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NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

Buying Your First Electric Bike And Need Some Of Your First Time Buyer Questions Answered

   Why Should You Buy The NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons To Buy the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike




Aluminium Frame


Schwalbe Sam tyres





Customer Rating

Full Five Star Rating


Common Questions

Twenty One Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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  NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

Electric bikes are a new invention making your bicycle ride fast and speedy. If you are upgrading from a traditional bike to electric one, you must be confused about what the experience would be. What I will say on that is you could never know without giving it a try.

Selecting an electric bike, you would have to consider a lot more than the things you consider while choosing a new non-electric bike. In the electric bike, you would have to consider the battery and all the electric stuff which a step ahead from your traditional bike.


Why Should You Buy A NCM


NCM Prague E-MTB is a special design for the individuals who want all the benefits while staying in their budgets. Its sleek, attractive design is sure to capture the attention of all the people walking down the path. The beautifully designed Bike uses the best stuff to stand up among the top quality bikes and that too without being harsh on your pocket. electric bike guide.

The Bike uses 486Wh Li-ion Battery and a 250-watt motor to keep you moving along long distances. The bike has six levels of assistance and a level 0 if you want to no assistance. You can keep moving well-informed by the Das-Kit display present on the handle. How to plan a cycling adventure


Features & Benefits

NCM Prague E-MTB is an electric bike using a 250 Watt motor and 486Wh Li-ion battery which makes it a far better choice above many of the other electric bikes available in the market.

The bike is equipped with a Das-Kit L6B which keeps you updated about many things and indicates your battery capacity, distance travelled, service interval indicator and the assist level. The bike has 6 assist levels which indicate how much of assistance you are taking and a level 0 which indicates that no assistance is being provided and you are riding the bike on your own. Read Our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes




The bike comes in two different wheel sizes being 26” and 27.5” respectively.

The weight of the bike is 25 kgs.

The maximum speed specified for the bike is 15.5 mph.

The bike is capable of bearing a weight of a maximum of 100 kgs.

The length of the bike for 26” tire is 1.7 m whereas for 27.5” tire is 1.75m.

The bike uses a Bafang 250-watt motor which is capable of moving the bike at 15.5 mph.

The bike has six assistance levels and a 0 level with no assistance.

The bike is equipped with 486Wh Li-ion Battery.

The average range of the bike is 20 – 60 miles whereas that depends on the level of assistance.

The frame of the NCM Prague E-MTB bike is made up of aluminum.

The brakes used Levers Apse, H02D and have brake sensor on its left side.

The pedals used in NCM Prague E-MTB are Wellgo, or you can say B087.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I  Am So Excited To Test Ride My NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike,” Ainsley

Customer Satisfaction

Very high levels of customer satisfaction have been observed when it comes to NCM Prague E-MTB. Customers have reported that the bike is a bit heavy but once the assistance is taken it is highly comfortable and a smooth ride. #

Besides that, the feedbacks also said that the motor is silent and that is a very big plus point. Customers reported extreme happiness when riding on it especially for the first time. The bike is worthy of the price and gives a lot more than just that.

Customers reported it to be a sturdy bike with very good features and high-quality parts including the display which indicates many things besides speed and assistance levels.



Final Verdict


The NCM Prague E-MTB is one of those bikes that have succeeded in satisfying its customers to extreme levels. The positive reviews make the bike highly recommended, and to quite an extent a must buy a bicycle. How to cycle at night.

The ease of use and its comfortable ride made its rider consent and satisfied with the ride. All the features including the battery, the electric motor, and other stuff make the bike a unique and interesting one.

The most interesting feature in NCM Prague E-MTB is its Das-Kit display which displays the current speed; the distance travelled the assistance level and all the other things which are typically not present in other bikes. The six assistance levels present in the bike are easy to use and gives a very comfortable and interesting ride you always wanted. 


Common Questions

Is the bike fully electric or does it need some amount of paddling?

The bike is very similar to all other Electric bikes and does need a certain amount of paddling to start the engine.


Does the bike have an accelerator?

No, the bike is not equipped with an accelerator.


What is the electric speed the bike can reach?

The NCM Prague E-MTB bike can reach a maximum electric speed of 25 km/h.

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