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Provelo Unisex Foldable E-Bike


Is The Provelo A Must HAVE Electric bike?  Should you BUY Or NOT Bother.

Folding electric bike


The Provelo unisex foldable electric bike is unique because of its enhanced features.

The 20” wheels are not common with all kind of bikes, especially with city specifications.

Most bikes in the category compromise on sturdiness and quality of frames assuming city riding are soft. pros and cons of e bikes.

For this manufacturer and the bike model, city riding is only a recommendation but not a basis of constructing the bike.

Occasionally, you can adventure away from the city and experience the performance level of the bike.

Actually, you might be underutilizing it if all you do is riding to work, school or the grocery. are electric bikes good?

Provelo unisex foldable electric bike is a combination of attractive design and accurate engineering.

Each feature is designed specifically for comfort, durability, and high performance.

Sometimes manufacturers use beauty as a cover up for quality but not with this bike;

it is the best you can ever have both for fun and for performance.  Electric bike guide.

 Provelo Unisex Foldable E-Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Provelo Unisex Foldable E-Bike




Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes

Samsung SDI Battery

Shimano 3 speed gears


Why Should You Buy?

You Will Absolutely Love Having An On Board Motor


Customer Satisfaction

Five Star Customer Satisfaction

 Provelo Unisex Foldable E-Bike Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**



Long Distances


It is flexible; you can go for longer distances in the countryside without feeling any discomfort on the handles or saddle.

The bike will also give you the ultimate fun and comfort experience in short city distances.

The electric propulsion automatically adjusts to the type of terrain and weight of the person.

There is a smart feature for recommending a suitable speed based on the environment and other prevailing conditions.

The bike has a display screen on the handle for easy tracking and control of your rides.

If you are riding for exercise, this is the best bike.

The display screen calculates distance, the force used, and speed.

People on serious weight management programs find the bike a necessary tool in tracking their progress as well as regulating exercise.

Overstraining or working out reduces your chances of achieving a fitness goal.

After specific instructions from a fitness expert, you can adjust the bike settings to fit your interests.


LED Light


LED light guarantees you safe and convenient riding when it’s dark.

You are not restricted to day riding; if you must take your exercises early in the morning or later in the night, the bike offers you great experiences.

The LED light does not require any of your input; it sources its power from the Samsung SDI battery.

Some think the manufacturer is extravagant on this, but it is all to suit different user preferences.

The bike has both front and back parking lights, which can easily be switched from a central control unit.

The bike is delivered with pumps and locks for convenience.

It is a beauty, and you should be careful not to park it anywhere.

If you can’t leave it under watch, the smart locks will still be effective.

The manufacturer protects you from unnecessary surprises.

The pumps are fitted within the back frame to avoid interfering with your riding experience.

It is also a precaution just in case you run into a puncture while in the countryside; t

he pump is integrated with all equipment for a quick fix and you will be back to the fun riding.

It is unisex. It is stylish. It is light, convenient, and affordable.

Provelo unisex foldable electric bike is everything you need on a bike whether you are in the countryside or the city.



3-speed gear

Available in white color

20” wheel size

Electrical propulsion

Hydraulic front wheel disc brake

Backpedal brake

Full suspended forks with spring

LED lights and parking light function

Central control unit

Samsung SDI battery

Shimano 3 speed NEXUS hub gears

Foldable hence highly portable

2-year warranty

Battery charger

Measures 154 x 110 cm

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Absolutely Love Taking My Provelo Unisex Foldable E-Bike Through Hyde Park On The Weekends.” Sarah


Customer Satisfaction

A huge percentage of the customers take time to send their feedback because of their incredible experiences with the bike.

If you have to follow the manufacturer’s web page for reviews, you can get little in terms of complaints or customer concerns.

The positive responses are overwhelming for all the right reasons.

Most customers highlight the design and flexibility of the bike as their most likable features; everyone loves the white colour.

The braking and easy control system is also a factor with most customers.

The safety locks among other extra features on the bike attribute to the increasing popularity of Provelo unisex foldable electric bike.

Also, the unisex aspect is incredible; everyone in the family can have a chance to experience the fun and high-performance level of the bike.

While it is widely known as the city bike, most customers are intrigued by its performance in the countryside.

Also, there are fewer instances of repair because of high quality features hence low maintenance cost.


Advantages and Disadvantages


Provelo unisex foldable electric bike offers a smooth and safe ride.

It is stable on every terrain; whether you are on rugged countryside terrain or slippery pavements in the city, the bike is the best in performance and comfort.

The electric propulsion is also reliable; it is consistent and quiet.

You can leave or arrive quietly.

Some customers are concerned about its saddle comfort when riding on long distances, but it doesn’t come up as a strong concern.

Common Questions

Is the bike durable?

Every feature of the bike is high quality. You are guaranteed of long-term service; several months even before you go for the first repair. It is designed to last for long. Most of the materials are alloys and steel.


Final Verdict


If you are buying a bike for convenience, efficiency, or fun, this is the best option. It gives you value at an affordable price

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