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Raleigh Motus 2018

Searching For An Electric Bike From A World Renowned Bike Brand.  You Will Love Our Latest Article.

 Raleigh Motus 2018

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy a Raleigh Motus 2018




Hydraulic Brakes

Altus Gears

Bosch Power Pack



Why Should You Buy?

Raleigh Are One Of The Most Respected English Bike Brands


Electric Bike

Having An On Board Motor Is Great For Tackling Hills, Commuting For Longer And Allowing You To Enjoy The Commute

 Raleigh Motus 2018  Metrics

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Raleigh Motus 2018

The Motus is famous for its lightweight feature and, as a quiet cruiser, it is best for city riding. It comes with a battery, which can be charged anywhere, anytime and from any level without risking any damage. The bike is designed in Britain and made in Europe, the Motus’ award winning motor offers a range of up to 90 miles. Here is a summary of the features:


Why Should You Buy An Electric Bike


Save Money On Commutes: Commuting on your Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Low Step Hub Gear will be sure to save you money on parking fees and help improve your carbon foot print. The cost of charging your e bike will cost a lot less than buying petrol or diesel.


Joining A Community Of Cyclists: Buying a new e bike will allow you to join your local cycling community and give you a great past time to do in the holiday and on the weekend. A brilliant way of improving your social life and getting some fresh air at the same time. are raleigh electric bikes any good?


Improve Your Health: Cycling is considered as a low form of exercise as is a really good way for anyone building up their fitness levels. Regular exercise has many health benefits and will help boost your confidence and well being as you explore your local community. where are raleigh bikes made?


Hills: One of the biggest drawbacks of cycling is when you are faced with a dreaded hill. The raleigh motus 2018 has impressive motor that will allow the rider to never dread hills again. Don’t forget to always check that the battery is fully charged before every commute as you don’t want to see a flashing low battery. are raleigh bikes any good?


Safer than Regulars Bikes: Research has shown that bike accidents take place at junctions at cross roads. Well having an on-board motor to rely on, will assist the rider to get out of any sticky situations quickly and safely.   are raleigh road bikes any good?



The entire frame of this bike is built of lightweight aluminium tubing with a geometry for adventure. It comes with a replaceable alloy gear hang and double cage mounts. The offer great and reliable support for weights up to 120 kg. Although the frame is lightweight, it is capable of supporting heavy weights comfortably. This provides safety and confidence to all types of riders. The frame comes in three colors (Grey, Fork Color, and black) and weighs 12 kg only.


The disc rims have two walls with 28 holes, black spokes, and kenda bitumen black tires. They are durable and will last you as long as possible. They are capable of rugged terrain and will withstand tough surfaces.



The latest version of the Raleigh motus 2018 has enhanced technology for mechanical actuated disc brakes with shimano levers. These brakes ensure you have emergency stops whenever you need at any time. They keep the rider safe in crowded areas as it is designed for city riding. Many female riders find it useful for their short distance shopping needs around the neighbourhood



The accessories that come with your purchase are attractive too. For example, the colour co-coordinated saddle makes the rider comfortable to go the longest distance. Others include the black micro adjust alloy seat post for strong support of the saddle. The road pedals, toe clips, and straps add to the benefits of this bike giving it the perfect solution for cruising to your daily activities.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Absolutely Love Commuting Through Windermere On This Little Beauty.” Alex

Common Questions

What is the best age?


It is designed for adult women and girls above 15 years of age


Does it have Warranty?


Yes, the raleigh motus 2018 comes with 1 year warranty but you will have to check with the store because there are different contracts. This is new bike with the latest features so finding spares may not be easy. Unless you retain ownership, you may not benefit from


Does the Motus come assembled?


The new raleigh motus 2018 comes 90% fixed. You will have to fix the rest of parts by yourself. They include; inflation of tires, fitting pedals, handlebars and saddle post. You will be making your adjustments to other places such as the brake and gear cables before you begin to use it.

This means you will need to have some tools ready for the assembly process. Some of the tools include cross head screwdriver, 4/5/6mm allen keys and a spanner for the pedals. A generic manual is included but may not include specific assembly instructions. If you are not sure about safely assembling the bike by yourself, it is best to take it to your local bike mechanic for assembly prior to use.

Final Verdict

If you purchase the latest version of the Raleigh Motus, you will not be disappointed because it lives up to its expectations. There will be no regrets with the conveniences associated with the raleigh motus 2018 for women. If you want to commute while exercising to stay feet and burn some of the thigh fat, this is a great companion in your weight loss program.

There is much to gain and nothing to worry about with this machine. It is considered one of the best machines you will find useful in short distances especially when commuting from work in a city environment. The best part is it is easy to fix and use so you will only take a few minutes to learn how to manipulate the controls.

The Motus is also our recommendation because it is a multi-purpose bike. It can withstand rugged terrain and perform well in such off-road trails for a comfortable ride in the woods. This means you can take it out to your exploration rides alone or with family and friends for a day out in the remotest parts of forested areas.

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