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NCM Venice Plus 28 Electric Bike


Is The NCM Venice Worth Buying? Is it A Tomato? Or Is It A Little Beast

NCM Venice Plus 28

Are you a cyclist and rider?

Do you want a bike that gives you an excellent cycling experience?

Are you tired of traditional cycles which do not have all the features of a modern bike?

Do you want to charge your mobiles and other devices while riding?

If your answer to above questions is positive then you are in the right place. 

Also, it has charging devices which charge your electronic devices while you are on ride.

It is durable, fitted with added features that other cycles don’t have.

The NCM Venice Plus 28 excels others in all features and advantages.

I am talking about NCM Venice Plus 28″ electric bike,

which is an excellent bike of modern times and that you will like for a good ride,

at the same time it will not cost you so much.

When you are in the market you have a lot of things in mind and a lot of options. are ncm bikes any good?

Why Should You Buy The Venice 28

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy The Venice



LCD display

Shimano Acera 8

Rear HUB Motor


Trusted Bike Brand


What Is The NCM Designed For?

Urban Commuting

 Venice Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Features & Benefits

It certainly has some benefits and plus points which are as under.


EBike battery


It has a battery the charges your devices.

It is a new feature that most of the bikes don’t have.

Bulky battery casing has volume and takes space to be adjusted,

But the NCM Venus has fitted battery in the down tube while designing it for you. On a single charge, it can travel up to 90 miles which is excellent mileage.

Its powerful hub motor is known for high endurance and it assists in long-distance paddling.

It maintains 16 mph speed for an extended time period.

With Schwalbe Marathon tires, suspension fork, an adjustable handlebar your NCM Venice Plus 28″ electric bike,  serves the best for your comfortable ride for longer distances. E bike guide.




DAS kit LCD gives you all information about your trip, in addition,

it helps you in adjusting the power output of battery and pedal level of the motor.

Though it is stylistic and fashionable in structure the company has not compromised on material and quality.

It provides you with a safe journey. TEKTRO disc brakes ensure a safe journey for you.

You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.




Its main features and specifications are as under: These e-bikes are sold pre-assembled only. The customer is responsible for final assembly and he will perform it. Check tire pressure.

E-folding bike: delivered 100% pre-assembled.

Installation of handlebar and pedals can be done in 30-45 minutes.

E-MTB: delivered 75% pre-assembled…

Installation of handlebar and pedals can be done in 60 – 90 minutes.

E-bike: 95% pre-assembled delivered.

Installation of handlebar and pedals can be done in 60 – 90 minutes

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 90%

“The NCM Venice Plus 28 is Ideal For Commuting Through Bolton On The Weekends.” Max

Customer Satisfaction

Review and feedback from customers show the popularity of NCM Venice Plus 28″ electric bike,

They have express and appreciated its exclusive features and functions,

especially its battery timing, its charging system and durable structure, stylistic look and cost-effective features.

The customers are of the view that this bike fulfils all their needs and requirements.

Common Questions

the bicycle is cost-effective?

Does it meet your personal needs and requirements?

Has it all safety features fitted in it and its riding is risk-free?

Has it new features for a modern bike?

With these things in mind when you enter the shop you have a lot of choices and potions.

Now it is upon you what do you select. NCM Milano Plus gives you all such things you need.

It is an excellent trekking hybrid e-bicycle that gives you all that you need.

NCM Venice Plus 28 is versatile and all-around lifestyle bicycle.

Go for shopping on it and keep all your good securely on the rear rack.

You can ride on it to your workplace with formal clothes for office; you will feel no discomfort riding it to your office.

NCM Venice Plus 28 is easy to ride and you will not be breaking a sweat.

You can visit your friend on it across the city. It has a casual look and style and you need no professional sports bike equipment.

If you want to go out of the city for a weekend it will be the best option because of the long lasting battery.

It will charge your portable devices with a USB port. It has a powerful motor and gives you extended comfort and satisfaction.

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