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 Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Searching For An Electric Bike That’s Designed For All Different Types Of Terrain. You Will Be Sure To Turn Heads In This Little Monster.

 Why Should You Buy An Electric Bike.

In finding out the Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes we will be look at why should you buy a electric bike. Traveling is different from commuting; if you go to work or school daily and back home with a means other than foot, you don’t experience the hassle involved with traveling. Even if you work at home, you will need to go out once in a while for shopping or meet clients. Commuting is simply inseparable from modern life.

The most common means of daily commute is cars; after college, buying a car is often the first goal. Driving on a daily basis has its advantages but also significant cons, which is why cycling is increasing in popularity. Read the beginners guide to electric bikes.

One of the reasons some people shy off from cycling is sweating and exhaustion. No one wants to get to office or class with a sweaty back. However, this is no longer a worry with electric bikes. Today, there is every reason to own a bike; whether it is for fun or a necessity, you should own an electric bike. The convenience in movement, parking as well as cost factors makes it more popular.

Nevertheless, you should familiarize with the pros and cons of an electric bike to determine if it is a suitable choice for you. In our investigation into the Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

we will look at the pros of the electric bikes.

 Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike



60 Plus Miles

Panasonic Lithium Battery

Fat Bike Tyres


Why Should You Buy?

Designed For Tackling Different Types Of Terrain



A Luxury Bike Brand That Specialises In Electric bikes





If you live in the city, this is a great option for daily commute. Cities are characterized by traffic; in some extreme cases, you have to leave the office or home earlier than the time needed for commute because of traffic. You have to account for the delays, which is annoying. Also, you don’t have to waste time on the bus stops or tube waiting for your turn. An electric bike means you can leave whenever you want to and determine your speed. Electric bikes are smaller in size meaning you will barely be concerned with traffic.




Cycling is a form of exercise. Unlike traditional bikes where movement is dependent on your input, electric bikes require less of your input; also, you can choose how hard you want to cycle or simply relax and roll. Apart from exercise, electric bikes have no fumes like diesel and petrol engines. Electric bikes help in addressing one of the main challenges in urban areas, air pollution that destroys the ecosystem.


No licensing


While policies differ in states and countries, electric bikes favour a lot of people. Unlike automotive including scooters where you need a form of license and pay for lessons then regular renewal, electric bikes do not require any specific skill hence fewer restrictions on riders. Even if you have to pay for insurance, it is much less than maintaining a car or a scooter. In some states, the law will require you to have a license and pay regularly for insurance but this still won’t be a hassle like when riding a scooter or commuting with a car.




Electric bikes are easily available than cars or scooters. High supply also means lower price. You won’t have to save for 12 months to buy an electric bike. You can enjoy the convenience and exercise your body with a few dollars. Also, the maintenance cost is relatively lower; the charging system is designed to be economically efficient. Electric bikes charge much faster than scooters or cars; the recharge cost is also far much less than refuelling a car low insurance and repair costs if any.



Short distances


Electric bikes are consistent in speed. They are considerably fast. The fact that you can switch to the automatic pedalling mode to move fast means you can get to your destination in much less time than someone with a traditional bike. Even with the 15.5mph as the average speed for most electric bikes, you cannot set out on a long trip adventure with this bike. It is only suitable for short distances; daily commute to work and back home. The bike is not designed for long adventures; it is specifically for convenience for daily commuters.




An electric bike is primarily for one. Some have a passenger provision but it may not be comfortable and safe. Therefore, it may not be the best if you are thinking of addressing the daily commute needs in your family. A car can carry at least 3 people depending on the type; a scooter can comfortably carry two. If you insist on an electric bike in this case, you will have to buy one for every family member, which is uneconomical. Also, there is a parking challenge with electric bikes; while they are small in size meaning they cover a smaller space, if everyone is riding, the bikes will be too much.




Manufacturers are working on reducing the sound of electric bikes but they are still loud. Electric bikes are much louder than traditional bikes, which rarely sound. With regards to health, traditional bikes require more pedalling hence engaging the rider more than an electric bike. If one of your reasons to buy a bike is exercise, a traditional bike is more effective.

