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Pros and Cons of Cycling

Thinking About Taking Up Cycling. Read Our Article on The Main Benefits Of Cycling And The Drawbacks.

Main Benefits Of Cycling

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Pros And Cons Of Cycling


Health Benifits

Cycling Is A Low Form Of Exercise And Is A Brilliant Way Of Building Up Your Fitness Levels

Outdoor Experience

Cycling Is A Great Way To Spend Some Quality Time With Your Family Exploring Your Local Community



Cycling Regularly Is A Great Way To Improve Your Carbon Foot Print.

Cycling Metrics

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Why Should You Buy A Bike

In our investigation into the Pros and Cons of Cycling we will take a look at the benefits of cycling. As we enter the age of digitization in information technology and automation of mechanical appliances, we see the world as we know it change before our eyes. Automotive companies have begun to manufacture driverless cars. The simplest of machines are being automated for a more facilitated and advanced lifestyle.




But as complicated tasks are made easier with the rapid advancement in technology, they have birthed a debilitating complacency in this generation and the next to come. Moreover, the breakneck advancement has resulted in adverse anthropogenic effects, dismantling the natural balance of life on Earth. Finding out the Pros and Cons of Cycling we will now look at the health benefits. 




To conserve what we have left of our physical health and our environment, it’s high time we return to the basics. Whether you want to restore the natural balance of life on Earth or want to exercise and improve your health; cycling seems like a good place to start.

Bicycle commuting has become one of the best options for daily travel for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. But while for some people cycling to work may be a good way to feel more active and energized, for some it can be very taxing. Pedalling their way to work may make them tired and might not be the best option for them. are mountain bikes good for weight loss?

So as we can already see, cycling has its pros and cons. Whether you are looking to reduce the anthropogenic emissions by cycling your way to work, or want to lose some of that flab that makes your look and feel unfit; the effects of cycling differ from one individual to another.

Now let’s delve into further detail and see study these pros and cons, so we could figure out whether cycling is worth the extra effort or not. In truly considering, the Pros and Cons of Cycling we will look at the main advantages of cycling. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of road bikes.


Looking to lose some cellulose and get those firm thighs? Cycling to work is the right place to start. Cycling is a relaxed and low intensity workout suitable for people belonging to any age group. It saves gas, gives you a healthy amount of exercise, and definitely makes this world a greener place.

A lot of the times, we want to become more active, lose some weight or maintain a healthy BMI, but work keeps us from doing any of those things. Working long hours and getting too tired to do anything else but sleep is a vicious and repetitive cycle each one of us suffers from.

In these circumstances, cycling to work or to run errands is one of the most time efficient ways to create a healthy combination of good exercise and performing routinely tasks.


Environmental Benefits


When it comes to our environment and saving it from biochemical degradation; every ounce of effort counts. Commuting to work by riding a bicycle and not driving a car can contribute in the reduction of harmful emissions that pollute our atmosphere.

These harmful carbon emissions are the primary reason for ozone layer depletion, and by cycling your way to work, you are making an effort to make our motherland a greener and healthier place to live. 


Outdoor Experience


How do you spend the majority of your day? I can tell you how I spend mine: staring into a computer screen for the better part of the day and then lying in bed sleeping for the remaining hours. Sounds outdoorsy, no?

Unless you spend your days working on a field, there’s little outdoor exposure we adults get during our entire day. We work, eat, sleep, and repeat.

Cycling increases your exposure to the outdoors. Cycling to run errands or commute to work can bring a positive mental and physical change in your health. When cycling, you can enjoy the soft morning glow of the rising sun, and the cool summer breeze on hot, sweaty days.

Cycling allows you to take in the scenery around you, enjoy the landscape, and harmonize with the energy of people around you. What are the Pros and Cons of Cycling? We will take a look at some of the drawbacks of cycling. Read Jack Martins Scotland 100 mile ride to sun experience.


For some people, especially those who tend to sweat a lot or have to maintain a very professional and sophisticated appearance at the office, cycling to work is a big no no.

If you cycle on your commute to work, then it is necessary that you leave a good few minutes earlier so you have time to freshen up once you arrive at the office. And make sure nobody sees that matted hair and drenched dress shirt while you’re on your way to the restroom!


Weather Conditions


Cycling is not for all weather conditions. On a warm summer morning, commuting to work on a bicycle may sound like a good choice. But when it’s raining hard or snowing all day, a bicycle is the last vehicle you’d want to commence a journey on.

So, while you may be all for losing those extra pounds or helping maintain a green and eco-friendly environment, sometimes you have to surrender to nature because your safety is the ultimate concern.


