is little serious since there are different types of mountain bikes available in the market.

However, it is not that easy to find a quality and affordable mountain bike, which is durable too. Read our Mountain Bike Beginners Guide.


Owning A Bike


Most people prefer owning a mountain bike as opposed to hiring and this depends on the purchasing power now. How much you spend determines the best mountain bike you will choose from the available variety of brands in the market.

The process of picking the best mountain bike at times seems to be a complicated matter due to several bike types and the kind of technology employed in their manufacture. Best bike for a sixty year old man.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by the kind of terminologies that surround the available bikes and this radically affects their choice. Mountain bikes are differently designed for full suspension, downhill riding, cross-country, free ride and even hard tail. Check out the pros and cons of mountain bikes. 


What to look for during buying a mountain bike?


It is very possible to get a well-designed cheap and the best mountain bike under £200 made for off-road adventures. To have extra comfort and fun, the following factors should be taken into consideration when buying a mountain bike:-


The kind of bike you need


There are several kinds of mountain bikes designed for certain uses. Much focus is directed towards their strengths and weaknesses when used in different terrains. Most mountain bikes endure all kinds of roads and offers smooth riding as they are better equipped.


The same way you walk into a car shop is similar to buying a bike and the only caveat is the price tag.  Best mountain bike for 300lb man




Before deciding on the kind of bike you will be buying, make an earlier budget of how much money you will spend since some of the mountain bikes may cost thousands of pounds. Look around for available cheap but effective and comfortable ones.


This may help reducing the chances of straining your budget. The price of the mountain bike is the key factor since you cannot commit yourself to what you can’t afford. You should always remember that the main purpose of buying that bike is for enjoyment. Plan wisely to avoid jumping into miserable situations after visiting the shop.



Why Should You Buy The Basis



V Brakes

Full Suspension 

21 Gears





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Customer Testimonals

Over 49 Customer Testimonals. 

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Basis Full Suspension Mountain Bike

 Why Buy The Basis 


The Basis 2 has been manufactured using fine industrial standards concerning the price tag. Technically the two key elements, which decide the type of terrain the particular bike can handle, are the suspension type and the wheel diameter.

Here it has a dual full suspension and wheels with 26” diameter. To perform well in all-terrain cycling this Basis is made with a strong hi-tensile rear suspension Y-frame design attributing adjustable rear suspension and zoom front suspension forks.

Regarding the number of gears, it has 21-speed gears and remarkable twist-grip gear shifters. Shimano rear derailleur is present for improved shitting.

The handlebars and saddle are adjustable and it helps to customize the height of the bike as per the convenience of the each user.

Generally, 90% of the bike is already fixed and the final simple assembly is needed. Therefore, this Basis mountain bike is fully worthy to be called as the best mountain bike under £200 in the UK.


Adventure and Fun


The important feature that stands out of Basis Wheel Suspension frame mountain bike is, it has big-sized tires that allows more confidence and comfort on all weather conditions and terrain.

The tires offer more grip providing more control on braking. With the fat tires, you are likely to experience more fun coupled with the hi-tensile suspension frame. You can ride on sand, ice, snow and mud as compared to traditional bikes. You can therefore be able to ride at a fast or slow pace without surety of instant braking. Mountain bike trail in wales.


Comfort Ability

With the excellent installation of impressive fat tires of 26”, a large volume is covered. While riding on a rugged terrain, the fat tires acts as shock absorbers in the event you accidently encounter such. Your back does not strain while riding uphill thus more comfort is experienced.

The fat tires and improved wheel suspension frame makes it easy to ride for long distances while feeling fresh.


Motives of Saving Money


Purchasing of this type of mountain bike means that your initial focus is to save money for other investment purposes. This brings about the advantages of choosing the best mountain bike under £200.

It is costly to use public transport as compared to travelling on an own mountain bike. You will not encounter problems of parking fees. It is cheap cycling around the city and other picnic sites with family during weekends. Every family member just needs an Basis Wheel Suspension frame mountain bike.


Improved social life


With your own Basis bike, you experience such a lovely feeling of spending quality time with the people who are passionate about mutual interactions. You are able to join other members who are actively involved in mountain biking. are mountain bikes good for weight loss?


Increased mental and health benefits


Regular cycling adds value to physical fitness values and mental benefits. Riding on the Basis bike promotes improved psycho-motor fitness level as you are able to burn more calories without spending an extra to pay body fitness instructors.

The final result is the improved self-esteem and confidence. Your mood is boosted and helps reduce chances interacting with negative thoughts. Pros and cons of mountain bikes.


Environment friendly


There are world campaign of reducing the amount of carbon gases unfit for human. Less use of cars and public means of transportation reduces significantly the amount of carbon emissions. are mountain bikes good for commuting?

Use of Basis bike for travelling is a major benefit to the environment and this has triggered their usage and popularity. Concerned people are able to love leaving a positive impact to the surrounding natural habitat. Considering buying the best mountain bike under £200? Basis wheel suspension frame mountain bike is the best choice. can you use a mountain bike on a pavement

Common Questions


  1. How heavy is the bike? What is the frame material?


The frame material is steel and the frame size reckons at 18 inches. Steel being the primary material-, the bike is super light and durable; it weighs 15 kilograms approximately.


  1. Is the assembly process difficult?


The assembly process is very simple- however; it entails a competent individual possessing sufficient knowledge with respect to bike handling.


  1. Which age group is fit for this bike?


The Basis is specially designed for both teenagers as well as youngsters. The framework and concomitant features make it an absolute fit for both age categories.





The Basis is specifically designed for mountain bike riders who like exploring tracks and trails. The frame of the bike is built with a strong steel material.

The dual suspension frame is hi-tensile and features adjustable front and rear suspension forks. The Basis bike has been tested to endure all the adventurous situations you may find yourself in. As a MTB rider, you can experience maximum comfort and encourages more commuting with Basis. Let us explore more about this bike to know how it is the best mountain bike under £200.


Technology trends


Basis has not been left behind by technology. The design and assembling is up to date with improved creativity and innovation to offer you own commuting power.  It is equipped with gears of 21 speed and twist grip gear shifters.

The handlebars and saddle are flexible and adjustable for fine tuning different heights to achieve high comfort ability. No batteries are included in the package and comes over 90% assembled requiring little final fixing.


Quality of Material for Production


The research and development employed by Basis to ensure that the materials used for designing the Basis mountain bike are subjected to quality checks for strength and durability. Only finest components are selected which makes you a proud owner of the bike.




Customer Satisfaction


Customers are satisfied with the brand, as they feel much comfortable with the features that accompany the bike. The mountain bike is suitable for individuals who have started their adventures in mountain expeditions up to experienced mountain riders.

Being specifically designed for mountains, its body is durable to last long hence its usefulness. The bike brand boasts as the brand ahead of the best due to adjustable handlebars which sets goals for mountain bikes.

Weight and height is a non-issue when choosing this mountain bike for a ride since it supports wheel frames which are big-sized. You can be able to enjoy the ride as the frame provides the required support and comfort.

So while going out to buy, consider this mountain bike as the perfect match for exploring mountain riding dreams.

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