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Best Bike for 60 Year Old Man


Thinking about buying a new bike. We look at the HOTTEST bike for a 60 year old man. 

                                                 Six Three Zero



What To Consider 


Many factors go into deciding what the best bike is for over 60-year old man. Of course, affordability can be a concern, but functionality is bound to be at the forefront of most men’s thinking.

They want something that performs well and provides reliability. The best bike is for over 60-year old man is going to be the one that ticks many different boxes. Best Mountain bike for 300lb man

This bike, the SixThreeZero around the Block Beach Cruiser, has been consistently ranked as the market leader among bicycles for men aged 60 and above. This is for some simple reasons, on which we shall of course elaborate below. 

Style, great construction and comfort are all major factors. The Around the Block cruiser has proved so popular precisely because it performs so well in all of these areas. Best electric bike under £500 pounds

It is, in any case, safe to say that reviewers and consumers alike have rated the bike as number one for the over-60s for numerous reasons. The main points that come up repeatedly are as follows:  


ease of use

pannier racks

good appearance

low maintenance

We will also look at some reviews of the bike and take a moment to discuss the background of SixThreeZero, the company that make the bike.  Pros and cons of cruisers.


Why Should You Buy The Beach Cruiser



Casual And Relaxed Design 



Recognised Bike Brand Within The Cycling Community 



Designed with finest materials and components. 

Why Buy The Beach Cruiser 




Comfort is one of the main features that makes the Around the Block Beach Cruiser the best bike is for over 60-year old man.

That comfort owes in large part to the bike’s upright seating position. Riding upright like that means that you can keep your back straight.

It also enables you to avoid stooping over, a posture that would become wearing after any length of journey.

Sitting upright stops the rider from experiencing back pain. It also allows you to keep your shoulders back and breathe more freely.

Overall, bike riders report that this riding position is happier and healthier. Additionally, this upright seating position allows the rider to see more safely, what is coming up the road, not to mention the fact that it allows you to enjoy the view.




The bike is also fitted with a deluxe comfortable saddle. That comprises dual springs. Meanwhile the handlebars are designed for user comfort, with a wide design and special foam grips.

Not only will you be able to grip more easily and enjoy a safer ride, but you will, thanks to the foam, experience less vibration.

Furthermore, this bike is fitted with large waffle tread tires that afford additional stability and increased comfort for the user.

No, matter their level of fitness, the over 60 year-old man will love these comfortable features.


Ease of Use


This is one of the main reasons why this is the best bike is for over 60-year old man. It is so simple to use. This is precisely because it has been designed on such basic principles. Being single speed means that it really is a case of push and go. Here are some features that make this bike so straightforward for the user:




Overall there is very little than can go wrong with this bike. Take the brakes as an example of this: You will feel that you are young again when you use this simple pedal backwards method to cut your speed.

This is a classic design that the over 60 year-old man is bound to love. In fact, this straightforward style is what makes this the best bike is for over 60-year old man.

Reviewers of this bike have consistently pointed out how easy to use it has been for them. Common observations have been that larger men, as well as older users, have had no problems using this bike over hundreds of miles. Best mountain bike for 300lb man.

That so many riders have this positive reaction tells us very clearly: this bike is easy to use and easy to keep on using. Cycling advice for beginners.

Beach Cruiser Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Pannier Rack


This feature has proved to be extremely popular. In fact it may be one of the main reasons why this has proved to be the best bike is for over 60-year old man.

Pannier racks enable the rider to carry more and to do so with greater ease. They mean that weight is distributed more evenly and your back is saved from having to take the strain.

Of course, it is important for people of all ages to avoid carrying too much on their backs. However, this bike is particularly appealing for those who are 60 and above. Back problems can be much more common with people in that age group.

Therefore, placing weight at the rear of the bike is a bonus.

The pannier rack that comes with the Around the Block Beach Cruiser is robust and strong. It is therefore easily capable of withstanding significant weight without causing any concern whatsoever.

This owes to the fact that the pannier rack, which fits on the rear of the bike, is bolted directly into special mounts on the frame. The bicycle itself as such, carries the weight and, furthermore, it is carried in such a way that will not affect the rider’s balance.

Some users even report that this weight distribution increases their ability to balance. Having panniers on the bike helps you to glide along nicely. 


Good Appearance


This really is a beauty of a bike. We are talking classic design. It is shaped so prettily that you would proud to be riding it. You can add to that the fact that there is something about its design that is reminiscent of the golden age of American craftsmanship.

Something in its lovely curves will get you feeling all nostalgic. At the same time, though, it really is a timeless design.

In fact, the appearance of this bike was one of the factors that has had innumerable favourable reviews casting it as the best bike is for over 60-year old man.

Customers have praised the two-tone appearance of the bike, whereby a classic black finish is offset by white trim detailing on the wheels. This tasteful and not overly flamboyant appearance has won many admirers.

Beach Cruiser

Low Maintenance


One of the best things about this bike is the simplicity of its design. There are fewer moving parts than on some other bike designs. This means there is less that can go wrong.

For instance, the braking system on this bike works by the classic pedal backwards method. The absence of brake cables and levers means there are not so many parts that can get broken or fall prey to rust.

The steel frame of the bike is also extremely durable. It is painted in such a way that reviews online have reported no issues with rusting.

The bike is built in such a way that basic maintenance will be possible with even the most basic of tool kits. Luckily, the bike comes with a tool kit that makes maintenance even easier.


Review Round-up


This bike has earned consistently high ratings from hundreds of satisfied customers. Here are five testimonies from real Amazon customers that really bring the qualities of this bike to the fore, by discussing the attributes that make this the best bike is for over 60-year old man:

  • The seat is very wide, soft and has springs and it just feels comfortable.
  • Less maintenance and less to worry.
  • I am 6 feet, 230 pounds, the bike does not feel small in the least, and it handles my weight with no problem. Big people, this bike will not disappoint. 
  • It rides nicely; the upright posture is like music for my back.
  • Sixthreezero actually contacted me and asked me how my bike was doing. I would give these company 5 stars if I could.


  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

Company Background: SixThreeZero


People who grew up using cruiser bikes founded this company in 2005. They have a passion for this style of bicycle. Add to that the fact that this is a small firm, employing fewer than a dozen people, and you will find that the service from SixThreeZero is more personal and attentive than you would experience elsewhere.

Back in those early days of 2005, the company operated out of a garage in Hermosa Beach, California garage. However, they expanded rapidly and soon moved into a warehouse in Torrance, California. That location remains the company’s base today.

The intervening years have seen fantastic development from SixThreeZero. The company now offers a wide range of products, while remaining faithful to their core principles. As always, the fact that the company founders are dedicated fashion enthusiasts comes across in the work they produce.



In summary, it is plain to see that a host of different factors go into making the Around the Block the best bike is for over 60-year old man.

This bike is supremely comfortable. It is built to last, which just underlines its great value. The bike is also stylish and, really, made from a classic design.

With its upright seating position, simple brakes, durable frame and handy pannier rack, anyone purchasing this bike will come to agree with hundreds upon hundreds of reviews online that underline the Around the Block’s claim as the best bike is for over 60-year old man.

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