Unsafe and Dangerous


Cycling on a dangerous and uneven terrain involves a lot of risk. If your route to work consists only of rocky roads, highways without a bike lane, or narrow roads and congested lanes with heavy traffic, then cycling on your way to work is not a smart choice.

If you are really adamant to cycle, you might want to take out some time and figure out a few alternative routes that are friendlier for cycling.

To sum it up, cycling like a lot of other activities has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not it is a suitable option for you. My only advice to you is to always ensure your bike safety is intact when you commence a journey on a bicycle. Searching for the Pros and Cons of Cycling we will look at one of the popular selling road bikes

” Cycling Is One Of My Favourites Past Time.” Jamie

Why Should You Buy The Victorria


In evaluating the Pros and Cons of Cycling we will look at the Vittoria road bike. Viking Vittoria Men’s 700c Wheel Race Road Bike is one of the best bikes for men for your exercising and outdoor activities. This race bike is suitable for fast riding with a seating posture that is acute enabling much work and pressure on the legs.

The Viking brand has been around for a long time and it is a trusted brand in the industry, having been around since 1908. The first Viking bike was manufactured in the United Kingdom. The company, thenceforth, has been producing the bike for generations with improved quality. where are viking bikes made?

The Viking Vittoria Mens 700c Wheel Race Road Bike is built for men and it offers strength and can withstand any condition. It is good for commuting, exercising and for leisure ride. The bike can stand the test of time and made up of an alloy material. It can as well be used in any weather condition. are vikng bikes any good?


Features & Benifits


The Viking Vittoria Men’s 700C Race Road Bike has the following features:

Made with alloy frame and, hence this gives it its strength and toughness.

It comes with bottle bosses where you can keep your bottle of water.

It has a strong gear system, 16 speeds STI with Shimano ST-2200 shifter.

Shimano front and rear Derailleurs

39/52 tooth chainset with 170mm alloy cranks

A Shimano 12-23 tooth cassette freewheel

The wheels are 700c Viking alloy.

The brakes are made up of alloy dual pivot caliper brakes with Shimano alloy, which gives user confidence in the stopping ability of the bike.

The frame colour usually comes in blue and white.

410mm short drop road handlebar.

The pedals come with toe clips and strap. In evaluating the Pros and Cons of Cycling, the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks of cycling.

Customer Satisfaction


The Viking Vittoria Men’s 700C Race Road Bike is a classic bike and has had lot of satisfactory remarks from those that have used it. The bike is very durable and the customers have praised its lasting ability to run with its parts intact for a long period of use. The bike does not weigh much and can easily be lifted and moved, in the back of your van or truck to an outdoor destination. The bike also boasts of an excellent brake system which most customers have greatly commended as it is quick to response when used.

Another wonderful aspect of the Viking Vittoria Mens 700c Wheel Race Road Bike is that the price is reasonable and affordable with all its unique features and quality. There are far less quality and trusted brands like Viking, who make a bike with so much precision, in producing a bike with quality and style.

The bikes are also available in three sizes: 53cm, 56cm and 59cm. This makes the product suitable for most men no matter their shape or size.


Common Questions


There are some common questions that are asked by people that want to know about the product and those that are using the product.

Can the Viking Vittoria Mens 700c Wheel Race Road Bike Be Used by Men of Average Height?

The bikes come in various size. You just have to know the height of the person who wants to use it and get one of the three sizes made, which will suit the person. You should also consult with your local dealer for more clarification on how to choose the right size.

Will the Viking Vittoria Mens 700c Wheel Race Road Bike Be Suitable for Rocky Terrain?

The Viking bike boast of its strength and durability. It is made to withstand the toughest environmental conditions and it can be used all season round.

What Color Does the Viking Vittoria Mens 700c Wheel Race Road Bike Come With?

The bike comes in white and blue color alone.

How safe is The Bike?

The bike had passed all recommended safety test for it to be used on the road and for outdoor activities. The brake quality of the Viking bike is one of the best and respond very quick.

Can the Bike be used by Kids?

The Vikings Vittoria Men’s 700C Wheel Race Bike 16 Speed is not made specifically for children less than 18 years of age.


Final Comments


The Viking Vittoria Men’s 700C Wheel Race Bike is suitable for your everyday use, for exercising, commuting and leisure use.

The following are the reasons why you should purchase this bike today:

It can be used on any terrain and in any weather condition as it has high tensile strength and made up of materials that do not corrode easily.

It is very affordable and for a bike with all these great features. It is the kind of bike that you can use for a long time without getting a new one as it is very durable.

The Viking Vittoria Mens 700c Wheel Race Road Bike is very light in weight and can easily be transported from one location to another. The bike can easily be lifted and tied at the back of the car or fixed in a truck or a van easily. We hope you have enjoyed our article on the Pros and Cons of Cycling.


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