Electric Bikes


Electric bikes can be used on any terrain. Such as street, mountain, road definitely anyone adapts to what you need. These are like cycling normal but with a kind of turbo in your legs that will make you travel distances much faster.

People who are using this type of bicycle is because they want to ride longer distances, exercise more, not use public transport within the city, even travel within the country and be consented that climate change is a reality so why not to improvement or at least do not affect the climate.

It will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting you to do the daily exercise dose by improving your life, mood, health and many factors that include daily stress.


Types of Electric Bikes


Choosing the best bike and the one that suits your need is the most important thing. Depending on what you want if it’s to transport yourself in the city, exercise or have adventures in mountains and terrain is the ideal transport to improve your quality of life and that of the world.


Folding electric bikes: as the name says the bike can be folded, bringing as a benefit the ease of transport if on one occasion it is your turn to use public transport or even if there is no place to let it enter the office, house or establishment without problem.  Are electric bikes good for commuting 


Electric road bikes: These are for journeys that have a stable or even road. They are also sometimes used by people who are not strong enough or who have been injured, as they are very easy to handle and do not require greater care than attention to the road.


Mountain bikes: they are bikes made for stone terrain, mountain, grass, swampy, even a little water, they are for extremely adventurous people and they are not afraid of the extreme. Are electric bikes any good?


Fat bikes: these have wide wheels that will help make it much harder to lose stability in complicated terrain such as snow, sand, mud, stones among others.


There are several types the important thing is that you identify before buying or deciding on a bike since as you read each one has its own characteristics, and it is appropriate to choose part of the need or for the activity you want to perform.

Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Why Should You Buy The Volt Bigfoot E Bike

In summarising, the pros and cons of electric bikes we will look at the Volt Bigfoot.This is an elusive and mysterious Bigfoot. It is fit for the toughest terrains you can imagine. There is no bike trail; the Volt Bigfoot will no conquer. You can use this bike anywhere in the UK and enjoy your mountain bike tour.

The Fat tire electric is design to beat all odds when it comes to tough terrains because it is strong enough for anyone who is willing to try them out. For a long time, mountain bikes have shown their limits and inability to reach certain levels in conquering hilly and rugged surfaces.



Type of Riding


In looking at the Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes we will look at the benefits and features of owning a popular electric bike. However, ingenuity over the years has enabled the improvement of the mountain bike into what we have today as the biggest mountain bike to face the odds of rugged terrains. Thanks to manufacturing companies, the mountain bike has transformed into what we know today. The best part is that this transformation was based upon user suggestions and requests. They are therefore improvements on the necessities of biking

The latest model of the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike is the most monstrous and with the best features. The advanced features are enhancements of older versions, which make it more resistant to shakes, bumpy areas and all odds you may face in the wild. This is a design you can trust if you are a mountain bike enthusiast.

It caters for the needs of mountain bikers and has reportedly the least risk of accidents. The strength of the volt Bigfoot Fat tire electric bike is a true solution to the needs of this generation. Going out to rugged terrains is now manageable and swift not only to the experienced but also to the amateurs willing to take their efforts to their extreme. Anyone who has tried the big foot is happy to note that it is not disappointing but lives up to its reputation. In evaluating, the Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes we will look at the design of the Volt bigfoot.




The design of the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike is huge enough to impress even the most skeptics. With 26×4” off-road tires, the monstrous bike can beat any surface from muddy areas to sandy and snowy roads. There is no stopping the volt Bigfoot in its tracks even with the toughest terrains. It is built for tough rocky trails but can whiz through other problematic roads where other ordinary bikers cannot dare.

It comes with the SpinTech TM High-Torgue motor, which can be programmed to allow the biker increase speeds of up to 25 miles an hour on a smooth roads. This is more than you could expect from a mountain bike built for tough terrain. It is powerful enough to reach the highest speeds known only to racing bikes. The pros and cons of electric bikes, well the pros definitely outweigh the cons.




Giant tires are built for delivery of comfortable ride. The rider can therefore spend the longest time on the bike without getting tired from the bumpy rides experienced in many other ordinary bikes as well as racing bikes. The comfort on a Volt Bigfoot is not comparable to what you have experienced before. It is incredibly comfort.




The Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike comes in three main colours; silver, black and yellow. They are attractive an bear a nice curvature lovable by both genders. The colours are also easily visible in traffic but mainly matching with the surrounding of the riders outfit. You can get the attachment you need with your bike as you love its design and colours. The labels are cool too. They are both places on the metal and the rubber on the fat tires.




The Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike is made durable lightweight aluminum tubing. This material makes the bike strong yet lightweight. The quality aluminum has been used and proved as essential in providing the best sturdiness to bikes over the years. This means that although the bike is designed for experience mountain bikers, the young and newbie riders can also explore its benefits without fear of failing. There is a lot to learn from the bike apart form the comfort of the tires.

The Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike materials are durable meaning you will be keeping the bike for a long time in your lifetime. There will be little or no need for repairs or restoration as it can sustain frequent use comfortably. It is truly a strong bike. All you need is grease it and ensure you carry your pump.

You can take the longest trails depending on your resilience, will power, or experience and still live to ride it the next day. This means you cannot outride the Volt Bigfoot Bike. This is what most riders loyal to the brand love about the bike. You can take minimal care of and maintenance and still have your bike super active and in good condition. Use it for the famed and ill-famed terrains in your countryside and observe how the bike conquers while you are in comfort




  • Panasonic Battery 36V – 60+ Miles
  • LCD Display showing speed, distance, battery power
  • 26×4” Kenda Juggernaut off-road tyres
  • 250 Watt SpinTechTM Motor
  • 2 Year “full peace of mind” Warranty

Top-notch Shimano Deore 9-spped gears are more than you need to go as fast as you can in smoothened terrains. The best part is that you can make smooth transitions in your power settings. Thanks to the Tektro Aurga Hydraulic e-comp brakes for high tech responsive stopping. You may not increase speeds beyond 15.5 mph on off-road.




The 36v battery gives you enough power to go 30 kilometers consistently before draining. This is more than enough time you need to recover in a full day’s trail workout. This is one of the best features you will ever find on a juggernaut. The battery is easily rechargeable for a memorable modern biking experience.

The electric feature gives the bike more than enough power to take you further than you could go with a regular manual bike. You can now sit in comfort and enjoy the ride as you rest from pedaling consistently. Everyone needs a little help and fun as you rest and sip on your water. With this feature, there is no possible terrain to stop you from achieving full control of the road. Considering, the pros and cons of electric bikes. Electric bikes definitely have lots of features.

  • Features – 96%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 95%

”  I Cant Wait To Take Delivery Of My Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike And Test It Out On My Local Mountain Bike Trails.”  Gino


Customer Satisfaction

. Apart from the cool design, majority of the customers appreciate the lightweight feature, which makes the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike relevant for newbies and women. Their bikes can also sustain them on long distances and durations without the need to repair. Everyone wants a comfortable ride even in the bumpy mountainous regions of a trail. Comfort on the saddle provides the ability to sustain long hours on the bike without rest.

The most enticing thing noted was the LCD Display, which shows the speed, distance, and battery power. It helps keep the users aware of their activity. They can monitor their abilities and learn how to plan properly for the ride as they advance into skillful riders. With a fully charged battery, riders can stay on the road longer and have the best experience of a lifetime with their bikes

Some users complained about the braking system, which though high tech, was unable to make the instant emergency stops when needed. Others mentioned the inability to reach high speeds on smoothened tarmac too. However, this depends on the rider’s ability and experience with use of the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike. The pros and cons of electric bikes, the volt bigfoot has so many benefits.


Common Questions

Which age does the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike support?

This is an adult male bike for people above 15 years

What terrains can Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike conquer?

Sand, mud, snow and rocky areas as all part of off-road ranges




Comfortable bouncy ride

Comfortable fitting saddle

2-yar warranty

Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike is Lightweight and strong





Unfortunately, you must pay for quality


Final Comments


If you are interested in enjoying one of the biggest innovation on a mountain bike, you need to try out the Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike. Although it comes at a higher cost, you will soon realize that it is worth every penny. We hope you have enjoyed our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.

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